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Chapter 357: The Movie Queen Joins InYun Xiangxiang smiled politely, not answering to avoid verbally attacking him. This made him more interested instead.“Have you both met before?” He Wei was also a little uncertain?Tang Zhiyu was not a person with a messy private life. Even though he was the most

Chapter 359: Wifey FirstYun Xiangxiang noticed that Tang Zhiyu raised his eyebrows. He looked like he knew Song Mian, even feeling surprised to hear Song Mian’s voice here.She didn’t bother paying attention to Tang Zhiyu; she quickly went past him to go to Song Mian and took his wrist.Her magical ey

Chapter 358: Lingering PresenceChen Yinghui and He Zhen probably had the same considerations.However, from Yun Xiangxiang’s point of view, this was a good scenario. With the addition of The Era or stars, they had a cameo from Yu Jinlin.Let’s not talk about the abundant funds or that they did not hav

Chapter 361: Visiting the Tang Residence“If such a day comes, mother, then I will not give myself up, nor will I struggle to keep him, but I will erase love from my life.”She would never believe in love again. Not even Ruo Feiqun could make her so resolute in her past life.She was only upset when Ru

Chapter 360: I Will Only Marry HimBut they couldn’t even think of any bigshot who had this much power to rally all of these important people.Not even Tang Zhiyu could do this.So Tang Zhiyu might be following Yun Xiangxiang for some reason, just like these bigshots were.The fight under Yun Xiangxiang

“If my answer is no, will you let me help you?”Han Yueyao continued to test Su Yu’s patience.For the first time, Mr. Su was rendered speechless.At this moment, Mrs. Su came back with heated bone soup.Su Yu looked so relieved as if he caught sight of his savior.“Mom… You returned just in time.”“What’

Han Yueyao wasn’t prone to tears, but for some reason, her eyes teared up at this memory and her voice choked up…She swore she wasn’t acting in front of Su Yu. Her heart ached whenever she remembered that scene. It was why she left her hometown to go to a strange city to run errands in Imperial Star

“What plans can I have? I’ll go back and continue running errands.” Han Yueyao pouted.“You sound as if I did wrong with you. To be honest, you should feel honored to run errands in my Imperial Star. Many people want to do that and can’t… After all, even the people running errands earn a salary of ov

When Mrs. Su pushed Han Yueyao into the room, Su Yu was lying in bed watching TV.Hearing the sounds, he turned his head and saw Han Yueyao in her hospital gown.Without make-up, she was still pretty, even though her face was pale due to her wound.“Yu, look who’s here.” Mrs. Su had always wanted to br

“Huh? She’s indeed a beautiful girl. No wonder my Lingling is so worried.”Huo Mian smiled faintly…At this moment, Gao Ran walked out from his office.His police uniform jacket was unbuttoned, revealing the black T-shirt underneath.Despite his young age, Gao Ran had stayed in the bureau for years and

Chapter 438: Show Yourself Some RespectIt is no surprise that the people of high society were constantly found embroiled in scandals and affairs of similar nature. Having illegitimate children in the family was not an issue exclusive to the Zhou family, but as far as the saying “do not wash your dir

Chapter 437: Not Angry?If she had to say, the girl today seemed a little weird, not responding to any insults.Zhou Weiqi’s previous dates would have reacted or shown their displeasure receiving such abuse, instead of sitting there apathetically. This angered Mrs. Zhou very much.Those women were not

Chapter 440: StimulantZhou Weiqi took some time to return to his senses only to be stunned by Lu Xingzhi’s words.He had an inkling as to what was happening when Jiang Yao asked him to decide for Du Chen’s operation; with Lu Xingzhi’s explanation, Zhou Weiqi was presently feeling tears form in his ey

Chapter 439: To Help or Not to Help?“Weiqi’s right, show yourself some respect.” Old General Liang cheerily chimed in, leaving the Du family red-faced.Nevertheless, General Chen and Old General Liang were the most distinguished guests in the charity auction.Guests started filling the hall after the

Chapter 969 Shameless Kneeling As the remaining Minor Tiger Clan cultivators tried to run, giant ice shards began to appear from the bottom of the ground and magically from the top. Some of them tried to bash through them, hoping the ice shards would break upon impact. But i

Chapter 820 Counterattack and Counterattack Om!When Zhou Yuan’s voice faded, a loud sword roar resounded throughout heaven and earth, and a biting cold aura flowed along the air.Multiple tiny marks constantly appeared across the surface of the surrounding lake. These were ca

Chapter 195: Fearful Female God is Too D*mn SavageLu San thought so too and rejoiced. “Thankfully we met Ms. Gu. Without her, Matriarch Lu would have been in danger.”Lu Chengzhou narrowed his eyes and responded, “Get people to protect Gu Mang.”Lu San’s mind went blank for a few seconds before respo

Chapter 194: Ming City is Thrown into ChaosGu Mang entered from the back door after Fatty and Lu Yang were done speaking and they zipped their mouths immediately.Gu Mang saw the papers on the table but did not bother to look at them. She stuffed them under her desk and put on her earphones without a

Chapter 193: Chapter193: Gu Mang is not Cut Out for StudiesXi Yan shot a glance at Gu Mang before turning her head. “Gu Mang, come outside for a bit.”Upon hearing this, Gu Mang stood up slowly as her exquisite eyebrows drooped. Putting her hands in her pockets, she left the room with indifference.Lo

Chapter 192: Year Three Has Turned Into A Foul Environment Because Of Her“One more thing.” Ji Heng paused before speaking. “Lu Chengzhou got people to delete all the information about you on major websites.”“Great, saved me some trouble.” Gu Mang opened the cabinet and grabbed a change of clothes. “

