“Special identity? You have other identities?!” The Ascending Moon Old Man yelled in shock.“Little brat, don’t tell me that you’re the young master of the Fortune Emperor Palace!” The old man chuckled but failed to hide his shock.Huang Xiaolong finally came clean, and he explained, “Actually, I’m th

Qiao Mianmian didn’t trust him very much. Seeing that the man was getting closer and closer, she pushed him gently. “Mo Yesi, I have to wake up early tomorrow.”“Mm, I know.”“You should sleep early too.”“Mm, I know.”“So, you can’t…”“Mm, I know.”When she said the last word, the man’s hot lips landed o

Chapter 1217: What Can You DoThe whole area turned silent.No one could have thought she would pour fuel into a burning fire.Even Abbess Yun Miao thought she was hearing things. Did her granddaughter lose her mind from all the pressure?!The crowd clamored after seconds of silence!Yang Chen and Lin Ru

Chapter 624: The Bankrupt Chairman(16)“Chairman Liu, here’s the information you asked me to check.” Han Xiao handed the information she had managed to get to Shi Sheng.There wasn’t any head office behind Li Gong’s company. He started the company from scratch, and they were clean.Shi Sheng was silent

Chapter 1718, EscapeTranslator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGunEditor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael LigerkeysAs everyone looked on, Yang Kai remained motionless, simply standing in place silently with his eyes closed.However, a pure and rich Spiritual Energy overflowed from his body.The stre

Chapter 309 – Murderer Zhao SenDuring this time, Xiao Lou had experienced several Hearts secret rooms, encountered many murderers and assisted Yu Hanjiang in interrogating prisoners. He wasn’t afraid of facing murderers directly but Zhao Sen gave him a completely different feeling.The other murderer

Chapter 559Heavenly Clouds Imperial City was surrounded! There was no escape route that Ye Qingxuan could take to evacuate everyone as the Void Spirit Cultivators have already blocked all the exit out of the city!Fortunately, not all of Heavenly Clouds Mansion’s cultivator was at Heavenly Clouds Imp

Chapter 1544 “The Wen Clan’s Here (3)”“Husband, what happened over at the hotel? Why did my older brother suddenly get a call from the young lord that he’s dismissed from his position as the housekeeper?” Yue Snowing cries, her face pale and unstable. Tian Wind promptly halted in his own steps, star

Chapter 1545 “The Wen Clan’s Here (4)”If at first Yue Snowing still had the same idea as her husband in pushing Furen into an arranged marriage, then now she’s totally of the opposite opinion. This mother only wants her daughter to stay far, far away from those people who would drive her older broth

Chapter 2151: Li Heng Appoints a General!Translated by: Hypersheep325 Edited by: MichyrrThe woman had a graceful bearing and wore a golden crown atop her black hair. Despite the raging snowstorm, she wore only a layer of dark blue gauze, with her smooth abdomen and navel exposed to the elements, yet

Chapter 2150: The War Stirs; the Countries Declare War!Translated by: Hypersheep325 Edited by: MichyrrThe baptism of the black dragon’s crimson eyes and the pillar of black energy caused An Yaluoshan to rapidly grow stronger.In just a few moments, a spatial passage opened up above An Yaluoshan’s hea

Chapter 2149: Shift in the World! The Black Dragon Manifests!Translated by: Hypersheep325 Edited by: MichyrrAs Li Heng stepped out, the earth beneath him shuddered. Cries of alarm came from the depths of the palace, from many of the palace maids and consorts who were frightened by this disturbance.

Chapter 1178 ObjectorsInside a small private guest room, a few officers at the top level sat on the sofa and complained.“Sigh, the commanders of the expeditionary army got killed, but Black Star stopped attacking. He clearly wants to devour our armies again and again. The Three Kings are not giving

Chapter 213: A Lot of Okaa-samas Translator: Blushy Editor: Sam Felicia’s voice was full of passion.  “I only wanted to do one thing. I care about the people of Easter and Kingdom, but there’s one thing that’s most important to me and that’s keeping Chris happy.

Lu Yin’s scalp went numb. The feeling from this attack meant that this person was a Cruiser—no, a Hunter! A Hunter was attacking him. With a clang, the spacecraft released a deafening sound as Lu Yin felt his head ring. He looked up, and instantly saw an old man standing hi

The winds howled as Tianming stood on a golden disc that was about twenty meters in diameter. It was made of top-grade spiritual ores, and had over forty heavenly patterns on it. Clearly, it was a saint beast weapon that could absorb energy from the sun to travel at a speed

Chong Yang sounded proud when he mentioned their history. However, Tianming caught onto something and asked, “The Ancient Devil Arm? Is there any origin to this arm?” Tianming had expected his father to be powerful, but he didn’t expect his father to be this powerful. Top t

“What are you in such a hurry for?” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but ask. She’d practically dragged him away without so much as a discussion.Xue Mo said nothing. She simply looked at Ye Zichen. He could see the urgency in her eyes.“Alright, let’s go now.” In the face of her desp

Xue Mo had never seen a cell phone before, so she stared at it, her gaze brimming with curiosity.She looked it over, and when she saw the rapid-fire stream of messages….“What is this?”Ye Zichen licked his lips. His phone hadn’t reacted since ascending to the Divine Mountain

