Everything became messy rather quickly.The natives were waiting for the alien forces to attack, and they had done their best to assemble an army to repel the invaders. However, even their mental state wasn't in perfect condition, and the battle happening above them worsened their situation.It

Noah couldn't fix the issue concerning his empty dantian any time soon. It had taken him eight years of experiments to create a cultivation technique that made use of his greed, but the path in front of him was bound to be far more complex.He couldn't just reproduce his previous technique and

Chapter 4269 - Becoming A Disciple In Public“Who’s that?”“Where did this ugly person come from?”Seeing the shifty-eyed ox-nose looking wretched old man, the crowd all turned their back in disgust. Many even grew furious.There were countless people among the crowd that wanted to take Chu Feng as thei

Chapter 4628 - The Master Arrival?For the sake of obtaining the inheritance of the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain, the crowd were acting unscrupulously.Even those people that knew they had no chance were trying out their luck and sending voice transmissions to Chu Feng.“All of you, shut up!”Suddenly, a

Chapter 1009: They Aren’t Human!This way, the number of people Ge Guangzhen could seek out would be halved.It could be seen that the little girl really could not bear to part with him.When he was speaking, she kept sticking to him and even pulled on his hand, refusing to let go.She even kept looking

This was not the first time that Lu Tianzi was facing an opponent who had comprehended the Law of Swords.Back at the Nine Suns Sect, before they went to attend the Scarlet Moon Heroes Meet, Lu Tianzi had been defeated by a single strike from his senior Nanhuang Jiansheng.At that time, Nanhuang

Sophia, so, its that woman. So she is the one who is behind this? How stupid Haruka isn't going to like her any better by stopping so low to this. A woman's jealousy is truly something isn't it? She could understand why her mother was always philosophical about things regarding love. There are

In the middle of the darkness she could see one person. A person covered in darkness but there's a beautiful light around her too. A woman with long brown hair and amethyst coloured eyes similar to her own. Her mother Terashima Sumire. For a moment Lyn did not understand what was happening. Wh

Chapter 1362 Slaying Eight Heavenly Body Tier ElitesSitu Jianyuan and the seven other Heavenly Body Tier elites immediately attacked Ling Han in unison.He was the only outsider here, and once they killed him, they would finally be able to discuss how they would distribute the Highest Jade Essence He

Chapter 1361 Spirit Awakening TechniqueThey had not exited the city for more than 30 minutes when they saw a figure sweep across the skies and stand in their way.It was a blue-skinned person.Needless to say, this was definitely a member of the Situ Clan, and Ling Han had met this person before too.

Chapter 1360 Leaving the cityA sliver of satisfaction appeared on Ling Han’s face. He had finally fulfilled his promise to Old Man Xu.He had gained many benefits from Old Man Xu. Whether it was the Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique or the Universal Eight Desolation Technique, both were extremely fi

Chapter 1363 The Might of the Treasure Forest PavilionLing Han immediately left after collecting the Spatial Spirit Tools of the eight Heavenly Body Tier elites. He didn’t stay back to examine his loot closely.He had no time to deal with the raging commotion that would sweep through Gathering Wind C

Chapter 443: Activation: Part 3The next day, nine in the morning.Henriqcal City, Miga.Lin Sheng who was just about to enter the Darkspirit Gate suddenly stopped where he stood.A long-range soul transmission from Xylond made him stopped everything he was doing, as he was struck by disbelief.“Adolf? B

Chapter 442: Activation: Part 2Sawyer’s pupils shrank as she fell silent. Lin Sheng’s reaction caught her off guard, and she almost broke her disguise.True, she did try to use all sorts of methods, the exchange of benefits to allow Elvia, who was a top member of the Holy Sanctum’s hierarchy to speak

Chapter 1786 A Match Made In Heaven!Rumble!Fang Yuan floated in the sky, looking at the ground below him.The huge mountain range was collapsing, five colored lights emerged, they shined dazzlingly.But these lights did not fuse together or interfered with one another, they had their own routes.“It is

On a usual day, Wang Yu’s daily routine was very regulated. He was about to go to bed today but he got up for this arduous matter. Even though he was a martial artist, it was inevitable that he felt tired.After the City War ended, Nine Solitary Spears led his men away. Wang Yu finally could relax an

“I will now announce your appointments!” said Trakus to the assembled members of the 13th Division. “As the status of Alexis—the leader 7th Fleet’s 13th Division—is still unknown, and the Division has suffered serious losses, the army has decided to get rid of the 13th Division.” Even after hearing

Seeing a white object that looked like Gigi, Jian Jin immediately touched his teeth, when Jian Jin touched his teeth there were no more teeth left in his mouth.It seems like Ye Chen's punch just knocked out all the teeth Jian Jian had.Seeing that all of his teeth fell out, Jian Jin was very an

Chapter 852: Times of Crisis(5)Qin Shi was getting on in age and usually couldn’t sleep for long. Last night was the most comfortable sleep she had had in years.Originally, she intended to sleep in old lady Ruan’s room, but that room had too many traces of old lady Ruan, so she didn’t like it. Yeste

Chapter 851: Times of Crisis(4)Ling Tianya looked at the seemingly ordinary fountain pen in her hand. There was nothing special about it; no one would notice it no matter where it was. However, this pen felt incomparably heavy in Ling Tianya’s hand.“Dad, what do you mean?” Ling Tianya was sharp enou

Chapter 850: Times of Crisis(3)Over at the mansion, the sky was already bright. Ling Tianya hadn’t slept for the whole night.This night seemingly went by peacefully, but the more peaceful it looked on the surface, the stronger the undertow.Ruan Qishan walked over to the window to stand beside Ling T

