"Good! Good!" The Grand Elder's face was twisted due to sheer anger. He unconsciously crumpled the letter sent to him by Raven."Well done Black Rose! Well fucking done!' The Grand Elder fumed, his anger soared through the heavens causing the whole Storm Dweller's Peak to be covered in dark clouds an

"Hey you guys, don't look at me like that!" Theo groaned, "As soon as I got my Cleansing Flames I simultaneously become a Fire Keeper. I didn't get the chance to use to experiment much with the flames."The rest of the War Gods looked at him suspiciously but didn't pursue the subject. Whether Theo wa

Chapter 726: Chapter 726 – The Beginning World Zhou Xuanji remained unmoved but he was feeling a little jealous. So I am here to be bait!? He thought that he would get to fight. He could help but feel a little regret. Beast Sovereign didn’t voice transmit him any more instructions and was concentrat

Chapter 1710: Creating a SunAn Lin’s mission to progress to the Return to Void Final Stage required the consumption of a sun.Furthermore, he had to swallow a real sun. Things like the fake sun created by Xiao Hong didn’t count.That was a little terrifying.One had to realize that just the true flames

Chapter 1709: An Lin’s Outlook on ConsumptionOn the Four Nine Immortal Sect dao plaza.The massive screen was still broadcasting the battle in the Divine Mirror World.The battle was actually over already, but there were still countless powerful beings who stayed behind to await the return of their he

Chapter 1708: New Ability, Horror Engulfment“Burp…”The little whale’s stomach swelled, and it let loose a loud burp.The Heavenly Void Beast’s forte lay in engulfment.It could engulf heaven, earth, and even space.The Chaotic Nightmare Monster was on the brink of death already, so it was no problem wh

Chapter 1712: Nurturing a Sun Wasn’t BadAn Lin had never been in such a farcical situation.He was about to be burned to death, but he had to keep persevering.He was on the verge of tears, but those tears were evaporated by the sun before they could be shed.Instead of him swallowing a sun, it was as

Chapter 1711: Swallowing the Sun!An Lin was very flustered. In fact, there was even a hint of horror in his heart.Anyone would be struck by this feeling when faced with a scorching sun.He was simply far too insignificant compared to the sun, just like an ant.But now, this ant was going to swallow th

"You've worked hard… Henry nodded as him and the other War Gods joined him. Now the War Gods and Raven were sitting at a round table."It's what I ought to do..." Raven said, his tone were plain and calm.  "Still, we didn't know that your skills when it comes to Runesmithing and formations are extrem

Chapter 1490: Xuan Qiu He’s invitation“On purpose? What did I do on purpose?” Wu Lingyu knowingly dodged the question.“Based on your abilities, it’s impossible that you wouldn’t be able to protect them. You just didn’t want them to come with us, right?” Sima You Yue only managed to react now.“Hehe.”

Chapter 414: Definitely Cannot Compare To Lou Qianxue Back Then As Lou Qianxue did not want to scare the kids, she bought a white straw hat and wore it on her head. After that, she successfully entered the city. Nevertheless, she attracted many people’s attention again even inside the city. The silk

Chapter 415: I’m Dead?   “Forget it. I’ll look for a familiar person to ask and find out what exactly happened during these two years…” Lou Qianxue was pondering when… “Lou Qianxue? Who’s that? Is it supposed to be someone impressive?” A cold and arrogant voice suddenly rang out. The obviously-host

Chapter 416: Are You Willing To Join Our Imperial Academy? Whish! A snow-white figure leaped into the crowd like a phantom. At the next moment… Bam! Bam! Bam! The group of foreign young cultivators dressed in magnificent clothes was flung backward. When they fell on the ground, they vomited fresh bl

Chapter 417: My Name Is Lou Qianxue “That’s right. It’s me.” Teacher Mo nodded. “Then do you know Lou Xiaoxiao and Ye Zhuixun?” Her question startled Teacher Mo for a while. Then, he smiled and said, “Of course. I’m the proudest of these two students. They are also well-known in the Imperial Academy

Chapter 418: Indeed Not Optimistic The people from the Gate of Seven Kills saw that Lou Qianxue had an extraordinary manner. The straw hat she was wearing also made her mysterious and unpredictable. Hence, they did not dare to offend her. They doubtfully bit the bullet and sent someone to go in and

Chapter 419: Quickly Kill Her! The room was filled with frost. The icy and bone-chilling coldness could make anyone shiver. The scarlet-masked assassin quietly lay on the bed. His exposed eyes, eyebrows, and lips were covered by a layer of frost. The thick frost had spread from his fingers and body

Chapter 420: You Are One of Us Now, So We Naturally Need To Be Closer Half an hour later. Lou Qianxue pushed open the door and came out. The gold-masked man rushed up to her. “How did it go, Miss Lou?” Lou Qianxue nodded. “I planted a wisp of the Abnormal Fire in Scarlet-masked’s dantian. If he care

Chapter 421: Arrived at Lingxi Prefecture! “…” Lou Qianxue speechlessly inspected the mask. She could see intricate red inscriptions carved at the edges of the silver mask. The mask looked so beautiful and exquisite that others would not be able to take their eyes off it. It was extremely pretty and

Chapter 422: Life-or-Death Battle Stage “It’s another foreigner who’s here to participate in the Alchemy Competition!” “However, she looks so young. It will be very difficult for her to win a spot in the competition.” “Still, coming to an Alchemy Competition organized by the Alchemy King’s Mansion i

“As you probably know, besides the shops in the cities, our prefecture also has black markets operating in the dark. In these black markets, you can buy the goods you may or may not find in the stores in the cities. However, the prices listed in the black markets are very hefty… “The biggest spe

There's bloodstains on Raven's nose and mouth. He's pale as a paper and his breathing was ragged.  Everyone surrounded him with worried gazes but Raven only waved his hand and said:  "I'm okay. Who's that by the way? A Sin?"  "Most likely, yes." Henry solemnly stated as he patted Raven's shoulders.

