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Advent of the Archmage - Chapter 296

Published at 12th of October 2018 07:21:13 AM

Chapter 296
Chapter 296: Stopped by Nothing

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

High Elf Tomb .

Since Felina didn't object anymore, things became easier . The group ran straight to the room Derrac was in . Along the way, Morrigan wanted to pick up the High Elf swords and shields all over the ground, but someone was faster than him . With a whoosh, all the equipment was gone .

Morrigan looked up and saw Felina .

She scoffed, looking down on Morrigan . "I can't let a grave robber have these things!"

"Didn't you say you look down on grave robbers? Why are you taking it?" Morrigan asked sadly . He had come to mooch, but he didn't plan on taking everything . He would be satisfied with just one piece .

Seeing through him, Felina scoffed coldly . "Don't even think about one! As for me, I'm taking it for Master Link . They all have ancient enchantments . I'm giving it to him to research . "

Morrigan finally understood everything . This dragon was just biased! He couldn't do anything about it though . He wasn't as talented as Link, so he could only swallow it .

When they reached the room, Felina still kept her eyes on Morrigan, not letting him take a single thing . Link pretended he didn't see anything . If Felina wanted to be the evil person, he wouldn't complain .

Of course, Morrigan was the guide, so he deserved a portion of the loot . However, Morrigan would just sell these things so Link could give him gold in compensation .

At the moment, Link was attracted by the bookshelves at either side of the room . He walked over and carefully checked it . Confirming that there were no dangerous magic traps, he began flipping through the ancient books .

They were all written in the ancient High Elf language . Link couldn't read it, but thankfully, the game system would translate for him . When he looked, the common language would appear in his vision so he could understand it all .

There were many books here—around 2,000 . Link looked through them one-by-one and discovered that many were already damaged . Only around ten percent were in good condition . Overlooking the poem collections and other random books, there were only around 20 truly valuable magic books . A large majority were damaged too .

Finally, he found a case made of eternium ore on the shelf with an Eternal Magic Seal engraved on it . He guessed there was something good in it .

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After opening the case, he saw a hardcover magic spell book . It looked heavy, and the title was straightforward—Talisman Enchanting .

Link was overjoyed . He took it out and flipped through, discovering a complete set of talisman enchanting spells . It had everything from basic to advanced spells .

This is a book worth a few cities . No wonder it was kept in such a beautiful eternium ore case! he thought .

Just as he was about to put in the case and away, he realized that there was another book in the bottom . This one was thinner, and the title was handwritten . It was translated to Undefeated, and the author was Derrac himself .

Link flipped through . He started scanning, but after one minute, he began reading more closely . Then, he stood there and stopped moving . The book was very advanced and explored the Sea of Void . It mainly discussed the existence of singularities .

What was a singularity?

According to the book, a singularity was a point in the Sea of Void where the natural laws gathered . There was an infinite amount of singularities, and each one contained unbelievable power .

Derrac didn't only suggest the concept of singularities in the book . He also discussed in detail a type of dagger called "Breakpoint . " The book said:

"Singularities exist, but they cannot be felt or controlled . However, nothing is impossible in the world .

"Through a certain method, a special type of crystallized metalphoto grade alchemy product can capture this type of singularity . Of course, the Sea of Void is boundless with very few singularities . The chance of capturing one is very, very small, practically impossible . However, I was blessed by God and was lucky to capture one, solidifying it in a metalphoto dagger .

"I call this dagger 'Breakpoint,' meaning 'to execute . '

"The metalphoto is too hard and difficult to shape . Thus, I was forced to go against the aesthetic requirements of my race and create a very plain dagger . This dagger is steel gray without any strength waves . If you find it on the streets, I bet you will think it is a steel dagger…In actuality, the Breakpoint dagger is the sharpest dagger in the world . It can slice every existence in the Firuman World . Note, I mean every existence!"

Reading this, Link's heart began pounding . He picked up the case and saw a small indent at the bottom . In it was a crude dagger, less than 20 centimeters, and steel gray, lying there quietly .

There were four High Elf words scrawled onto the body of the dagger . It read, "The Breakpoint dagger, stopped by nothing . "

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Link carefully grasped the dagger and used it to scrape the extremely hard eternium case . With a soft sound, some of the metal flaked off of the case . The entire process was as easy as cutting tofu .

Link looked back at the Storm Lord sword that he'd always used, and the sword spirit instantly started yelling in his mind . If you want to try it on me, I'll make you die with me!

Can it really cut through everything? Link thought in shock . He had been a little doubtful when he first took the dagger and thought that Derrac was bragging . Seeing the reaction from the Storm Lord sword's spirit, he totally believed it .

It has a singularity on it, and it's really, really terrifying, the Storm Lord explained . I think it can even slice through a Divine Weapon from the Sea of Void, let alone any existence in Firuman .

Hearing this, Link was shocked . He studied the dagger carefully . Still in disbelief, he took out an arcanite bar . This was even harder than eternium and was probably the strongest metal .

With a light cut, the arcanite broke into two pieces . With another cut, there was a curled layer of metallic shreds while the Breakpoint dagger was still unharmed .

I can't believe that it'll cut through all solid objects . What about virtual objects?

