"Why? Didn't she say that she could guarantee a full term?" Tangning suddenly panicked. "Aren't I doing fine? Why does it need to be premature?""Gestational hypertension isn't an incurable disease, but it may be fatal...I don't want to take any risks," Mo Ting replied, "That's why I agreed to

Chapter 62     Wei Mo immediately rushed up to Lu Shiqian’s side and checked her for injuries. He didn’t ponder over the matter because anything was logical if it was A’Qian.      Death was extremely confused. He was a god after all! Even if he may

QualiA – Chapter 57: What ends and what begins ⑥ Erac made an incredibly disgusting smile, but where is that confidence coming from? I could hear slight voices of people fighting from afar. Fights might have broke out at our back. …That’s bad. The platoons of knights have

GOR Chapter 727 End The Pain     “Xiaolian!” Qiao Qiao shouted. She got up from the ground and propped Chen Xiaolian up. Hastily, she retrieved several Healing Beast Bloods and stuffed them into Chen Xiaolian’s mouth.  However, the wounds on Chen Xiaolian’

GOR Chapter 728 Convince      The Tidal Fighter rose up into the sky and flew toward the resort base. Roddy, who was piloting the fighter, could not stop himself from scratching his head. Back when he was flying over, Chen Xiaolian had only sent him the coordinates through their

As soon as the emperor began to make his way back to his tent, he gave He Lin an order. “Find out what happened.” He Lin acted swiftly. After a moment, he had already reported the sequence of events in detail to the gloomy-looking Emperor beside him. “Nanzhang? Prince Hexi’

Chapter 84: Seductive Killer Qin Yu’s face suddenly turned icy, a cold air emanating from his body. “You wish to kill me?” Every word he spoke was like an icy arrow piercing the woman’s heart. The woman felt her heart freeze as if it was about to stop beating and couldn&rsq

As soon as the Red Flame Battalion entered the shooting range of the crossbows, the wall of light appeared again. Arrows rained on them.These arrows weren't very destructive. The thing was, they could be shot repeatedly. They would finally reach the battalion the same way an ant would bite an

As Bai Xiaochun disappeared from Vile-Emperor City in the Eternal Immortal Domains, so did the Vile-Emperor….Out in the dark void, the only light to be seen came from the damaged fan, like the shining of countless torches. On the main square, the spirit automaton Bai Xiaochi stood there, looki

Suddenly, Chu Feng turned his gaze to the Heaven-reaching Beast Clan and the Nightmare Spirit Clan.Chu Feng’s gaze was extremely calm. However, in the eyes of the Heaven-reaching Beast Clansmen and the Nightmare Spirit Clansmen, those eyes did not appear to be calm at all.After feeling Chu Fen

The several forest experts were left at the Heavenly Yin Mountain.Endless Yin had to focus on preparing for the attack in Heavenly Sword Mountain because they were cooperating with the Eagle Burial Kingdom, this matter had to be taken care of as soon as possible. If they didn’t take care of H

"Eh? It's him? This is interesting…"As Fearless saw the system notification. he furrowed his brows and then smiled faintly, "How much did he spend?""1000 gold and he seemed pretty desperate to have it. If you don't have 2000 gold, you can forget about buying it from him. I do want to see how b

"The student's name is Hao Ren. He seemed to have had a conflict with the soccer team in the cafeteria," Zhao Guang said over the phone."Soccer team…" the Principal suddenly had a clear idea. "Do not worry, Mr. Zhao. I will look into this incident."Even though he said that, he already prepared

In the outer space of planet Qiming, a fleet of large starships was slowly moving. The fleet was mainly composed of cargo ships. Of course, there were also escort ships and destroyers on the surrounding them. The cargo ships were not holding army personnel or army supplies, but all the militar

Seeing that the Wuji clan had changed their tone and supported Ling Lan, Han Yu knew that his own disapproval had no affect. He could only angrily say, "Wuji also supports Captain Ling!" As Han Yu finished, Ling Lan quickly sat up. She glanced sharply towards all the team members and said, "I

At that moment, the team leaders who had gone through the file suddenly remembered the seventh part that they had read suddenly reached a revelation. This time, whether it was those team leaders who questioned Ling Lan's abilities, or those who had trusted Ling Lan along with the other team me

In Anos Abyss, the splashing waves blotted out the sky and the rain poured. Other than the Epoch itself, there was no sign of life in that region. Everything was in darkness, including the heaven and earth. Only the thunders tore through the silence.On the surface of the sea, corpses of the se

Mi Rong went straight to bed when she arrived at Xia Yun's place. Last night, she had not slept at all.After she finished talking with Jun Kai and went inside her room; she quietly sneaked out into the woods nearby. Xiao Bai had waited in the woods to take her to the u

Xia Meilin maintained her distance for the following days. Meanwhile, Lu Yifeng did the same for her. He was not going to force her to him since he knows it will frighten her. Other than that, he tightened the securities around her for her safety since he knows that someone was after her. In

.....Kai Xin's action of looking over the banister was a big mistake! Mina, upon hearing that the country's most popular actor, Skully, was there had brought a posse of fans with her. Their goal was to get as many photos as they could."HELP! HELP!" When they heard the loud commotion coming fro