Chapter 853: Times of Crisis(6)Seeing that Ming Li wasn’t replying, the second Mrs. Ruan pursed her lips and went into the living room with the baby.Actually, the second Mrs. Ruan knew that it was Ruan Fusheng who injured Ming Li, even without her saying. She was just asking to be sure.The relations

Chapter 322: Why Were They So Cruel? Luo Anning was overwhelmed with shock. Before she could even realize what was going on, she was pushed away forcefully. While still being dumbfounded, she hit the street lamp and fell onto the ground. On the other end, Mo Xiyan flew across the air and landed a fe

Chapter 323: Abyss Of Remorse And Guilt The doctor said that it was her first pregnancy and that her womb was badly damaged because of the external injury. After she came to, she still had to undergo a full body examination to prevent the relapse of any side effects. Luo Anning kept her eyes fixed o

Chapter 324: Mini Ning Will Be Back Xu Zhiyuan secretly left and closed the door while Rong Yan hugged her and coaxed her softly. After seeing that Luo Anning was in better spirits, Rong Yan fed her with some soup which reminded her of Mo Xiyan. “How is Mo Xiyan doing?” she asked. Rong Yan paused an

Chapter 325: I’ll Get You Treated, Trust Me “Anning, you…” Just as Mo Qiange was about to say something, he sighed and decided not to when he saw her firm expression in the rear view mirror. The Maybach did a beautiful turn and sped off in the direction of the hospital. … The floor of the intensive

Chapter 326: Not Just A Threat Mo Xiyan did rescue her and she knew that she should not be getting all emotional and bring her personal feelings into this situation. Rong Yan ought to look after Mo Xiyan since she saved me, his wife… It’s only right for Rong Yan to take care of her but… that scene j

Chapter 327: Rong Yan Isn’t Here, You Can Stop Pretending “Thank you for saving me,” said Luo Anning who kept her guard up despite feeling grateful. Having been through so much, she realized that there was barely anyone she could trust. Apart from Lu Momo and Mo Qiange, the only ones she could truly

Mo Xiyan sat up and stared at her coldly. “Who are you to say that to me!?! Do you really think what you assume is the truth!?!”  Luo Anning squinted and gibed, “In that case, tell me, do you truly no longer love Rong Yan?”  “So what if I still love him and so what if I don’t? You can’t stop me from

“No,” Rong Yan said while resting his head on her shoulder and rubbing it affectionately. He touched and groped her waist before moving his hand up to her face and pinching it. Unable to take it any longer, Luo Anning barked, “Rong Yan, I’m going to chop your hand off if you still don’t take it away

Chapter 330: Miss Mo, I Said I’d Take Care Of You (3) Dawn Hospital. Luo Anning walked towards the ward with breakfast and as soon as she entered, she was greeted with the sight of the doctor and nurses giving Mo Xiyan a physical examination. Seeing that she had entered, the doctor and nurses greete

Chapter 2337 KingeseSeeing Bai Qing Xia striking with his palm, Han Sen unleashed another Shocking Sky Punch.He would have liked to use other techniques, but he had only just started using his Bai Yi disguise. He hadn’t yet had the time to learn any other skills. He had been lucky to learn this punc

Chapter 2336 Sick BeautyIf a prince didn’t even have the blessing from the Kingese on the king tree, people would believe him to be very unfortunate. They would think the prince was plagued by bad luck. Such a person could never lead the Extreme King and rule the known world.Although the protection

Chapter 331: Miss Mo, I Said I’d Take Care Of You (4) “Do you think he loves you now? Sure, I’ll show you that you’re wrong!” “Go ahead and pull all your tricks on me. I’ll entertain you to the very end.” … A faint sound filled the air in the dark and gloomy night. The city was no longer bustling at

Chapter 436: You Will Understand When You Are Older Gu Nianshen frowned when he became aware that Lu Chen thought Xiaoyu was his son. “What are you thinking?” “Why are you so nervous? Are you refusing to admit he is your son?” Lu Chen lowered his voice as he glanced at Xiaoyu. “There’s a rumor on th

Chapter 437: Never Bring The Little Jerk Home Again When Xiaoyu spoke, he looked around cautiously, which made Lu Chen burst into laughter. His chubby face was so adorable that Lu Chen could not resist pinching his cheeks again. However, the little child was very well-mannered and did not put up any

Chapter 438: This Little Jerk Relies On His Acting Gu Nianshen was aware that Catwoman had started her career in singing in America. When he first carried out investigations on her, he found out that she was also an American citizen. It was impossible for them to have met five years ago. The fact th

Chapter 1340, Spectral Cloud ArrayEditor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael LigerkeysWhen Fei Zhi Tu’s jade shovel hit the soil of the flower bed where the Sword Soul Grass was planted, a white flash of light suddenly burst from it and an abnormal energy fluctuation filled the air at the

Chapter 439: Be A Professional Son “I’ll contact Gu Nianshen right away.” “Bai Se,” Lin Yiqian said just as Bai Se was about to hang up. “Is there anything else?” “Why not…” Lin Yiqian began to speak as tears appeared in her eyes. Her hands balled into fists as she held her breath momentarily. “Perh

Chapter 323: Untitled When Cheng Anya woke up from her slumber, two days had passed. As she woke up in pain, waves of sharp pain came from her abdomen. It was a searing pain that did not seem to go and caused her to roll on the bed in pain. As she groaned in pain, she curled her petite body in pain.