The dark cyclone smashed against Erza's Time Barrier, sweeping her away along with it. In an instant, she had already been swept several kilometres away… and the shattering spatial distortion continued for several kilometres as well. A pitch-black streak of darkness st

Chapter 1420 – Overwhelming Power The tall and mighty Frostflame Cheetah’s appearance stupefied everyone in the arena. “What? Aren’t Magic Scrolls banned? How did she summon such a powerful monster?” “That’s not right. The system should’ve imposed the correct restrictions on the stage. She must

Walking along the Imperial City's expansive streets, Erza observed the surrounding shops as she strolled along in a leisurely manner. This was her first time going back to the city within the past few months.After the incident, Erza only went back home once and spent t

"Young Master…?" The guards inquired."I have nothing else for you to do at the moment, retreat." Heartless Young Prince waved the guard away. "Yes, Young Master!" replied the guard as he bowed, then left the room.At the same time in private room number four, the restau

Erza and Qi Long finally had their first date in the city. They strolled around the streets and tried some snacks along their way. When they passed by a jewellery store, Qi Long decided to buy for her a beautiful bracelet made from jade. At first, Erza politely refused

"Then who?""It's not the time yet for you to know.""Really?? I don't even have the right to know who is my birth mother?! It's not like I will shout out loud for all the people of the empire to know. I could even swear a blood oath if Your Majesty deems it necessary!"

Chapter 1421 – Dragon’s Graveyard As Zhao Yueru descended from the stage, the waiting participants instinctively stepped aside, opening a path for her. They had heard that she had killed a Dark Player twice after some Dark Guild had provoked her, dealing a heavy blow to the Guild. While experts

The red flash tore through the sky as it drew the essences from heaven and earth. That kind of aura was exceptionally terrifying.When that red flash appeared on the edges of the horizon, everyone in the camp noticed it. Immediately, numerous gazes of amazement were cas

A destructive like energy spread out from the spot where the old tomb had been. At this moment, waves of ripples surfaced in the empty air. The ripples spread and passed through the towering peak of a mountain in the clouds not far away. The peak of the mountain sudden

The two quickly arrived at the entrance of the old tomb which was like a cave. The interior was extremely humid and wet. Ling Tian lit a fire, and looked for some dry hay to spread on the ground. He apologised to Erza, "Sorry, this might be a bit of an inconvenience fo

"Give me a reason to say yes." Ling Tian did not accept nor refuse her offer straight away."First of all, I'm sure you are not someone from the direct line of Ling Clan. Being one of survivors from that explosion, you will surely get a lot of questions and some people

Chapter 1422 – Forbidden Land’s Treasure “What’s going on?” “Has Yan Tianxing lost his mind?” “If I recall correctly, Stone Forest Town has a relatively effective Battle Arena. Some of the top ranking participants in the previous competition had gone there as well. But what’s so good about the t

Erza stared solemnly at that mysterious symbol and trying to find more clues about it. Standing further at back, there was no movement coming from Ling Tian. He seemed to be asleep, but Erza knew that he was still trapped in that illusion world."What should we do next?

In the quiet starry space, Erza calmly stared at the HOPE symbol in front of her. She could feel the profound aura radiating from the symbol.Even though it was not too apparent, Erza was very happy that she finally left the dark world. That endless darkness was truly h

"Not bad… It's a pity that I would not be able to see you as you walk down this path of yours…""Good luck, child…" Chasiel's voice was disappearing."Rest well… Master."*BOOM!*The starry sky disappeared and Erza was now back at the cave."Quick, leave!" Ash's voice sudde

Black Snow Royal Academy's Main Gate.At this moment, there seemed to be a sea of humans present here, with a stretch of black covering the grounds, extending endlessly towards the horizon. The noise and chatter resounding from within perfused throughout the surrounding

Erza then briefly explained what happened during her journey until the time the explosion occurred.Her friends were dumbfounded when they heard that she was barely able to survive from the explosion thanks to her sword spirit's early warning and her Time ability. She w

After that, Erza continued to travel with the mercenary group and chatted with them. Erza and the group of mercenaries subconsciously grew closer together while at the same time Erza had learned a thing or two about the group.This group of mercenaries was called the Bi

Seeing the large humanoid beast, Moses' face became priceless, and the furrow of his brows loosened significantly as well.A warbeast, as the name implied, existed to fight. Not only were their physical defences terrifyingly strong, but their strength was unparalleled a

Seeing the downed warbeast, every single of the Big Boys' faces instantly grew lifeless. At this moment, every single movement had stopped as if everyone had frozen. Their eyes were stuck on the warbeast whose head was bleeding profusely with looks of extreme disbelief

