Chapter 241: Hope and Trust   There was a long silence that followed after I asked my question, and when she did speak, I expected a long and convoluted story of how she managed to get into the castle and save Tessia and my family.   Instead, she started off by saying something I didn&

Chapter 225.2- Plotted Against By The Relatives; An Attack At Midnight (11)The kids of the Tian’s, the boys were arrogant and full of themselves, and the girls felt inferior about themselves. Any way you look at it, they were an odd combination.“Greetings from Xiao Xiao, cousins!” Cheng Xiao Xiao gr

ch 231.2 – Plotted Against By The Relatives; An Attack At Midnight (17 & 18) Needless to say, everybody knew who it was when a hurricane-like scary air came down from above them.This time, it aimed not only at Cheng Biyuan and the lot, but everybody there!Experiencing the ruthless terror, everybody

Chapter 303 – Crazy Bidding; The Cheng’s Trump Cards (6)Before anyone said anything, the pleasantly-surprised Old Man Ying asked, “Miss, so were you able to bring him back? I want to see!”“See? See what?” Cheng Xiao Xiao waved her hand, “You still got work to do!”“Hehe, that’s small task. I will con

Chapter 304 – Crazy Bidding; The Cheng’s Trump Cards (7)Right at this moment, the woman in front of him gave him the illusion that he had finally met someone fitting his criteria.“Okay, this was our very first public sale. And, indeed, you were not able to bid on anything. We will make an exception

Chapter 1399: The Faction Concealed in the Shadows!Translated by: Hypersheep325Edited by: Michyrr "Master, be at ease. I'm still okay." Wang Chong waved his hand, trying to indicate that everything was fine, but the beads of cold sweat on his forehead said otherwise. The task of fighting the Righte

The ice inside the cave was extremely tough and filled with Profound Ice Essences. Even a full-force attack from a Giant couldn’t break it.Formless placed his finger on the ice layer and released a pulsing white light, causing the entire cave to shake as a result.Alas, a powerful chilling for

"You... "Looking up while her head was still on his shoulders, Lifen with a pitiful and regrettable smile said, "You can't.""But don't worry, I don't blame you for it. You have many duties

"Please stop.... It feels weird... "With her body twisting in different angles as she said so, Lifen couldn't even out how she was feeling right now in words.Every time Jian Shen's fingers

Chapter 316 Rejecting the Invite! The top pinned post was on Fang Qiu’s Weibo account was from the competition of the pulse of pregnancy.It had been there for several months.There were more than 50,000 comments on his post and more than 10,000 reposts.The number of comments and reposts had already s

Chapter 1399: He is a Dog/ Liu Family’s Liu HuameiTranslator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus TalesChapter 1573: He is a DogAfter checking Xu Xiaobin’s ID card and confirming that there was no problem, he glanced at Jing Xiaolu and her group’s license plate. After confirming that it was from Song Jiang,

Chapter 2318 – Sword Rises After Vast Lock declared his decision, Shadowless Empire’s 200-man team accelerated their advance toward the Purgatory Giant, completely ignoring Shi Feng and the others’ existence. “These people really don’t care about us at all.” Yan Tianxing could not help but shake his

Chapter 2319 – Tier 3? As if time had stopped, silence fell over the entire Cold Spring Forest. Whether it was the Dragonkin or Shadowless Empire’s members, they were all in a daze as they looked at the Dragonkin Warrior that had collapsed before the large tree. At this moment, not only was the Drag

Chapter 2320 – Level 100 Exploration Zero Wing’s members gradually advanced deeper into the Cold Spring Forest. As the map had never been explored by players before, the number of Dragonkin Zero Wing’s members encountered along their journey kept increasing; fortunately, the number of Dragonkin Warr

Kyoto's suburb.A group of swallows flew and the roars of wild animals repeatedly echoed over the vast expanse of a mountain range. The place was the Gene Camp as well as General Fukuda's stronghold. A cluster of ordinary barracks was built around the mountain with hundreds of thousands of troo

Tang Xiu could tell that Mine Takeno's patience had reached its limits after seeing his expression. The chance was high that the guy would storm over if he kept stimulating him. But the chief purpose of coming to this place was to lure a certain snake out of its hole and trap it like a turtle

Upon seeing that, those who followed Maldini Jr. were dumbfounded. They stood there frozen, unable to believe what they saw.Maldini Jr. had just saluted a young man from the Celestial Land. What was going on here?“Ah…”Suddenly, someone screamed in the hall. It turned out to be a man whose finger had

"This year's wheat crop is about 350 percent higher than last year. Some areas have tripled in size. It's all thanks to the three or four times of rain we had this summer."Rain on dry land was a blessing, and even on barren land, a lot of rain could make a huge difference.On top of more rain,

