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Chapter 6: Texas is dominating! Texas goes on the attack!1   The next day, I welcomed the first rays of daybreak on Lemuria. Looks like there will be good weather today. After my morning routine, I got dressed and wore my head-dress in an unpracticed manner. Reflected in the mirror was the f

Chapter 1379: Looking Down Upon Lin Feng!   Edited by RED The top of Tu Ying Shan… Many people had gathered already. There was an ocean of people throughout the entire mountain range, an astonishing sight. There were millions and millions of people. What an incredible event!  W

Chapter 1380: The Talk of the Town!   Edited by RED “Please, Ancestor Nü,” said Kun Dao, showing Ancestor Nü and her people to their seats. “Welcome, Brother Bai Mu Xiao!” Kun Dao bowed hand over fist again when he saw Bai Mu Xiao. The latter was wearing hea

Chapter 1381: Appetizers   Edited by RED “Who the fuck do you think you are? Who allowed you to speak?” Dong Fang Yu Qing’s expression fell angrily. He was an Overlord, and Ancestor Tai’s nephew. He was an important person, and a Holy Godly Ancestor dared provoke him?

< Even If You Said to Rest (1) >   “Ahjussi.” My chest trembled weakly at the voice that rang heavily out. When a myth rank’s strength appeared, even the fear resistance didn’t have much of an effect. When I quickly turned off the Teacher skill, it became a litt

CHAPTER 292 (1): WAIT TILL YOU GROW UP Liu Yinyin took a step back, her crisp voice filled with disbelief as she pointed at Ning Lianchen. "I don't believe you; you’re a liar who has deceived me from the start! Now, you’re even saying that Daddy is gone! Daddy was sent to a rur

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 383 Part 1 – Corpse Head Artillery Shell Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301 As soon as the maid girl woke up, Yu Shi Ran suddenly started trembling from head to toe. Ling Mo sensed a feeling of happiness coming from Hei Si through thei

492 – Conquering the West Sea State When Akagi Ja’s power was sealed, his body shrank, and he reverted back into his human form. He spoke with a bitter smile: “Sir Yang Feng, you’re really strong. I’m convinced. Heed my command, everyone stop resisting and surrender on

Zhu Jianhua, Lin Hao, and others quickly forgot about the “Cleanliness” of Su Jing and Shi Qing and did not ask again. After a few discussions, they went to the entertainment park to play and Wang Yan also went there but it seemed that she intentionally avoided Su Jing and joined a few g

Although Golden Eagle intentionally reduced the speed to make it easier for Su Jing and Shi Qing to feel romantic, it only took more than half an hour to arrive at Qingyun Town. In the morning of the next day, Su Jing was woken up by a buzzing sound. When he opened his eyes, he saw a group of honey

Su Jing, Shi Qing, Zhu Jianhua, Lin Hao, and others left together. Wang Yan and the intellectual women also walked away together. At that section of construction, Su Jing still took off his coat to cover Shi Qing, and the boys all did the same, covering up their girlfriends or girls. Everyone quick

Wei Ying wasn’t surprised; she just asked her, “Did anyone ask you to sign for a company?” Fang Yuan’s mood stabilized, and she nodded and said, “Yes. Xu Jianghuai’s agent wants to sign me as a trainee. But he said that after signing the contract, I must be admit

The 33 years old Tang Yu, looked at the little girl for a while and asked her, “Why do you insist on protecting the environment?” “I’m happy,” Wei Ying retracted her eyes looking out the window, and glanced at Tang Yu, “Isn’t it good to be environmentally fr

203. Pandemonium 2 “How’s it going?” (Mitsuha) “Yes, all of the incoming stocks have been reserved. And we have declined orders form 12 names on the list. We, more or less, took orders as much as we can, but some of them are obviously suspicious” (?) Yeah, it’s

Day 68 - 12:32 PM - Recreation Area, Maryhill Retreat House, Ortigas Avenue Extension, Dolores, Taytay, RizalMark and his group already finished eating launch. At first, many of them felt awkward about relaxing like this amidst the end of the world. Nevertheless, as the atmosphere got into the

Chapter 1002: Perplexed and Smitten (62)“Where do you live?”“Block C.”“Which block is the two-bedroom apartment you mentioned to me in?”“The same one as mine.”“Such a coincidence. On which floor do you live?” Fang Erlan asked.“The sixth, unit 601.”“What about the one we’re viewing now?”“Opposite min

Chapter 1001: Perplexed and Smitten (61)“No, you died on the very same day that all living beings in the Prince’s residence were killed. You jumped to your death from the balcony of the palace.”“What…” An Xiaoning was at a momentary loss for words.He sighed and said, “I really don’t know if you two

Chapter 1003: Perplexed and Smitten (63)At about ten o’clock in the morning, An Xiaoning parked her red Ferrari in the carpark of the Jin Corporation office building. She alighted and walked into the building with her bag in hand.After passing through the glass turnstile, she was spotted by the secu

“Ye Jue, I know you are capable. But if you dare to bully Little Wu Xie in the future, I will make sure you pay for it!” Jun Gu took a deep breath and looked at Jun Wu Yao sternly. .Jun Wu Yao didn’t have a smile on his face and looked at Jun Gu seriously: “Please rest assured that I will not break

In fact, Jun Gu and Han Zi Fei’s considerations were right. Their status in the Upper Realms were almost incomparable. If they could join forces, Jun Wu Xie’s actions in the Upper Realm would be much smoother.Jun Wu Xie knew in her heart that she had just found her parents. Subconsciously, she knew

