Chapter 1267: Striking Dragon Floret “What mission?” Yang Qi said. He had known all along that the incident with the purrling would attract the attention of the Crown Prince Society, and they would want his help in trying to recruit Jadefall. Sure enough, Dream Daylily said, “You

After advancing a little farther, magic circles that resembled the one they had stepped on earlier started to appear on the ground. And then three humanoid monsters that were made of trees appeared. Each of them had unique features. One had very large arms, while the others held a sword and bow resp

Maple detonated her weapons, blowing away all of the vines that surrounded her. And like that, she charged towards the rose. “‘Predator’!” She held her black shield up as the two monsters appeared on either side. And like that, they plummeted towards the rose. “Hahh!

Defense Specialization and ‘Rapid Fire’ 3. After defeating the rose, Maple and Sally walked behind the other two in order to see them fight, just as had been promised. That being said, this just involved seeing very weak-looking tree monsters being one-shotted by Willbert, and explodin

“Yes, it’s fine. Though, can I ask you to fight the enemies on the way instead? There will be branching paths from this point on, but if you’re careful when choosing your route, you can avoid places like this.” “Yes… I guess we can.” Sally was puzzled by

efense Specialization and the Next Objective Now that the duel was over, Velvet had a very satisfied expression as she took the lead during their descent of the mountain. “That was great… Thank you, Sally.” “We just fought. There’s no reason for you to thank me.&rdq

Defense Specialization and Re-Exploration Night. The time when the stars shine in the sky and the monsters start to change. Maple rode on Syrup and flew in the air. “On the 7th layer, I always rode on Sally’s horse. So it’s been a while.” While the bird monsters around her

Defense Specialization and ‘Reverse Rebirth’. After escaping from the underground, Maple returned to the night sea and inspected the item she had so unexpectedly acquired. [Reverse Rebirth] Uses 500 HP. Changes the next skill you use into another specific skill. Effective for 5 minut

Defense Specialization and ‘Rapid Fire’. Without any knowledge of such conversations, Maple and Sally met in the 7th layer town on the weekend, just as they had planned. “I see you found another weird skill.” “Yeah, I was so surprised. Maybe there are other things th

“Well, well. I was wondering who could be watching us so intently.” “Yes, but I didn’t expect it to be anyone this famous.” After getting a better look at them, they saw that there was something very soft about the way that the man carried himself. The woman seemed mo

Defense Specialization and ‘Rapid Fire’ 2. There was a great tree on the outskirts of the field. And as monsters were not able to come near to it, they would be able to talk very leisurely. “We’ve only ever seen you in action during events. But I always wanted to talk to yo

Chapter 2712: Arrogant PersonTranslator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales "Only 17 people passed the selection?" "Zero Wing's team seems to have 17 people…" "What exactly is going on here?" After a brief silence, the various superpowers' members turned their eyes toward Shi Feng's group, th

“Mr. Noah!” Yoohyun’s arm grabbed me as I started to run to Noah in reflex. I heard the growl of a dragon as Yoohyun said that the situation was dangerous at the same time. A black-scaled hand grabbed a golden wing. Noah’s body crashed with a thud, and Riette revealed her t

Riette was restrained again, and Soyoung Kang was issued a summons. While Riette had been the main cause behind the mayhem, this was the difference between foreigners and domestics. The government was always lenient to their high-class hunters. “I’ll visit you!” Soyoung Kang shou

“Yes, I’m all right.” “But…” I was going to say that families worked it out but stopped when I remembered Noah’s situation. I smiled again, and Noah slowly changed into his dragon form. -However, Hunter Yoohyun Han’s worry for you is real. So, it r

Chapter 858 Coming Out   A pitch-black cave had appeared behind the duo. It was connected to the mountain and there was no telling where it would lead to.  This was the passageway into the grotto-mansion that they had opened up with their act of worship earlier. Even if Jiang Zeming&rs

Chapter 857 Cultivators Appear   Next, Chen Feng stomped and the power of earth surged, causing the planet to shake and the ground to crack. It felt as though the entire planet would split apart. Reaching out with his hand, Chen Feng then grasped, causing space to twist as his magic powers t

Song Yan shook her head vigorously, she could not accept it: “No, you’re lying to me, let’s go back, let’s go back now.” She went and dragged Mo Lin. Mo Lin pushed away Song Yan’s hand and frowned at her: “Are my words not clear enough? Don’t embarras

“The mercenaries who are attracted to enter the mountains must still be searching for the mountain. So they would not dare to take action blatantly at the hospital. I’ll get off the car; you keep guard with G3.” Ye Jian1’s brain had not stopped resting for even a moment

After a long time, even if it was a beautiful face, it was not a dazzling splendor that resonated with the world, but a kind of flower that bloomed in the dew in the early morning. The charm left by Ye Jian1’s past life was deposited in the beauty of this life, and she was beautiful in t

Ye Jian1, who was hiding in the dark, held her breath with all her might. When the man raised his hands to close the emergency door and in the last sip of light before the door was completely closed, Ye Jian’s eyes flashed a hint of coldness, and she acted instantly. She set her target; the p

