Pretty much at the same time, outside the beast tomb, numerous beasts and Yin souls seemed to become crazy, going into chaos. They were all in an irritable state as they crazily charged towards the canyon entry. There were tens of thousands of them, looking out they were like waves smacking the shor

The Phoenix pattern Long sword smashed the ice mist sword into pieces. The sword attack was slightly blocked. Before it regained its aura from before, a flame light shining all over, burning the heavens. In the next instant, Zhu Junhou and Zong Gang both rose up. The former was obviously really expe

Chapter 1592 - Human RaceThe little girl wasn’t big, only four or five years old. Originally, she was quite pretty, but now, her small face carried fear, large eyes full of tears. Her body was thrown over the old woman’s body.She was crying, shouting, reaching out her small hands to protect her gra

Chapter 1593 - ObliteratedThe group of people were all shocked, all of them suddenly standing up in the pavilion, facing Shi Hao.No one expected Huang to be this domineering and direct, taking the initiative to provoke them. That King Clan young master’s head tumbled about, making all of their bodi

Chapter 1594 - Human SlaveDao Comprehension Mountain, this place seemed like it was cast out of metal. The mountain itself was extremely hard, exceptionally rigid. This was especially true for the mountaintop which even more so flowed with metallic luster.An immortal medicine was planted precisely

It wrote,"My dear, Jun Kai.Mother had loved you since the day you were born.I had thought to raise you up strong and mighty,But it seemed like a failure.Living alone in that cold place, it devoured me bit by bit.So, I decided to run away, run away from that lonely life.Those times when I was w

In the end, he bent down but as he drew closer to her, he halted. The next moment, he stood up again and almost turned around, but then decided not to. Jun Kai couldn't help but sigh with frustration.He bent down to pick the book up and placed it on top of Mi Rong and decided to leave, but hal

“Such a terrifying strength of the body… Normal people would definitely be crushed into pieces under such force…” Ye Qingtang stared at the man with silver hair in the hole. Ye Qingtang was very sure that the guy had passed away. Though she was still curious, she did not want to be involved in the t

His thumb couldn't help but trace her eyes that were still closed and wiped the tear off of her face, but his movement was not as soft and Mi Rong's lashes fluttered before slowly opening.Mi Rong furrowed her brows almost immediately. She blinked a few times to check if she was not dreaming. T

With the force, Jun Kai had flown away onto the floor. Mi Rong got up and was shocked. She felt slightly guilty, maybe she had used too much strength.Jun Kai would have been able to stable himself together if it was not for the liquor left in his system. He stumbled onto the ground. When he ha

Jun Kai was sitting on his bed while watching the person sitting beside him treat his wound for him. The room was very silent for both did not speak to one another. There was only the sound coming from Mi Rong cutting up the bandage and wrapping his wound. Mi Rong focused on the work in front

On top of everything, she had fallen on top of Jun Kai's chest. Mi Rong helplessly closed her eyes in distressed. She did not think much and tried to get herself away from him, but it was in vain.The person who should have been sleeping was now holding onto her tightly. He even had the nerve t

Jun Kai moved his face closer to hers. With the tip of his nose touching hers, he spoke a few soft words."Mi Rong, I think, I…"However, his words were muffled when Mi Rong placed her hand on his lips. She looked away from his eyes for she was uncertain. Was this the sober Jun Kai or was it jus

The sun was preparing itself to rise above the Feng family's mansion, hence the sky was lighting up in different shades of dark purple almost as dark as night but with a mixture of orange and pink. The sky was indeed pretty, but someone else had caught his eyes more than the morning bliss.Her

She returned after taking a few steps. The man was extremely weak now, and any cultivator could kill him easily. Ye Qingtang contemplated for a while and thought that it was not very appropriate to just leave. “Okay. Anyway, it was my fault to have the intention of taking away your space ring. As co

Qing Qing's small face appeared from behind the door. She opened it widely now and saw someone she did not expect to see inside, "Jie!"Both Mi Rong and Jun Kai turned to the source of the voice and could see Qing Qing's small body walking inside with a teddy bear half happy and half curious. W

Oh dear, Mi Rong thought.By now, Qing Qing's figure was nowhere to be seen. Both Mi Rong and Jun Kai were now separated from each other.This would have been a shock to Qing Qing, Mi Rong thought. It was only yesterday that the little girl had asked about her feelings for this guy and maybe thi

Having decided to speed everything up Daedalus stepped out of the carriage and spoke to the driver "Stop for a moment, also if possible either release the horses or make sure they

Darryl's words sucked something out of Xhemin. How could he say something like that in situations like this?"Darryl Lagdamoe you are such a pervert!" Xhemin instantly pushed Darryl away and started walking her way out of the deck. She planned on getting back to the lake end, find something to

"Are you sure?" Darryl gave Xhemin an unbelieving look before he had remarked gravely. "Because the last time I check, trouble seemed to be following you everywhere. Something might happen to you along the way""Don't worry I can take care of myself completely" Xhemin didn't wait for Darryl's a