Chapter 365 Blooded Sword After Leo had gone past Erin and the mysterious man, he wanted to give enough time for them to do what they wanted to do. He had no business with Pure, or at least he thought he had no business with Pure. So he gathered that perhaps they were just c

Chapter 392: The Same Woman as Tan YezhuHan Yongbing was personally holding the auditions. This director was famous in the industry for not having a good temper, but he was not a bad person. He was simply very serious when dealing with work.The performers who did not pass were quickly eliminated. Su

Chapter 386: Chapter 386 Powerless to Reverse the Situation, Why Don’t We Work Together Zhou Xuanji rushed toward Juedi Cliff. The closer he was to his destination, the more uneasy he felt. He mastered World Overlord and could sense the world. The crisis of the world was becoming more and more inten

Even though they didn’t know how Gu Ning found out what they had done behind her back, they had to listen to her now.After that, they left with Fang Dongcheng and the other policemen. Gu Ning didn’t leave with them, because she knew that Fang Dongcheng would give her a satisfactory answer.Although t

If there were other people around them, they wouldn’t have directly killed those men, but there was nobody around, so it was very easy for them to deal with the result.Zi Beiying and her bodyguards got back in their car without delay and left soon.Once Zi Beiying was in the car, she called Gu Ning.“

It indeed was Mrs. Guo who told those reporters to send the articles and photos out, or those reporters wouldn’t have dared to do that.As for the damage to the reputation of Changyue Organization, Guo Deping had to accept it.He also understood that the Public Security Bureau wouldn’t help him becaus

Although Mrs. Guo’s phone was taken away from her, Guo Deping could still see her. He criticized Mrs. Guo the moment he saw her.Mrs. Guo didn’t dare to keep it a secret from her husband, and told Guo Deping that it was Jiang Shuyuan’s idea. She still hoped that Jiang Shuyuan could help her out.Even

Chapter 1525 Reques Some women were noble in their beauty, while others were aloof in their beauty. There were also some that were incredibly seductive in their beauty. It was clear that Lin Yuqi belonged to the last of these categories. Her beauty was no match for that of the Empress, but she was d

At the same time, Fang Dongcheng called Leng Shaoting and told him that Mrs. Guo along with those reporters could be detained for 15 days and charged 30 thousand yuan as reputation damage compensation at the most.Gu Ning didn’t care about the reputation damage compensation of 30 thousand yuan, but s

Chapter 1313: Going Out To Battle Tomorrow“That I have no idea.”Lan Linger did have no idea. But thinking of her own situation she tried to ask, “Jing Xi, could you arrange for me to meet Helian Qingyu?”Xu Xiyan surely did not want her to meet Helian Qingyu, or bother him at all.But she seized the o

Chapter 1180 Untitled How formidable!Shocked, Feng Wu dodged sideways. However, Xuanyuan Yi would never let her off the hook that easily. “18 Vine Strikes!” Holding his vine, Xuanyuan Yi lashed out with power like an erupting volcano! Crack! Crack! Crack! He whipped so hard that one would think he w

Chapter 1312: The Nerves He HadXu Xiyan could not believe her eyes when she finally realized who the person was. The person she thought to be a beggar turned out to be Lan Ling’er.“Why are you here?”“I escaped! Please, Jing Xi, you have to help me. I have nowhere else to go.”Lan Ling’er had been cap

Chapter 1311: Pleasant SurpriseIn a beachside cafe in Estan, Xu Xiyan came in disguise with Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan.It was a man in his forties or fifties with whiskers. He dressed in a grey suit and seemed dignified.Xu Xiyan recognized him at first sight. “Are you Mr. Hanson, the world renowned direc

Chapter 1314: The Final Fight (1)Xu Xiyan hung a charm around Huo Yunshen’s neck and said, “This is a protection charm I got for you. I hope it can protect you.”“Thank you. You really are my guardian angel,” Huo Yunshen said.The couple kissed each other, leaving a very heartwarming night.When the su

Chapter 1212: Master Showdown“God of War, Tranquility Yields Transcendence!!”As soon as the audience heard that time, they erupted with excitement.At the end of the day, the professional tournament often gave the audience a pleasant surprise. To think that they had the privilege of spectating the Go

Chapter 1211: Worldly Indifference, Tranquility Yields TranscendenceAt this moment, the host announced: Next up, we have Worldly Indifference from Sanguine Squad!“Worldly Indifference!!!”Following his introduction, the audience were jolted into life as they were filled with an enveloping sense of am

Chapter 501 Unending Phone Calls The explosive ratings set off turbulent waves everywhere, like a storm.Be it on the internet, television channels, amongst renowned directors and casts or investors, everyone was taken aback by the shocking ratings. Many people recalled what everyone said when predic

Chapter 1215: Insta-Kill!On this day, it was the second round of the professional competition.Other than the fifteen teams that were eliminated yesterday, there were sixteen teams remaining including Team A Murder Of Crows that had a first round bye.The audience cheered and cursed(everyone knew who

Chapter 1214: The Strongest Expert From Quan Zhen SectThe incident Dark Moon Squad was just an isolated event. Other than Deathly Dark Moon not being able to check his emotions, the rest of the players were simply unaffected by it.After the first day of competition ended, the thirty teams took to th

Chapter 1213: The Miserable State of the Twilight City SquadThere was no comparing the standard of the battles of the amateur tournament with the professional tournament.In particular, the shameless tactics of a certain team was particularly hateful. This was the true meaning of battle.Just as every