Chapter 551: But His EQ is Terribly LowThe toilet was very simple with just one sink, one squat toilet, and one shower.“It’s inside.” Tang Yan took a look and turned to the professor. “It’s your turn to do the job.”The toilet was not very big. It could only accommodate three people and it so happene

Chapter 552: Mistress is So CoolIn the afternoon, Gu Ziling met with Hu Ran’s stepmother in a café.When their eyes met, they immediately knew that they were about to work together again.“What’s the matter that you call me out for? Tell me.”“I found that Hu Ran, that little bitch, was trying to dip h

Chapter 553: I Will Tell You EverythingThe eldest young master of Tiffany & Co. had boarded the plane. In another ten hours or so, he would arrive in Jianchuan.So, Gu Ziling took the chance to call Hu Ran’s stepmother when no one was in Sheng Mansion. “The other party will arrive here tonight. How’s

Chapter 554: Bound DutySince the paparazzo was arrested, Hu Ran’s stepmother could no longer proceed with her plan. And of course, she could not work together with Gu Ziling anymore.But Gu Ziling was still waiting at home, oblivious to everything. She waited and waited but Hu Ran just would not go o

Chapter 466 – Avoiding Ties of Karma, Regular People are No Different From Ants Li Qingshan would have been fine if the golden rain was all that he faced, but with how shrewd Dragonsnail was, why would he ever give him that kind of opportunity? Dragonsnail lunged over without the slightest he

The Lin Family.  At the moment, Ling Kuang was even thinner than he had been a month ago. The scraggly beard is already white as frost, without a single strand of black. He was not yet seventy, but looked more haggard than an eighty year old.  All sorts of torture, all sorts of defeats,

Stirred-Up Feelings Ever since she was very little, Ye Shuiyao had been known far and wide in Tianlong city known for both her cool demeanor and her striking beauty. Following that series of events three years ago, Ye Shuiyao’s fame spread throughout Tianlong country. All that has glimpsed he

Translator: SFBaka Editor: Thor’s Stone “Take care, everyone. Leave everything here to us.” “Uu…… Booze…… I also wanna go………” “Big sis…… We have to prioritize work right now, okay.” Mimi, E

“Theonia Union has no intention of going to war with any Greek city-state, but if any city-state wants to start a war, insult us and invade our land! Gentlemen, what is our answer?” Davos looked at everyone and asked loudly. “Fight to the death! Destroy the enemy!” “F

Chapter 897 Internal Chaos in the Fire Pavilion It was to no one’s surprise that the outcome of the four pavilions conference caused huge waves in the four pavilions. Except for a few unhappy Heavenly Spirit Sect disciples, the news overjoyed everyone. No one had expected that Zhou Yuan&rsqu

Chapter 896 Stick and Carrot The chief pavilion master building was located at the center of the giant circular plaza in the middle of the Four Spirits Origin Tower. Although there were numerous buildings in the circular plaza, the chief pavilion master building was the grandest of them all. It ha

Chapter 249: Changes to Auction (2) “Insolence!!!” Ming Shiyin bellowed as soon as they returned to their bedroom, “Absolutely shameless! Doesn’t he know a single thing about the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven? He’s a cultivator as well! Doesn’t he know what the

Chapter 248: Changes to Auction (1) Iwasaki Kyouya looked at Qin Ye, “Sirs, what if I make an offer to purchase the Obsidian Heaven’s Eye Bowl for four billion RMB, and then further compensate Guardian Auctions for their losses? Would that suffice for you?” Qin Ye stared back at

Chapter 1430: A Strange Power“Extinction timer? What’s that?” An Lin was quite intrigued.Shangguan Yi replied with a grave expression, “It is basically a countdown timer that has been engraved into the minds of all snow maidens by a mysterious power. Once the time is up, all of us will die!”An Lin’s

Chapter 1429: A Visit From the Snow MaidensAn Lin was standing beside a lake, cultivating his newly obtained spell techniques.Da Bai hurried over and was drooling with excitement. “Big Brother An, there is a very special guest who wants to see you, woof!”“What kind of guest is this? And stop droolin

Chapter 1428: The Eagerly Anticipated DayAt the moment, none of these three system missions would be simple to complete.An Lin could only set them aside for now to some more important things.He gathered all of the core higher-ups in the Four Nine Immortal Sect for a conference.Bai Xian wore her prof

Chapter 584: The County Is Distributing Food He quietly kept her company, just like how she always accompanied him in the past when he was busy. Yan Huan put down the script and yawned. She saw Lu Yi sitting on a chair, with a book on his lap. He was flipping through the pages. Then, he seemed to fe

Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                 Reflected on my eyes is the man who worked as the pilot of the merchant gu

The tiny fairy drew a beautiful trail in the air as it circled Wu Yan’s head. Then, snowflakes-esque particles of light fell upon Wu Yan. Wu Yan’s 67% HP immediately recovered to 87%, close to his full HP.   With both hands at his sides, he looked like an unbalanced fighter with a