Fatty Qian was unemployed.Why? He’d managed to piss off his direct superior, the assistant general manager and young master, Xu Quan.How? It was actually a very small thing. Manager Xu had seen Fatty try to take home leftovers after a gathering. Seeing as the young master has always hated Fatt

t“Hmm? Why are there so many people queuing up over there?” Fatty asked as he strolled around with his sister. When they turned around the corner of the street and towards the plaza, huge queues came into their sights. Wow, there're quite a few queues with a few hundred people in them!“Bro, yo

“Ahahaha. Ouch, my feet.”Fatty ran back home with Qian Xiaoqian in a bedraggled manner. When they got home, the two of them looked at each other and started laughing. Only after a while did Qian Xiaoqian notice that her feet had started to hurt, so she immediately kicked her high heels off to

Ding.System Notification: Congratulations. You have reached Level 1.After half an hour of relentless combat, Fatty finally reached level 1. That was tough…He added all five of his free stat points from the level up to Dexterity. Why not Strength? Dude, I’m a rogue, have you ever seen rogues no

“So expensive?” Fatty muttered as he looked at the small red and blue pots in the alchemy shop. F*ck, it actually costs ten bronze coins per bottle. Lord Fatty fought so hard for so long, and I barely have thirty bronze coins in my pocket. That means I can only buy two pots at most.“Expensive?

“We normal peasants, are so happy today[1. This is the lyrics to this song:]!” Fatty hummed as he arrived at the village’s entrance. Wow, you guys, do you guys have any morals? So many of you are surrounding a single hen. Oooh, damn, that’s karma.Wai

Fatty pulled the Furious Rooster’s corpse out of the trap, then used his newly acquired Harvest to obtain seven chicken feathers, and a few pieces of chicken meat.Chicken Meat: Basic Culinary material. It can be eaten after cooked. +5 Vigor, -10 HungerFatty chucked the corpse off to the side,

“F*ck you see that? It’s that damnable fatty again. He shouted just like that yesterday, and pulled the rooster boss over and got countless people killed.”“Damned fatty, this again!”The beastmen trio were in the village, and when they saw Fatty, they were unable to suppress their anger, and sp

Although less than a hundred hares had returned with the original herd, Fatty still had to spend over two hours clearing everything due to all the refreshes. However, that did allow him to reach level 5, and only a bit more experience was needed for him to reach level 6.Star Fantasia had said

Rabbits were famous for their speed, and as the rabbit king, the Golden Rabbit King naturally had its own pride. Its speed was definitely a lot faster than just quick, but it was still slightly slower than a full Dexterity rogue. Since the effects of Rooster Squawk had not yet expired, Fatty r

Fatty searched around for a while longer. When he confirmed that nothing else remained in the hole, he rubbed his hands together, then raised the pickaxe above his head with both hands and swung down.Ding.A piece of gold was dug out with a ray of golden light. The rabbit hole also disappeared,

“Roar,” the black wolf attacked once more. However, Fatty was now able to handle it casually. He easily dodged the wolf’s bites, then occasionally either used Combo Attack on its waist, or kicked it again. In a mere few minutes, the black wolf yammered, then died.Whoosh. Two items dropped. One

“Hahahaha, a silver item!” Fatty hugged the leather armor and laughed. Although he was unable to equip it just yet, he finally gotten hold of a true silver item.After laughing enough, he wiped away the saliva from his mouth. Then, he looked towards one of the other items lying on the ground. I

“Don’t be so hasty. Let me tell you the entire situation,” Now that he had Fatty’s agreement, the shopkeeper was no longer as anxious.It all happened ten years ago. Back then, the alchemy shop shopkeeper was still the chief alchemist in the Central Imperial Capital as the Alchemist Grandmaster

tChapter 15 – Diggy RatFatty couldn’t see Purple Bell clearly on the tree earlier, but now that he saw her face, he couldn’t help but be mesmerized even though he was already immune to beauties due to his little sister Qian Xiaoqian.Purple Bell looked to be around fifteen or sixteen. She was a

Chapter 16 – Biting the HookWhoosh.The huge rat tail swept over.Fatty immediately flipped backwards to dodge it, then bent down, and shot back in front of Diggy Rat. He waved his dagger and sliced a perfect cross on Diggy Rat’s eyes before flipping backwards once more again to dodge the second

Since Diggy Rat’s tail attack was sealed and its magic attacks were unable to directly kill Fatty, it screeched anxiously when he noticed that its two front paws were clearly unable to match Fatty. What’s more, it blinked away twice, only to have Fatty make use of it when it appeared once agai

tThe city where the emperor is called the Imperial Capital, also just called the capital. There were four major cities of a slightly lower different level outside of it called Azure Dragon City White Tiger City, Black Tortoise City and Vermilion Bird City.The major city Fatty was closest to wa

“Motherf*cker, I knew something was up!” Fatty cursed, then turned Frostfang around and slashed it towards the newcomer instead of the boss.When Fatty was searching for the entrance to the third floor, he already felt something amiss. It was as if someone else was also on the second floor. How

Shrieeeek.The Skeletal Knight’s sinful life ended with a loud screech more experience points for Fatty.He looked at his experience bar. 83%. I’m nearly Level 11 now, but I still didn’t get my class enhancement yet!“Ahh, it isn’t easy to end up like this…” Fatty sighed. Then, he repeated his at