Xue Mo never would have guessed that Ye Zichen would get them into the palace in such a way. She stood there quietly and waited, but….“....” Save for when gentle breezes blew by, the River Styx didn’t so much as ripple.“Caw! Caw! Caw!” A flock of crows flew overhead and caw

He couldn’t do it? Those words slammed into Xue Mo’s heart like a hammer. All of her hope accumulated over the course of the journey instantly evaporated into nothingness.Her pretty little face paled, and her arms trembled. Her eyes started shimmering with unshed tears.Ye

There were still seals they’d yet to open?Ye Zichen furrowed his brows, a bit uncertain as to whether the emperor was telling the truth or not.But everything else Emperor Hades had said was true. If he really wanted to steal from Ye Zichen, there was nothing Ye Zichen could

t“The River Styx can stop the yao from crossing en masse, but if the demons want to invade, they have no such restrictions. Also, humans are smack dab in the middle of yao and demon territory. If a battle really starts, we’ll face attacks on both sides.”Su Yiyun sighed, the

No one present knew quite what to make of Emperor Hades’ words. Ye Zichen and Xue Mo looked at each other, and saw utter bewilderment in each others’ eyes.They were bros, nothing more. They hadn’t become lovers or anything like that.It seemed like Emperor Hades had overthou

How could it be him? Ye Zichen looked at the message from Taibai Jinxing. Countless memories rose unbidden to the forefront of his mind.He only entered the Heavenly Court’s chat group because Taibai Jinxing invited him in.Although Gu Zichen was influencing him from the sha

All the way on the Northwestern Divine Mountain, Taibai Jinxing stared at his cell phone in wide-eyed shock.Dozens of seconds passed before he clenched his phone and sent a video call request.A key fragment to the divine mausoleum!Ye Zichen’s Yao-Sealing Pagoda already came

The white-mustached elder forced a laugh. Ye Zichen, who’d been just on the verge of running away, laughed out loud and walked inside.“Great Immortal Taibai, long time no see. You’re looking just as good as ever.” He reached out and shook Taibai Jinxing’s hand.Taibai Jinxin

tWithout waiting for Taibai Jinxing to respond, Ye Zichen looked at him. “Do you know who Gu Li is?”After two rhetorical questions in a row, Taibai Jinxing paused. He was certain that these were no simple questions.Taibai Jinxing’s expression normalized, and his gaze grew s

“That’s only natural.” The “Minister of the Left” hurriedly put away the key fragment, and a hint of a smile flashed across his face. “When I get back, I’ll give the key fragment to his Excellency. Sky Sovereign Taibai, please stay on the alert for anything regarding the fr

Half a month later, Ye Zichen was returning to the River Styx once more. As soon as his foot entered the river water, he felt two presences lock onto him.Those sharp auras only lasted an instant, but it was enough for Ye Zichen to realize that the river’s defenses had becom

“Alright, we’ll use the bath then.” Chiharu said with a smile. “Uh, are you sure? Chiharu?” Maki asked, but Chiharu just pulled her into the room. The door closed quietly. After some time, the others could hear the sounds of running water. “What should we do,

After going to Plumbum from morning till afternoon, I went out to the city with Vanadium. At the terrace seat of the cafe on the street corner, I’m enjoying the sight in front while sipping coffee slowly. Rather than training.   Having the same precognition as Alice, but it’s fo

OLED panel technology was the technology with the best picture quality among all displays. Only Samsung had the technology of mass-produced OLED panels in the world, and OLED displays are praised as dream displays by some people.   Wait at the fifth stage of the black technology provided by

“Roger, have you heard? The empire dispatched a secret fleet. This time it’s about to launch a killing operation against that monster.”   On a street of Imperial Planet, a young man said to his companion. His companion, also a young man, wasn’t as optimistic as his friend.

“This… This attack power is completely different from before? What happened to this giant serpent? Did it grow further? Upgrade? Evolution?”   The Great Elder Murray looked at the image of the giant serpent with a look of shock. Since they met the great serpent, its power has gro

“What’s that sound, and why is there water here?” Several nearby immortals pricked up their ears.“What’s that sweet smell?” Standing close to Lu Yun, Zhang Shuo suddenly took a deep breath, a touch of mesmerization appearing on his face.“Beautiful… what beautiful colors...”

Ardis was surprised seeing the person. Long hair flowing down her back, and a pair of gentle looking eyes. The face that had no blemishes was no different from Nere’s face. 「Eh? 」 「Nere……? 」 Fillia and Riana behind Ardis had questions. The twins must be surprised too to see so

Eh? Angel-sama!? 」 One of the big trees standing in the forest in the foot of the mountain. There was a confused voice from above the trees. 「Who’s there? Prepare to get hit if you’re not coming out. 」 Ardis who demanded their identity created lumps of ice around himself. 「Wah, pleas

Western Kun’s Imperial Family (Part One) “In Emperor Kun’s imperial harem, there are in excess of 30 concubines with named titles, and there are in excess of ten princes on the genealogical record.” “As for princesses… there are even more.” Yin Shuo sat a

“Kill them! This King Kong Bull is ours!” “How dare you snatch our Magical Beasts? We should kill you for that!” “Kill!” Then, a chaotic fight broke out in the wide and spacious field. Two groups of contestants totaling more than a dozen people clashed fiercely. Swords waved about an