There's bloodstains on Raven's nose and mouth. He's pale as a paper and his breathing was ragged.  Everyone surrounded him with worried gazes but Raven only waved his hand and said:  "I'm okay. Who's that by the way? A Sin?"  "Most likely, yes." Henry solemnly stated as he patted Raven's shoulders.

Chapter 2123: Attack“Wow!” Gazing at the magnificent city far away from a high vantage point, Fang Cun could not help but express his fascination. Was this the outside world? At that moment, his eyes lit up. The outside world must be quite fascinating! It was no wonder his father, as well as every g

Chapter 57: Great Mage Protector. Lei Luo’s gaze fell on Ling, who was lying on the soft couch. His hair was draped over his shoulders, and he was enjoying the dance. “Senior, Sister, besides me, you’re the only ones who have seen Yali’s dance. How is it? Isn’t it exceptionally beautiful? You won’t

He had finally seen through it. He did not know what method this woman had used to make Ling fall deeply in love with her. This would not be some hallucination spell, but an even more bizarre method. It was precisely because of this that Lei Luo had not detected Ling’s abnormality in advance.

Chapter 58: The Spirit Was Betrayed This was something that Lei Luo could not understand. This was because before the spirit had completely fallen out with him, he had not shown any killing intent towards him. He was certain of this. In other words, these pseudo-ultimate mages and the Spirit were de

Chapter 61: Purple Gold Mage Guild Surrenders Ever since the king had enforced the anti-magic order and even destroyed the Sila Magic Academy, the mage guilds around Uzi City were all terrified. The mage guilds from all over the world had joined forces to form mage legions to resist the tyranny of t

Chapter 931: MephistophelesAbel took a long, deep breath before he stepped in any further. From here on, he would be facing the real “Mephistopheles.” He tapped Black Wind as well, just to make sure that his partner was okay.Abel smiled as Black Wind replied with a light bark, “Come on, old friend.

Actually, Abel wasn’t all that worried about the three spiritual guardian knights. The King of Darkness was not going to just break through their bodies and the Duriel armor that easily. He had all the time he needed to use up the full recovery potion, so the goal was to just keep providing back sup

Chapter 911: I Only Know How to EatThere was a snow-white carpet with a cute kitten embroidered on it under the tree.There were various pastries on the table, and a pot of tea was brewing.Bu Yaolian was pulled to a seat, and a plate of food was served to her as if it were treasure. “Sister Lian’er,

Su Shenfan rested for a while and then felt a little hungry, so he asked someone to deliver some food.The guard said to him, “The Three Golden Flowers came earlier. They said they were here to deliver pastries to Miss Lian’er.”“They knew I was here; why did they come over?” Su Shenfan smiled.“They w

Su Shenfan looked at her coldly and didn’t say anything.The air instantly turned as cold as ice.Su Shenfan was already thinking about how to kill Bu Yaolian. Should he steam her or braise her?“Shao… Shao Zun, you have to think about this. It’s a big problem.” Bu Yaolian still looked like she was thi

“It was the Golden Flowers who made it. We’re all sisters. It doesn’t matter who made it.” Bu Yaolian giggled. “Eat, eat.”Su Shenfan slapped away the pastry in her hand and asked her coldly, “Are you stupid or are you brainless? Talking up other women in front of me – are you trying to push me in th

Chapter 212: Chapter 212: How Can I Have Such Great Taste? He decided that he had to binge on a feast after this matter was over. After Yan Jinyi finished eating, she deliberately circled around Huo Zihang, and then burped with satisfaction. Bewilderment was written all over Huo Zihang’s face. Soon,

Chapter 1534: TragicHoo-Hoo!At last, Jiang Yi stopped just one kilometer from the divine tree’s trunk. He sat down cross-legged and panting. He was finding it difficult even to sit upright. After he caught his breath, he decided that he could not afford to be too careless. The Wintry Pearl in his ha

In a small room, around a round wooden table, sat four men. The tip of Xiao Qixiu’s sword rested on the floor. Xiao Qixiu frowned at Elder Sang as his fingers stroked his sword’s hilt. “Are you really going to take Xu Xiaoshou as your disciple?” “That’s right,” said Elder Sang after taking a

“Ding-dong, ding-dong-dong…”Jiang Yi continued to try all sorts of tunes. No matter what tune he played—as long as it contained the heavenly spring rhythmic movement, the tree leaves and branches above would start to sway rhythmically. If he just used his Divine Sound Heaven Skill to play or casuall

Time kept passing. Jiang Yi was determined to realize the Divine Sound Heaven Skill and Heavenly Spring. It was only when the red light shone once again and the Lunar Beasts emerged from the soil that he opened his eyes. Once the Lunar Beasts backed away again, he went right back into seclusion. He

In the pitch-black wilderness, a tree that reached the sky glowed divinely. The area north of the huge tree was a mess. Countless destroyed Sword Emanations Race beings lay there, along with countless Lunar Beast corpses. The green blood was splattered across the ground, causing the air to reek with

She thought it was someone from the Huo family, but it turned out to be their next-door neighbor. Lu Xia knew who the lady was and a look of disappointment flashed in her eyes. The neighbor glanced at Lu Xia but did not recognize her right away. Instead, she retrieved her keys and opened the