Damn, more people are here. Fatty had an internal struggle in his heart. Then, he made up his mind when he saw the low health bar of the boss.“Add me to your party. We’ll kill the boss together. The drops goes to whoever gets them,” Fatty said to Liu Lan.“Alright,” Liu Lan quickly added Fatty

Haste brings waste. Seriously, haste brings waste!Fatty muttered silently and wanted to slap himself.It’s all my damn fault for not controlling my mouth. It’s all my fault for trying to act strong.Fatty wanted to cry. There were at least six or seven people from the Cloud Dragon Gang waiting o

“Y-You learned 4-4 skills!?” When Fatty decided to learn all the skills available without any hesitation, the rogue beside him was completely shocked, so much so that he was stuttering. It was clear that he was just another poor fellow who was dejected by the high fees.“Tsk, it’s just four ski

Fatty rested a while, then snuck around in stealth mode to pick up all of the drops from the Skeletal General. After that, he cast Harvest onto the corpse and procured another skeletal spark, Deceased Soul - Skeletal General.Fatty pondered for a moment after stowing the items away glanced at t

Chapter 25 – Oriole[1]“What!? The fourth level’s boss has already been killed??”The entire third floor turned silent. Wind God’s World and all of the other players were completely shocked. They were already top ranking players, and were fighting over the kill on the third level’s boss monster,

When Fatty and TheFugitive entered the fourth floor together, they saw the entire map covered with monsters, then glanced at each other with matching smiles.“Guys on the left, girls on the right,” Fatty nodded towards TheFugitive, walked around a bit like a cyclone, drawing the aggro from a do

Stealth merely allowed the players to become transparent so that when others looked in that direction, they wouldn’t be able to see anyone there. However, the rogue’s body was still there. That was why experts like Fatty and TheFugitive were able to spot where others were hiding based on their

“Let’s rest a bit after killing this one. My vigor’s too low,” TheFugitive suddenly spoke up after half an hour of monster slaying. His vigor was near rock bottom after teleporting from Azure Dragon City to Black Tortoise City, then running over to Mass Graves.Fatty nodded and sped up his atta

The two groups of people ran into each other without any prior signal.The Fierce Dragon Gang players were stunned, while Fatty and TheFugitive immediately activated Stealth.“Mages, fire at will!” Fierce Dragon TheTalent shouted, then let out a string of fireballs that bombarded the entire area

The four gangs all chose to gradually push their way in. All the melee classes formed a human wall in the front, while the other classes hid behind them and waited for their chance to attack.As the four guilds advanced side by side, a few Skeletal Assassins were instantly revealed.“Kill them!”

Fatty was really not to blame for his ignorance. It was already very nice that he understood how to accept missions as a first-time gamer. What’s more, Recall Scrolls cost a gold coin per scroll, so he might not have bought any even if he knew about it.“Crap, now we’re screwed cuz of you,” The

The Knight Commander had a bronze armor over its skeleton, and wore a sturdy helmet that covered its head. Meanwhile, it also held a slightly rusted spear in its hand and the skeletal horse breathing out hot air made him look even more majestic.Fatty looked around in joy after transforming int

“Master, master, take me as well. I don’t know how to do anything else, but I am very well versed in laundry, cooking, cleaning, bed warming, massage and escorting,” a female player that was the size of Fatty shouted.Escorting a skeleton? You can take that? Fatty thought totally not naughtily.

When Fatty took off his helmet, he saw that it was already day time outsight. Time flies when you’re having fun, and it was a new day in the blink of an eye.Fatty took a shower, changed his clothe and went out to train. Although he could not put farming, leveling up, and earning money aside, h

tAfter Fatty logged on, he heard a series of system notification sounds. His inbox was filled with mail. It was clear that those people still did not give up on the City Construction Token.“Public auction after a month. Please come and show your support if you’re interested,” Fatty answered th

“You told me not to team up with female players, not to get too close with female players, not to hook up with others, not to… Where the heck did you get all these “not to”s from? Why should I listen to you? Heh, you told me not to, but I will do exactly that,” Fatty muttered to himself as he

Although stealth was a great effect, it was terrible when facing an enemy far high level than oneself.“Be careful Big Brother Fatty,” before Purple Bell finished, the blue butterfly turned into a ray of blue light and shot down towards Fatty.Fatty dodged to the side and used the skill he alway

“Never push that fat ass rat against a corner. If you do, then you will regret being born.”That was something said by one of Fatty’s past opponents, and that in and of itself was enough for people to visualize the wrath of Fatty.“Lord Fatty’s wrath can incinerate the entire world.”That was som

The stars shone brightly as the world seemed silent.Fatty let out a sigh after he moved away from the Phantom Blue Butterfly King’s territory and took out his trusty ole’ Blacksmith’s Tool.Why was virtual reality called that? That’s because there were often things that were more realistic. Wha

Late!?Liu Lan was dumbstruck, while Xu Quan had a shocked expression on his face. Money Grubber can solo a gold boss around Level 40 or 50 and win? No wonder he kill stole the Knight Commander from right underneath the eyes of the four guilds.Fatty turned on his communicator and tried to call