The Aleppo base was planned as a battalion-level base, more than enough to accommodate the people of the Kurdish mountain village.The livestock was handed over to the Syrian government forces stationed in Aleppo.It was to buy some time until all Kurds left for Kazakhstan.The purpose of the Kaz

The war in the Western Qin Empire naturally had little to do with Li Mu. That was not something an extra-terrestrial like him ought to be concerned about, for the circumstance Li Mu found himself in might seem wonderful but was actually not much better off than Lord Zhenxi.Qiu Yin, the disciple in c

The authority of a leader was regarded as a combination of factors, such as whether he was respected and loved by the people, his influence, and financial ability and so on.The Kazakh royal authority was mainly in people's respect.The Kurds, who migrated to the royal territory, believed that t

Chapter 822 [Title below]The following few days, the interior of Fengdu City can be said to be under martial law!Yin Messengers are flying everywhere searching for foreign people!Every one of the roaming ghost civilians in the city were interrogated and inspected!Liu Yi who is mingling in the slave

Chapter 823 [Title below]The voice came from one of the statues. Liu Yi immediately flies over and floats in front of the statue.“Little brother…who are you?”That voice carries a trace of vigilance like he is not at ease with Liu Yi.After all, these people were trapped here for over a thousand years

Chapter 824 [Title below]Huang Yixin had thought that after she left Sun Qingchen and followed Zheng Wuyin, she will be able to live a beautiful life.But she had never expected that Zheng Wuyin was only playing with her. After he had finished playing with her, he sold her to the rest of the managers

“Miss, eat slowly. I’ll be going now.”Wen He threw her chopsticks aside, “Get Huo Chen to send me my meal next time!”“…”Song Shou simply increased his pace and left.‘Hey, you hear me?!”Wen He roared but Song Shou had already disappeared. In her rage, she toppled over the thermos container.The next m

Chapter 720: You, Remember to Send Her Meals.Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationHuo Chen took out his military coat and sat on the sofa. He closed his eyes to rest.The auntie did not notice the glint of fatigue in his eyes. She went back to the kitchen while mu

Jiang Xinxin’s appearance was simple yet beautiful like a true goddess, petite in size, causing others to naturally like her. Moreover she was also talented, having attained the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign realm in less than a thousand years. Hailing from the Jianghuai Immortal World, she e

Yang Qi was very familiar with the power of hell. Thanks to cultivating the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, he was adept with the use of all sorts of godpowers and could easily summon hordes of fiend-devils. And here, the Regal Event Heaven had connected to the Hell of Bleached Bones by m

Kidnapping seemed to be a common theme in this world. It was the third time I'd encountered the tactic, and honestly, it was becoming tiresome. It had failed every time it had been attempte

The repercussions of Isolde's actions were immediate.All fighting stopped, those not targeted by the curse scurried to put as much distance between them and those affected as possible. I wa

Una and Irvin had disengaged from battle, once Isolde had acted. They were watching. Waiting. Testing to see how events would transpire.Inexorably their attention was drawn to the Elder ass

[Regional Announcement - Blayney has successfully challenged and defeated Herd Lord Haygan.][Herd Lord Blayney has been promoted from Knight to Lord and claimed the lands as part of his new

Lohne was adamantly opposed to our interference in what was in truth Duke A'Daoine's responsibilities. The dungeon and the Knockers were located within his territories. The Kelpie herd were

The ritual to accept a member as a retainer of a House was very similar to that when accepting a Vassal. Irvin was already in human form, so it was easy for him to kneel, bow his head, and

We skirted the edges of the lake until eventually encountering a tributary. To say it was a spring or creek would be disparaging. It was at least a small river, about a mile across as it em

As the process was repeated a few times, Bi An was finally able to grasp a hold on the way to open the seventh secret realm. He was able to maintain stability between the seventh secret realm and Six Paths Reincarnation, greatly minimizing the risk of opening it.With Bi An as a live example, the god

The 17,000 gods were flabbergasted as they all found the meeting a little too much for them to handle. A monarch openly claimed his intention to kill the Heavenly Monarch and take the queen as his wife!The renowned King Yi even tried to convince Mu Xiantian to act appropriately before Heavenly Monar

This new aura took a bit of mental fortitude and manipulation to get used too. I would believe I had mastered it enough to move, only to have it fizzle out and dissolve as soon as I tried,

Jiang Chen showed no surprise when An Kasyapa and his companions broached the matter of joining Veluriyam Palace.He’d gone out of his way to bring them to the human domain and let them stay for this long in the sect residences. Why for, if not to entice them with the sect’s benefits?These cultivato

The awakening came when the stats of his newly-upgraded equipment appeared in his mind. Snapping awake from his stupor, Bai Yunfei was plucked from the realm he had been in.“Phew…”He let out a long breath as he wiped the sweat off his head. It had only been a simple motion, but somehow Bai Yu