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Godly Stay-Home Dad - Chapter 122

Published at 30th of June 2019 08:50:18 PM

Chapter 122

Chapter 122 Tell Me Where Scorpion Is

“What’s up? Are you in a hurry?”

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Zi Yan was a little undecided and said,

“I’m going to hold an album release conference later . It will be ended until nearly 12 o’clock and I still have many things to do in the afternoon . There’s even little time for lunch . ”

Zhang Han gave a pause on hearing that and said, “So just come back earlier in the evening . ”

“Well, then I’ll go to work and see you in the evening . ” Zi Yan did not probe and hastily hung up the phone .

After hanging up the phone, Zi Yan adjusted her expression . Being about to walk into the conference site, she was a little nervous for a moment .

It seemed that she had not experienced the press conference for a long time .

After taking a deep breath, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei stepped into the scene .

Under normal circumstances, the company would be only one artist to hold this kind of conference in a large meeting room . But today, for some reasons, she and Xu Ruoyu held the conferences at the same time in the conference room so that Zhou Fei kept saying, “This is a covert scheme . ”


Although the leadership gave an explanation that they had not enough time to make arrangements, Zhou Fei, as a veteran, actually did not believe it . She deemed that Meiqi just liked to find faults with Zi Yan and wanted to revenge Zi Yan for leaving without saying goodbye . However, it seemed that the contract had expired . What did Zi Yan’s reclusion have to do with her?

Zhou Fei was angry and anxious .

Even Zi Yan was confused, but she had reached a point of no return .

After entering the site, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were led to their seats by the staff .

Although there were two press conferences being held in one venue, the two parties were far apart from each other because of the large stage of the conference room . One was on the east and the other was on the west, having little influence on each other .

When they were seated, they suddenly discovered that there were only a dozen media reporters on Zi Yan’s side .

While there were 40 to 50 media reporters on Xu Ruoyu’s side .

A comparison between the two sides clearly showed who was more popular and who was sorehead .

After Zi Yan came in, Xu Ruoyu looked up with obvious exultation on her face .

“Elder Sister Yan, who does she show for?” Zhou Fei whispered beside Zi Yan, “Did the company do this on purpose? It’s really interesting . I didn’t expect them to act so basely . We really shouldn’t have signed the three-year contract!”

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“Don’t say anything more . ”

Zi Yan shook her head slightly and sighed inwardly at the same time .

Of course, she knew the condition at present was questionable . She had a sneaking suspicion that all the arrangements were related to Li Cheng . Otherwise, even if her reclusion did make things difficult for Meiqi, she should not do such things since they had been friends for a couple of years . Li Cheng was likely to put every obstacle in her way .

Zi Yan was not a person who paid no attention to the outside world . She knew Li Cheng more or less . That person… was definitely a playboy who was petty-minded . There were more than 18 people who had been dismissed on account of him .

In fact, Zi Yan had figured out the truth .

At this time in Meiqi’s office on the upstairs, Li Cheng was casually sitting on the sofa .

“I heard that Xue Qian has released three top-quality songs . Will his concert on the 15th affect Xu Ruoyu’s album?” Li Cheng said with a smile .

“It’ll be influenced more or less . People’s attention is attracted by Xue Qian . Now the three songs are played everywhere . It’s estimated that after this hot period people will notice Ruoyu’s new songs . ” Meiqi nodded slightly .

“Mmm . ” Li Cheng shook his head and sighed softly, “He’s really an unexpected obtruder bouncing in halfway, who released three new songs which were all masterpieces . No one has imagined . Who is Hanyang? Is he a senior songwriter?”

“I can’t guess who he is at all . Judging from the style and lyrics, he seems to be distinctive to those well-known songwriters . Moreover, his songs are well-matched with Xue Qian’s style . If “Hanyang” hasn’t been written on it, I’ll maintain that the songs were written by Xue Qian himself . ” Meiqi said solemnly .

“Forget it, it’s beyond our expectation . ” Li Cheng shook his head and said, “How’s it going with Zi Yan?”

“Her affair . ” Meiqi said, giggling, “The press conference downstairs is in full swing . ”

“Oh? That must be very interesting, ha, ha, ha . ” Li Cheng stood up, walked to the window, lit a cigarette, took a deep breath and said, “Some people are always in dreams, then I’ll let her recognize reality . Have you arranged for all the things following?”

“Everything has been arranged . ” Mei Qi also stood up and walked to Li Cheng’s side with a meaningful smile, sweeping her finger over Li Cheng’s cheek and saying, “Since Zi Yan signed the contract of three years, I’ve known she would never escape from you pervert . ”

“Have you? Then I’ll show you what a real pervert is . ”

Li Cheng gave her a cheeky smile, threw away the cigarette he had just smoked and ran towards Meiqi .

In the conference room downstairs, Zi Yan’s press conference was in full swing .

When it came to the communion part, a man in his late 20s took the lead in asking questions,

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“Excuse me, are you Zi Yan?”

As soon as he finished asking, the room was silent . It was these words that would outrage a few susceptibilities .

After a pause, Li Yan nodded her head and said, “Yes . ”

“Why did you retire? I heard that it was because of the emotional problems with your boyfriend . Is that true?” Another man asked .