"I wanted to but the Diamond Prince was tailing you around …" He narrated, a little glad that Xhemin was now talking to him "… and when I almost got the chance the chance the accident happened and the rest was history""But it would have made me feel better if you showed up after the accident …

"You know him?" Her comrades asked the girl who just asked Darryl his identity. "Whose young master is he?"Isn't he the Lagdameo's heir?" Someone whispered to the other girls when Darryl's face became clear right before them."I'm not entirely sure about that, I've only seen the Lagdameo's heir

Darryl carried Xhemin until the bathroom where a hot bath was waiting for them. Surprisingly in an old camp cabin, there was a wooden bathtub which the campers used to clean themselves up. Right now, it was steaming with hot water in it."Just put me right there and leave" Xhemin told the boy p

A light on summer when the breeze is cooler After the time the night sky shed its tears The moment the universe I painted was shattered, ruined; deserted, swept away by the doubts I createdThen you held her hand and sang the hymn It was like romance was perfect on the first rhythm She became y

Everyone gathered in the camp ground of the main camp as the closing ceremony was to be held. It had been a tradition that before campers were sent home, they bid them a small get together gathering. Tables were set in each corner of the camp with food and some refreshments while campers scatt

Xhemin had prepared for this. She knew what it meant to become a student from Rivendell and what it entails. But as much as she wanted to hide away from the fact and play a low profile, something just don't go that way. For years she had avoided getting her awards, in fact all her awards in th

Richmond RanchThe coffee had gone cold in the table where a newspaper was also laid out neatly showing off the headline for today's news—The Only Girl in Rivendell. Such a catchy headline had been flooding off not only the newspapers but also in all media channels throughout the country.The ne

The camp has never been the same without the campers. It was quiet and boring on Xhemin's side and her task which by the way was editing everyone's report made the place more lonesome that it ever was.The camp had ended yesterday but officers and some important campers were still there to do a

Qianye’s eyes landed on those eggs and cocoons produced by the worms. The ferocity of the underground worms had left a deep impression on Qianye. They were already capable of injuring a werewolf count before evolution. Now that they had transformed, there was no telling how violent they would be. Q

"It is the most difficult thing to pay the debt of gratitude. Just forget it, and stay alive!" Bu Xiangfeng laughed and said, "I am off now. Take care.""You too."Ping Shanyue said.Before he said it, Bu Xiangfeng was already gone.Ping Shanyue quietly sat down and said in a low voice, "In the ci

The crowd dispersed after a while, whereas the teachers and Dicus stayed. They were all looking at Luna since she apparently knew the man who had just ridden off."Yes, Mr. Hydle. His name is Mag. He is the father of one of my students," Luna answered. She didn't understand why they were all fi

Fang Zhihan slightly furrowed his brows and looked at Yu Gangan with disagreement, “That won’t do. Look at the stressed look on your face. People that don’t know us are going to think that I’m forcefully living in your home.” Yu Gangan: “…” This was the first time she had heard him say so much. He w

Yu Gangan wanted to move her body to break the embarrassing atmosphere, but Fang Zhihan’s hand was right beside her neck and any slight movement meant she would touch him. For her, bodily contact seemed even more frightening than their current situation… Yu Gangan was suddenly regretful that she wen

“…” To his dismay, Lu Man asked, “Did you have your breakfast?” “Auntie He sent breakfast to the office, and I ate a little.” For some unknown reason, under Lu Man’s stern gaze, Han Zhuoli was a little meek. “How little is a little?” Lu Man asked as she narrowed her eyes. Han Zhuoli: “…” “I’m so fur

Sun Yiwu sighed. “He tried searching for a few actors but unfortunately, all of them rejected him even though they were B-list or C-list actors. All of them gave the excuse of their clashing schedules. Fortunately, he’s pretty good at making friends, and still had some loyal friends, who helped him

Chapter 1713: Failure to Find a Path Translator: Nomyummi Editor: Nomyummi   Surprise wasn’t an element unique to Happy. Zhou Zekai had always been someone who performed astonishing feats. Cloud Piercer fired his guns as he ran. He was closing the distance to increase his firepower. With a Slide Kic

Chapter 1714: Low Health Is No Big Deal Translator: Nomyummi Editor: Nomyummi   Jiang Botao was glad that he didn’t make any unnecessary choices. He was glad that there was only one path remaining for Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun to take. Dodge! Minimize the damage taken from Nebula Wave Slash. This was a

Attack. Soft Mist sent a storm of attacks towards Cloud Piercer. Cloud Piercer had already switched out his guns for a sniper rifle, indicating that Thunder Snipe had been used. However, he didn’t fire the shot, wasting the skill. This was an extremely rare sight for Zhou Zekai. To Samsara’s fans, t

Daneel's voice echoed again and again in the large Hall, and as he saw all the expressions of the hundreds of Heroes in front of him, he did not know what to think.He had not expected that he would be at this stage so soon. His initial plan regarding this whole thing had been completely differ

Three.Thousand.Peak Heroes.Daneel and the Head could only turn and look at each other with horror as they heard this news from their man in the Church.Receiving no answer and knowing that they must be in shock, his master said, "I need to go now, but I'll contact you again if I have more news.