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Divine Beast Adventures - Chapter 247

Published at 28th of July 2019 06:20:13 AM

Chapter 247

Edited by Aelryinth

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Due to Zhang Che and the stall owner’s dispute, the surrounding shoppers stopped to watch the show . Even the nearby stall owners stopped conducting business for a short while, enjoying this scene .

Mhm, the Chinese’s love for watching drama went way back…

Zhang Che still remembered early in his previous life, his grandfather would carry him and walk several kilometers when there was a public execution in the village, just to watch it .

Zhang Che didn’t remember much about it, but the crowd was simply breathtaking .

“Tsk, tsk . That brat Zhou Ansan is scamming people again . A pity that kid is young and handsome, but his brain is lacking . How could a human possibly break an exotic beast’s rib barehanded?”

“Isn’t that right? That little miss, too . They should have just left . Now they have no way out of this . They’re going to get cheated real hard . ”

“You’re not the one getting scammed anyway, what are you so worried about? Look at their clothing . It’s obvious they’re from rich families . It’s not much for them to get cheated for a few million or so . A low-tier dark gold-quality beast card is worth more than that!”

The surrounding stall owners discussed the show softly . They didn’t want any trouble for themselves, only happily enjoying the show .

“Put it on my tab if it breaks! But, I’ll put this out in advance . If you can’t break it, you’ll have to buy every rib bone here!” Zhou Ansan declared, staring at Zhang Che, waiting for him to come give it a try .

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Once this brat made his move, those millions of dollars were as good as in the bag!

However, Zhang Che was instead smiling, leaving Zhou Ansan feeling uneasy .

“Young man, go ahead and try breaking it!”

The surrounding crowd were all watching in interest . Some of them even found it not exciting enough, and started shouting, egging Zhang Che on .

“What are you yelling for? You don’t have to pay a cent for this . One look and you know that stall owner is trying to force that kid to buy his wares . If I were that kid, I’d rather admit my mistake and walk away . If he continues putting up a strong front and fails to break the bone, wouldn’t he lose a few million dollars for no rhyme or reason?” Some of the people with a stronger sense of justice were calling out the injustice on Zhang Che’s behalf . However, they didn’t dare to offend the stall owner, and only mumbled their words softly .

At this moment, Zhang Che was already holding the rib bone in his hand . He was still wearing a smile, telling Zhou Ansan, “Watch properly now . Don’t say that I’m cheating later; there’ll be no end to this, then . ”

After he said that, the crowd heard a snapping sound . They didn’t see how Zhang Che exerted his strength, but that jade white translucent bone was broken in two by his bare hands!

“Woah, he actually broke it!”

“This kid is not simple! No wonder he looked so confident earlier . It turns out that he’s actually someone with true capabilities!”

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The onwatching crowd immediately erupted into discussion .

Zhou Ansan turned silly watching this . His eyes were still staring at the broken rib bone in Zhang Che’s hands, at a loss for words .

That was a two-star bronze-quality exotic beast he had hunted personally in the wild and purposely kept its ribs! No matter what, it wasn’t something that could be compared with the ordinary animals on Mercury . How did he manage to snap it so easily!?

“Let’s go; we’ll look around somewhere else . ”

Zhang Che tossed the two broken halves of the rib bone back to the stall . Afterwards, he pulled Huang Tielan along and walked into the crowd .

Zhou Ansan looked at the broken bones on his stall, then shifted his gaze to Zhang Che, who had blended into the crowd . His lips twitched a few times, not daring to say anything vicious…


“Welcome!””Welcome!” Two women with long, sexy legs, wearing knee-length short skirts, bowed a greeting in unison upon seeing customers were walking in . Their sweet voices rang out at the same time, leaving one feeling that such proper large stalls were indeed totally different from the roadside stalls .

To use a popular way to describe them, it was freaking stylish!

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A shopper’s guide came up with a smile . Seeing Zhang Che and Huang Tielan’s young appearances, she didn’t address them formally as mister and miss, but chose to use a younger, less formal greeting, “Handsome, Beauty, may I ask what you’re looking to purchase? I can bring you to the specialized areas to have a look . ”

Zhang Che directly replied, “I want to order a custom-made bow . What good materials do you have? Introduce them to me . I want the best!”

“No problem . Please come with me . ” The shopper’s guide bowed slightly and led Zhang Che and Huang Tielan through a passage . Soon, they arrived at a large display hall .

There weren’t many objects here, all of them placed in the glass display counters, or hung on the wall . There were rare woods found in the beast worlds, and long horns or bones of exotic beasts .

Zhang Che decided to first browse the materials for the bow handle . Thus, he directly walked to the counters displaying the various woods, sweeping his gaze through them . However, it was a dazzling lineup, and he wasn’t able to discern which wood was better .

The shopper’s guide saw through Zhang Che’s confusion . She immediately smiled and retrieved a one-meter-long, arm-thick, yellow wood with purple streak patterns, introducing it to Zhang Che, “Look, handsome, this is a top-grade wood extracted from a thousand-year old Purple-Veined Elm tree . It’s one of the best materials to use as a bow handle . You don’t have to worry about it deforming, cracking, or other problems . ”

Zhang Che asked evenly, “Then, what if I want to make a traditional recurve bow with over two thousand kilograms draw weight? Is this wood able to withstand it?”

-Over two thousand kilograms draw weight!-

-Boy, are you kidding me? Who could use such a strong bow even if it is made?-

The guide’s jaw instantly loosened in surprise . She couldn’t believe what she had just heard, but her professionalism was still up to par . Although she didn’t know why the customer wanted to order a powerful bow no one could use, she still explained with a smile, “In that case, this wood might not meet your expectations . ”

She turned and walked towards the wall, taking down a two-meter long, arm-thick, purplish-red wood piece with black and white floral patterns with extreme difficulty .

“Look, handsome, this is a piece of top-grade thousand-year old Everlasting Wood . It can fully meet your expectations . ”

When Zhang Che saw the shopper’s guide carrying this piece of wood to him, his hands started trembling . He hurriedly received it from her . The moment the wood landed in his hand, Zhang Che felt a surge of joy rising in him . Let alone others, just its weight was much heavier than a stone of the same size . It was definitely over a hundred kilograms!

-Hmm, this sister here is not simple . She’s actually able to carry such a heavy length of wood with her hands . Most ordinary men can’t perform such a feat!-

However, Zhang Che was in no mood to care about any of that . He was very sure that this piece of wood could meet his expectations . Not only that, with its length, it could even be cut in two for a second use . With that, the materials for his and the frisky monkey’s bow handle were secured .

Indeed, you had to go to a legitimate store to buy things!

This was just like reading books . Reading an official and pirated versions were two totally different experiences . Not only was reading the official version a great experience, you could even rush the author to update the books openly . On the other hand, if you were reading a pirated version, your screen would be filled with advertisements, and it was also common for mistakes to happen in the content . It was truly terrible .

That was the experience Zhang Che had gathered in his past life as he switched from a pirated user to an official user . He felt that this was very similar to his shopping experience here .

Now that he had chosen the wood for his bow handles, what followed was choosing the materials for the bow pieces . This was even more important; he couldn’t neglect this in the slightest .

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