“Exactly not . ” Zi Yan answered concisely .

“So why didn’t you hold a press conference to announce your retirement? In doing so, you haven’t given any explanation to your fans . Did you feel guilty?” A woman in her twenties asked a tricky question .


Zi Yan did not know how to explain this matter . Indeed, she did not give fans an explanation .

Zhou Fei raised her eyebrows and said, “I’m sorry, today’s conference is about the album rather than gossips . Please ask some questions about the album, thank you . ”

“Miss Zi Yan, please answer the question I just asked, ok? After all, if you don’t explain it, fans won’t go for it . ” The woman insistently asked .

“At the beginning…” Under people’s gazes, Zi Yan said slowly, “It was my fault that I didn’t give fans an explanation in the first place . It’s not convenient to say more about the specific reason . I’ll answer the following question related to the album . ”

More than 10 reporters thought for a while at the moment, then the female reporter asked again,

“May I ask Miss Zi Yan, do you prepare the album carefully?”

“Yes!” Zi Yan gave a positive answer .

Although the quality of the songs was not satisfactory, they were finished with her and Zhou Fei’s painstaking efforts .

“Then please…”

The reporters under the stage asked some questions about the album in succession, but the three or four of them always asked some tricky questions . It looked like they were trying to get Zi Yan into trouble .

Zi Yan’s responses to their question were perfect . After all, she had held such conferences many times .

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Back to Zhang Han’s restaurant .

Mengmeng’s mood had been completely adjusted at noon . She was playing with the newly bought remote control car on the first floor, but she was still a little unhappy thinking of the ferocious uncle in the morning .

“An average person would like Mengmeng very much, why was he so fierce?”

Over 12 o’clock, diners came as usual . Apart from Egg-fried rice and noodle soup, Zhan Han prepared Szechwan style potato strips and simple cucumber with garlic sauce .

Mengmeng liked to eat noodle soup with these two small cold dishes .

It was indeed a pleasure to eat hot noodle soup with small cold dishes .

At lunchtime, people who were familiar with Zhang Han, such as Liang Mengqi, found that Zhang Han was in low spirits . Therefore they all kept silence .

Just before the meal was ready, a Toyota Land Cruiser was parked in a parking space outside the restaurant .

Zhao Feng got out of the car, walked into the restaurant and sat down in his usual position .

“Eh? Zhao Feng, what happened to your hand?” Zhao Dahu asked, looking at Zhao Feng’s hand .

Hearing the tone of concern, Zhao Feng smiled and replied, “I was scraped . ”

“Oh, Mengqi, he’s injured, be quick to give his hand a blow . ” Zhao Dahu did know that Zhao Feng liked Liang Mengqi, so he took the opportunity to tease her .

“Why? You go too far, little bitch . ” Liang Mengqi glared at Zhao Dahu, then looked at Zhao Feng and said, “Maybe he got injured for he did something bad . ”

Zhao Feng shook his head helplessly and sighed deeply in his heart .

“If something happened to the restaurant, probably he would never see Liang Mengqi in the future . Besides, if they found the accident was caused by him, they would certainly bear grudges . ”

Zhao Feng was depressed but helpless . He had to complete Tang Zhan’s task .

The lunch was as usual . After all the people left, Zhao Feng quietly cleaned up the restaurant .

Then he walked to the sofa, standing on the back, thinking for a while and saying,

“Boss, I want to ask you a favor . ”


“I want to… borrow the restaurant for a few days . ” Zhao Feng said in a low voice .

He only figured out one way after thinking . He borrowed the restaurant for a few days and smashed it, which could give Tang Zhan an account . Then he decorated it, waiting for the boss to come back .

Although this method was stupid and could not fool Tang Zhan, Zhao Feng failed to find any other way . He was unwilling to hurt Zhang Han . In addition, he was no match for the boss .

“No way . ”

However, Zhang Han refused directly .

“Er…” Zhao Feng froze and did not know what to say at that time .

“Is Lord Tang who brought you to trouble?” Zhang Han turned to look at Zhao Feng and said calmly .

“Yep!” Zhao Feng answered truthfully, “I have no choice . ”

“So have you decided?”

“I don’t want to do so, but boss, you know I…”

“All right . ” Zhang Han waved his hand directly and interrupted, “Do you know Scorpion?”

“Yes . ”

“Well, just go home . ” Zhang Han directly showed him the door .

After a moment’s silence Zhao Feng eventually left the restaurant with his head down . At this moment, he did not know what to do .

Time passed quickly . At seven o’clock in the evening, Zi Yan returned to the restaurant . After the meal, at nearly nine o’clock, Zhang Han asked Zi Yan to take Mengmeng back first .

Zi Yan did not ask . She left the restaurant with Mengmeng . The little princess still clamored for Zhang Han to come home earlier .

Zhang Han replied with a smile, but when the little princess left, Zhang Han’s expression faded .

He walked out of the restaurant, sat into the panda car which was like a cheek and dialed Zhao Feng .

After the phone was connected, Zhang Han just said a few words coldly,

“Tell me where Scorpion is . ”

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