Zhou Tian Fu didn't expect that Master Lin would actually come to Beijing. Moreover, looking at the situation, it seemed that something had happened concerning Liang Hong Tian."Master Lin, why didn't you inform me that you were coming to Beijing?" Zhou Tian Fu asked while smiling. His relation

when lady Chou opened the door to Althea room she heard crashing sound coming from the bathroom room knocking on the door a couple of times she didn't answer " Althea are you alright " she called her but she didn't answer either seeing there was no choice the old lady

Bai Wu Xin's headache had intensified to the point where it felt like his head was going to explode. Just standing straight and replying properly was already an extremely difficult task. But with the real "grandmasters" before him, he did not dare be slow with his words.In that moment, he was

Whoosh! The arrow shot whizzed through the air and collided into a pile of stones not far from the Giant Skeleton. The minute sound made by the arrow caused the Giant Skeleton to turn around and investigate the disturbance. Its fearsome, empty

Ever since Eighty-Eight True Yang Building collapsed, and Imperial Court blessed land was destroyed, the entirety of Northern Plains' Gu Immortal world had stirred up in shock, they were trying to find the culprit behind this.Unfettered Scholar and Pi Shui Han had malicious intentions, not onl

Seeing that Ma Jiang Ming had fallen into a dangerous disadvantage, the two Supreme Masters from Supreme Golden City were just about to pull out their swords and lend their support when they felt something flash before their eyes. Before they could raise their guards, one of them suddenly felt

Two days passed, and just as he was preparing to travel to the Black Turtle Territory, all of a sudden, Tang Lianxin came to see him.“Elder Brother, the Headmaster has sent a summons. He wants us to go on a trip to the Main Hall.”Su Xing nodded. Subsequently, he and Tang Lianxin made for the F

"Who are you?" Dong Fang Yu Liang saw Old Lord Can Yang and was shocked.Tan Wu Feng and Dong Po Kong were vigilant, the aura Old Lord Can Yang naturally sent out made them feel a strong sense of fear.Dong Fang Chang Fan's star will slowly turned around, saying to Old Lord Can Yang calmly: "You

………At this time, within Deep Child’s sensory field, demon power began to wildly gather in the world, forming a massive black vortex in the skies.It seemed as if countless demons were howling from within this vortex, emitting a heart-shaking aura.More and more energy flowed towards this vortex.

………Deep in the night, Sheng Mei sat cross-legged in her chambers, shrouded in an endless illumination of black light. Thousands of strands of hair fluttered about her, emitting a light and enchanting fragrance.She seemed to be the source of all darkness in the universe. As long as a ray of lig

Zhao Yanzi's face was still red, and her chest moved up and down slightly to show that she wasn't calm at all.Hao Ren looked Zhao Yanzi who now placed her hands on the table, thought back to what he sensed, and felt a little strange and slightly awkward at the same time.Yet, their minds were i

"Xiaowei…" Wei Liao wanted to stop her; Su Yu was already feeling crappy, so Jiang Xiaowei's question was obviously adding insult to injury."Don't butt in, let Su Yu answer. He's a man, you shouldn't protect him like a woman," Jiang Xiaowei said, word for word."Ahem… sister-in-law, you sure ar

"Telling the truth?" Gu Yusheng sneered slightly. His eyes became piercing as he said, "Do you still think that I trust you?"Do you think of me as a fool who doesn't know what you're doing? Or do you think that I'm out of mind and would believe a stranger instead of someone I know?"I'll tell y

"Did you know? The academy is going to hold a general assessment for everyone soon!"The 21st of May, Starfall Year 833—Winter Fort Academy, Mount Nissia.Although summer has arrived at the continent, the icy plains still made people feel the chilliness.Naturally, it did not affect the students

Fang Ning had planned to habitually counsel before a fight.However, on second thought, he could sense its power limit. It was only a beginner Pond-level.His body had trained by the System to the summit of Lake-level, and the half-dragon half-man's body was also extremely strong.Needless to say

The middle-aged customer finally decided to buy a one meter long aquarium, but Welder Zhao was still urging him from the side. "What's the point in buying a one meter tank? Won't you still be tempted to get a bigger one after a while?" he asked.The middle-aged customer responded, "Then… the 1.

As Laura moved about in the flames, a bunch of "foolish men" were drunk by the spectacle they were witnessing, as they were truly stunned by the possibility of her engaging in close combat with that body of hers. The majority of girls who possessed a fire attribute special ability over a certa

They were over a basin with an open view after flying past the mountain.The basin was bigger than they expected. Even if they'd had twice the number of soldiers, they wouldn't be able to search every corner of it.Jiang Chen saw four teams of the middle troop flew into different directions.To d

The World of Saints, Hail Cloud League's headquarters in the Ice Cold Forest.The whole league evidently felt that something was not quite right about the atmosphere today. Mainly… Snow Li seemed to look absolutely dazzling today? It was inexplicable. Regardless, it just felt that Snow Li was i

A light fell and the black night was ripped apart.This scene naturally made Tian Xing look subconsciously at Chi Guyan.Her long pink dress was extremely bright and eye-catching under the light. Her beauty came from within, alone and solitary.However, from her expression, Tian Xing could see th