Link tossed out a Space-Time Orb and maintained it around ten millimeters in diameter . Then, he picked up the dagger and stabbed lightly . When the dagger touched the Space-Time Orb, there was a little resistance . Link applied some pressure and the dagger sliced through the orb .

There was a soft scrape, and the orb soundlessly turned into two halves . It happened so quickly that Link could barely process it .

It…can even cut through virtual objects? So when Derrac said all existences, he really meant all existences? Link knew that he had found the most valuable treasure in the world!

This treasure had never appeared in the game; Link didn't even know it existed .

Without a word, he put the dagger back in the eternium case, as well as the book . He prepared to put it in his dimensional pendant .

But then he realized it had failed . The eternium case couldn't go in the dimensional storage gear… He thought it was the dagger's reason, so he took it out and tied it around his leg . Then he put the eternium case away .

Finally, he started checking the other books as if nothing had happened . This time, he was much faster . Ten minutes later, he had put away all the useful books .

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He had finally calmed down now . It really is a treasure, but it isn't unbeatable because it's just a dagger . It can cut through everything, but it has to reach the thing first . Even so, it can provide me with a terrifying method!

Thinking of this, Link knew that he must create a spell that could match the dagger's power!

I'll start thinking when I have time! Link was so excited .

During this time, Felina had collected all the magic equipment in the room . Morrigan was naturally fruitless and just stood by the side .

Link tried to hide his excitement, but he failed . Finally, he eagerly said to Felina, "Guess what? I found some magic spell books and magical items . Give me some time for me to recreate the talisman enchantment . At that time, I'll definitely be able to lower all magic equipment costs to one-fifth of what it is now…Don't worry, Felina . I'll share the talisman enchantment with the dragons . "

Actually, his greatest joy came from the Breakpoint dagger dagger, but Link knew that if he revealed news of that treasure, it would cause a huge fight . Thus, he kept it hidden .

Felina didn't know that . Seeing how Link was almost crazy with happiness, she was rest assured and grew happy too .

In her mind, Link was different from Morrigan . Link didn't need money, so if he said he would take it back to research, he definitely would . This was blasphemous, but he would also recover the wisdom of the past . It was hundreds of times better than that grave robber selling them for money .

She smiled, her eyes crinkling . "I'm sure the queen will be very happy when she learns of this news . Don't worry, Link . The queen won't let you work for free . "

Only Morrigan sighed helplessly . He had really worked for nothing this time . But unexpectedly, Link took out another scroll . He started writing a letter before Morrigan . When he finished, he showed it to Morrigan . After he saw the contents, Link stamped it with his magic seal and gave it to Morrigan .

"Mr . Morrigan, you were very important in helping me find such great treasures this time . Take this envelope to my territory and give it to Director Lucy . She will give you 8,000 gold coins in compensation . If you find any more sites with treasures, you can come find me at any time . "

Morrigan was already excited when he read the letter . He knew Link wouldn't lie to him because he had seen with his own eyes the words, "My friend Morrigan gave me great help . I reward Mr . Morrigan 8,000 gold coins with my status as the lord . There mustn't be any delay . "

As a Level-4 Magician, this money was a fortune . Because of his abilities, Morrigan had only earned 6,000 gold coins from all these years of grave robbing . Now, Link suddenly gave him 8,000 . This was much, much higher than what he had expected .

He wasn't a difficult person, so he instantly grinned after accepting the letter . "Master Link, you are so benevolent . Please don't worry . I, Morrigan, wander the mainland just for adventures . If I discover any more ancient sites in the future, I'll definitely notify you . "

It was perfect .

After that, they started looking for the hidden door .

It actually wasn't difficult . Half an hour later, Link found a hidden magic mark on the wall behind the throne . After activating it, a narrow passageway appeared . The group walked down it carefully . After around 650 feet, a light appeared in the front . After a few more minutes, they exited from the tunnel .

They were still in the Colorado Mountain Range, but it was no longer a forest before them . Instead, they were at the peak of a thousand-foot-high cliff . The view was very wide here, and they could see everything within a few dozen miles .

There was no way to leave the cliff, but this was nothing for Magicians and Felina, the Red Dragon .

"Then I'll go now . " Morrigan couldn't wait to exchange for the money at Link's territory . He cast a Levitation spell for himself and jumped off the cliff .

Looking at his back, Felina pursed her lips . "Hmph, that grave robber!"

Link smiled and shook his head . "Mr . Morrigan is very smart and talented . He can count as a natural scientist . "

"Fine . " Felina shrugged . She had experienced Morrigan's tracking and attentiveness . She'd also experienced natural science before, and she couldn't refute Link's words .

"Let's go," Link said .

Felina nodded . She transformed into a dragon and took Link and Nana toward the Dragon Valley .

After flying for more than one hour, Link saw a barrier of white fog . Felina flew into it without hesitation and traveled for ten minutes before the fog disappeared . He could suddenly see clearly, and a vast valley appeared .

He couldn't see where the valley ended . "Vast" was not enough to describe it . There were countless dragons flying in the sky, and a boundless forest below them . Before them was a ring-shaped mountain . It was very tall, more than two miles high, and rings of snow covered the peak .

The Dragon Valley was many times larger than the one Link had seen before!

"That is the Holy Mountain of the Dragon Valley up ahead," Felina explained with some pride . "Do you see that cluster of buildings? That's the Dragon Temple . We're going there . "

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