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly, and then his eyes moved away from Duan Qi.“Then I think, I have made my choice.”When Jun Wu Xie said this, her eyes passed over Han Shu, who was standing in front of her, intentionally or unintentionally. Even the slightest glance had made Han Shu almost want to scream.Ju

 After Han Shu was questioned by Jun Wu Xie, she was at a loss. She didn’t know what was inappropriate. Her instinct made her stand up to stop this. It was almost subconsciously that Han Shu turned to Duan Qi for help .Duan Qi unconsciously frowned her brows. To be honest, whoever Jun Wu Xie had cho

When Jun Wu Xie spoke, the whole banquet suddenly fell into silence . Everyone’s eyes were incredibly focused on Yan Xi, and those eyes were full of surprise and shock.How could it be her?No one expected that the person that Jun Wu Xie finally selected was actually Yan Xi whom Duan Qi used to make u

Jun Wu Xie raised her hand to block Yan Xi’s way. For a moment, everyone present was shocked.Han Shu was even more anxious. Seeing Yan Xi was about to get out of the way, how could Jun Wu Xie stop her from leaving?Yan Xi was equally surprised. When she looked up at Jun Wu Xie, she saw a pair of extr

In this harmonious fun, everyone felt relaxed after getting tensed up for a long time. Being Jun Gu and Han Zi Fei’s daughter, there was no room to play. All night, Jun Gu and Han Zi Fei were occupied by Qiao Chu. Qiao Chu had been calling them like his own parents till their hearts melted.Jun Wu Xi

The sudden embrace of Jun Wu Xie and the warm words of affection spoken made Qiao Chu and others a little shocked. However, very quickly, their facial expressions changed from shock to smiles. At least, they had this group of friends. Even if it’s the end of the world, they would not abandon one ano

In the early morning of the second day, Jun Wu Xie woke up from her happiness. Yesterday, she had asked Han Zi Fei about the Holy Land before she left.As far as Han Zi Fei’s understanding of the Holy Land was concerned, the Holy Land was of great help to Jun Wu Xie’s spiritual power. The person resi

No one in the Upper Realms knows the type of future that the strength of the Dual Spirit Ring would bring. When Elder Luo heard about this young man and Dual Spirit Ring, she changed drastically.“It turned out to be a strong young man.” Elder Luo’s enchanted face raised a smile, and her look at Jun

Looking at the entire Holy Mountain, the most suitable place to cultivate psychic force is the Holy Place, where only a few special personnel of the Sacred Maiden Tribe were eligible to enter. Elder Yun’s praise of the Holy Land was endless. Jun Wu Xie’s ears were fully grown of callus. She could on

Jun Wu Xie glanced at Elder Luo and said nothing.Elder Yun, however, was satisfied with Jun Wu Xie’s answer.The main purpose of inviting Jun Wu Xie was to conceive the next generation with one of the tribe’s women. After Yan Xi caught Jun Wu Xie’s eye, Elder Yun naturally hoped that Jun Wu Xie could

Chapter 1026: First Cry of a Young Talent Pei Zhenyuan felt ashamed too. Although this girl was an orphan, she was still representing the Pei family on stage! Pei Jingyu and Pei Jingshan exchanged glances. Their expression revealed subtle joy—the more this little beggar threw her face, the happier t

Chapter 1027: A Complacent Kitten Many waiters were already carrying flowers and heading toward the Pei family’s seats. Pei Jingshan smiled and said to Pei Jingyu, “Sister Jingyu, it looks like this year’s Midsummer Lady is none other than you. So many people are heading towards our seat, more than

“What?” The angrier she was, the happier Xia Ling became. “Am I wrong?” She was so happy she was almost humming. She hugged onto the bouquet of blue roses and looked around her, fondling it admiringly. Another waiter came to give a flower. This time, it was for Pei Jingshan. Pei Jingyu took this mom

Especially Pei Jingyu and Pei Jingshan. They sat on their seats as if sitting on pins and needles. The whole audience was focusing their attention on them as if mocking them for their failure. Forget about the other noble ladies, they could just excuse their failure as “their family not being as pow

Xia Ling was already feeling frustrated. Her frustration only increased as she listened to the whispers of the guests. She accidentally stepped on Pei Ziheng’s feet a few more times. Pei Ziheng could sense that she was nervous and whispered to her softly so nobody else could hear, “Ignore them.” She

Explosions rocked the land as all of Xuantian City exploded. Countless fragments and dust devoured the place Han Zhenyu and the others had been.“BASTARDS!” Han Zhenyu, the horned expert, and the bird man roared at the same time. This sudden attack had come without any warning. Although they h

Long Chen’s Star Fall instantly smashed through the outer runic layers of the lotus. That seemingly exceptionally sturdy defense didn’t have the slightest use.Star Fall then struck the actual lotus. A huge hole appeared in it and Star Fall continued toward its core.BOOM! The huge lotus explod

Volume 9: Friend, Have you Bought Insurance?In the fifth class in the second grade of Zhi Xin High School, the mathematics teacher was explaining the multiplication of fractions with a common denominator at the front of the class. Some of the students were sleeping, some secretly ate some potato ch

"I really can't wait for that thing Ashley and Scarlet invited us to after dinner." Daisy smiled as we made our way to the main hall for dinner."You did quite well today Emilia!!!" Helen sm

Chapter 1552: Earth Devil! (II)Translated by: Hypersheep325Edited by: Michyrr "Careful!" A large boulder was hurtling toward the Origin Immortal Chief's position, and Wang Chong immediately shot forward, leaving a trail of afterimages in his wake. He grabbed the Origin Immortal Chief while at the s