Erza slowly walked through the large streets. She was taking her time, looking for an inn and a restaurant. Interestingly, she felt that the atmosphere in the city was rather tense as if some big event was about to happen soon.She then walked into a restaurant where pe

With a sword pointing straight at his throat, the mercenary did not dare to try and put up a courageous face. Without hesitation, he took her to the headquarters of the Rage Mercenaries with a look of alarm.Erza and the mercenary walked out of the restaurant, but withi

Without wasting any time, Erza's figure went into motion as she flew toward the remaining dozen people. The black sword effortlessly stabbed into the throats of two of the men, claiming the lives of two Late Knights with ease.Erza did not have any intentions of letting

This large sound stunned everyone. However, they quickly regained their bearings and their expressions grew dark. No one present was a mediocre person and had a decent sense of hearing. Just from hearing the door break into pieces, they knew that someone had forcefully

The armoured man walked forward before stopping in between Erza and Abraham. With a small smile to Erza, he said, "Young Lady, could your grievances with the Collin Clan be resolved with a small talk? If there is a possibility of making a big problem turn into no probl

With her body surrounded with black lightnings, Erza's foot stomped across the ground and she gracefully dancing with her sword, parrying and dodging most of the attacks. Few managed to land on her, but they merely left small cuts and bruises. She had fully entered her

"I see…" Erza was a bit startled when she heard his words. She soon remembered that in that samsara life, there was a rumour saying that Rage Guild had a close relationship with Glacier Family. Presumably, Vanessa's mother was someone from Glacier Family."Younger siste

Of course, if they continued to be pig-headed and refuse to surrender, then Erza would kill them without hesitation. After all, there was a chance that they had seen the change in her eyes during her fight with Abraham.Seeing the seven men in front of her were in deep

Afterward, Erza took the large group of people and left the Naga Clan's courtyard. The matter regarding the Naga Clan could be said to have met a spectacular ending.The news of the fight quickly made its way around Mirage City and shocked the people to their cores. Thi

The invitation of Mirage City's lord was something that Erza could not reject. Moreover, after spending some time with Caesar in this past few days, she started to have good impression on the man. He was truly a good city lord who thought about his people."Commander Ar

"Oh no, things are getting worse now that a Peak Level Beast King was seen." Caesar spoke with a hardened face. His eyebrows furrowed together in thought before finally muttering, "No, this won't do. Our Mirage City is too weak to defend against the attack of a Peak Le

Erza's sword in its regular speed could make a Mid King flustered in three moves, and then bring them to a standstill in five moves. If she were to go all out, then as proven before, even a Mid King would be killed. Currently, right in front of her were only men at the

Erza did not care for their opinions or reactions as she waved her hand, "Go ahead and split for now. Carefully improve your own strength so that your chances of surviving the beast wave invasion will be increased."Afterwards, Erza walked to a different courtyard that

The walls of Mirage City were that of the same standards of the walls in a big city, just a grade lower compared to the walls of Black Snow Imperial City. They were forty meters tall and twenty meters thick.On top of the walls, there were all sorts of soldiers of vario

When Erza's eyes hovered over the two envoys, Leo suddenly felt that he was being stared at. Turning to look at her, he had a kind smile on his face as usual, "Erna, come here and let's have a talk, shall we?"Although being a hundred meters apart and a noisy crowd divi

"Prepare the crossbows!" Caesar barked out another command.Immediately, a series of holes spanning a foot wide opened up within the walls, and upon further observation, there were about a hundred of them.Then one by one, strong looking men began to prepare the crossbow

On the wall, the Magical Cannons continued to fire at anything within their four kilometres range, causing the ground below to have many holes. The soldiers in charge of recharging the cannons hurriedly scrambled about grabbing Apprentice Level Beast Cores from the dep

Immediately, the giant bear let out a painful shriek before it moved away from the King Realm expert to slap Erza.Erza pulled out her sword and increased the amount of power covering the blade. The power of Lightning, Darkness, and Hope mixed together as the sword move

 Chapter 193 - Filled With Doubts (6) At a table in the middle of the restaurant, a rusticly dressed woman stood with one hand on her waist, and one hand pointing at the waiter’s head. She looked exactly like a moving teapot. “Fu Bainian, you fancy a woman of that calibre? I didn&

Han Yi Sect, Jie Xiu!   Ning Fan decided to keep the act of his other identity, ‘Old Ancestor Zhou Ming’. He already exposed himself after offending Yun Kuang… Plus, his feat in Wei Country was so well-known that it spread until the borders of Great Jin. As such, it was ne