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“Although this fellow looks ugly, it’s quite a pain in the ass!” Sharaz stabilized herself. She could not help but begin to take Kesolo seriously.Although Kesolo’s green light did not deal a lot of damage to Sharaz, it clearly proved that it was difficult for Sharaz to attack it in stealth mode as i

When insulted by Kesolo, Soulcutter’s Spirit was speechless. He had surrendered to Jiang Fei previously because he mistook Jiang Fei for a High Celestial. However, after the contract was signed, he realized that he had fallen for Jiang Fei’s trap. Jiang Fei was actually weaker than he thought.Howeve

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit Chapter 99 - And now, someone was treasuring that grit as if it was a diamond while the pearl was tossed away like it was trash. How satisfying! (1) The guests didn't know why the bride had suddenly change

The Hunt Begins Translator: Masakibluei     Erin: “Using magic trap is useless. It’s a different story if you pour a huge amount of magical power into the trap. Supposing that you only put a small amount of magical power, it will only gather the monsters around. “ &

Xia Liang stood there with her head hanging down. She didn’t panic nor cry. She was incredibly calm, unlike other ladies raised in rich and powerful families. Baili Jue didn’t deny that, apart from sexually attraction he had for her, he was attracted by her calmness and passion. She was

  Chapter 461: The new wind, adding crime (Part 1) Xiao Tianyao didn’t reply to Lin Chujiu, he put the Luban lock pillars together with the letter. He put the matter aside and only wrote an order to Su Cha. He wanted him to ask some skilled craftsmen to see if he could use the principle

When Shen Qingchuo saw the people who were approaching, her small face immediately showed unconcealed hatred, “What are you doing here? The hall is so big, won’t you go elsewhere? You’re not welcome here!” The leading teenager seemed to know Shen Qingchuo’s character.

However, He Xi, who should have been unknown to the public, had become the focus of attention in this banquet. Not only because of her reversal in the hall or her close relationship with the Qingxia Sect made them admired her, but also because of the medical skills and methods displayed by the teen

However, He Xi knew that Ouyang Haoxuan had completely changed his disposition after experiencing major changes when she saw his eyes. Although he was smiling, his smile was never fully genuine. He was modest and respectful while socializing with other martial artists, but he always kept his distan

“Low rank martial artists can cross the restriction barriers to challenge the high rank magical beast areas. However, the strengths of high rank martial artists will be greatly weakened by the array once they cross the restriction barrier into the low rank magical beast areas; they can’t

Facing immortal enemies, Sog and Tag had exhausted more than half of its strength. After hearing Chen Rui’s words, they launched their fiercest attack without hesitation. Under that joint fierce attack, they destroyed the spirit-devouring demonic flies once again. At the moment when the demon

Chapter 141: Inner Stomach [Irina]     A few days after the great invasion began. Dianne continued to investigate skillfully using Laila’s wings and I accompany them as Maia’s commander, but we see Laila and Dianne on the way off and crush monsters appropriately before we re

With such a big difference, how could they feel comfortable in their hearts?On this side, Lu Man and her fans did not know that they had caused the other fans to be upset. Lu Man’s videocall to Ji Cheng had managed to go through.From the screen, Ji Cheng seemed to be at home.“Lu Man?” Ji Cheng said,

This damn old fellow is already getting satisfied after being praised a little bit? Did you think that this kind of opportunity is easy for this daddy to meet? How can you stop just because you want to? Truly unbearable!Unable to bear the anger and unable to absorb the energy, it naturally began to

“Yup, it’s me!”Wang Yu was not a pretentious person so he straightforwardly admitted.“Good!” Esther’s eyes looked ice-cold as she lifted the huge sword in her hand and landed it on Wang Yu’s shoulder.“Brother Bull, be careful…”Little Bookworm was shocked at what happened and let out a scream. On the

Chapter 1682: The Hesitating BirdFang Wudi jumped up to the sky and spat out some purple-gold blood three times in a row. Suddenly, he became a flow of dark wind and disappeared. His voice echoed in the sky,“Ye Xiao, when I am fully recovered, I will return what you did to me! No matter where you go

Chapter 1681: Severe Injury! Too LateThe fake Stars Sword, which exploded… Since Ye Xiao arrived in the Human Realm Upon Heavens, he had collected a lot of fine materials from the weapons on the ancient battlefield. Almost everybody in the Monarch’s Hall had a divine weapon in superior-grade. It was

Chapter 2113  Formation LooseningIn this twisted space, Mang Qiugu didn’t know where this twisted sword rune was going to land. He couldn’t dodge at all, he could only release his Sen Luo ring.Ring shadows smashed out wanting to block the fall of the sword rune.Crack crack. Countless ring shadows we

Suyi would certainly return to the Mu family. However, she had something more important to do now. “Suyi, stop messing around. I am patient and sincere enough. Previously, you left the Mu family because I took a concubine. Now, you don’t want me to get Nan Xian a wife. Suyi, you truly think I would

“Taking a concubine is not the same as taking a first wife. The old master’s consent is not required for taking a concubine. However, the first wife must be arranged by the parents.” Mu Ling’s face slightly darkened. “Hearing your words, I feel like I am not Nan Xian’s parent. Since Nan Xian’s marri

Chapter 2103  Entering the Firmamen“Everything else after that is pretty much the same as what you know. Despite the tremendous strength wielded by the Spirit God, she was still unable to withstand the pressure coming from the dimension barrier, resulting in her sustaining severe injuries. Her blood

Mu Ziyu’s eyes were full of affection. Although he was usually like this, it was especially obvious today. While Qian Shuishui was daydreaming, Mu Ziyu was still looking at Shui Shui gently. “Shui Shui, have a cup of Lemon Green tea. ” Shui Shui took it and drank it silently. “Zhi An, tomorr

Jiang Yuan didn’t know that his son was so motivated that he was ready to go all out. Later on, when he saw his son studying diligently, he thought that his son had been enlightened and didn’t know that he had a goal. Shui Shui also had her final exams. After that, she began to prepare to go abroad.

She did not explain the professor’s gaze. There was nothing to explain. The two of them were in love and she knew Mu Ziyu well. Mu Ziyu would definitely arrive early. She greeted some familiar people and left. When she arrived at the school gate, she saw Mu Ziyu. As expected, he would arrive ear

“when the time comes, you can learn sword dance. Teacher will get a friend to teach you a complete sword dance and treat it as a form of self-cultivation. What do you think? Furthermore, this is also a traditional talent. You might be able to use it in the future. ” He felt that there were many tale

After deliberating for a moment, Yan Liqiang firmly shook his head. “Although Solo Cloud will be helpful, this is not the time to look for them or Situ Feixing!”“Ah, why not?” Fu Changde asked.“Didn’t Master Chang mention that Situ Feixing is very arrogant? My opponent is a cavalry of a mere thousan

Chapter 59: Niu Er the Ferocious Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “Uncle, catch!” A clear, soft voice came from nearby. It was Ye Rou. Worried that Ye Zhantian could not hang on any longer, she tossed her jade to him with her right hand. With much effort, Ye

Chapter 60: The God of War! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation With two rank nine combatants on the enemy’s side, the Ye Clan was at a complete disadvantage! Ye Chen could have managed a top rank eight combatant with little effort but he was far from capable of

Chapter 61: The Aftermath Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation A group of clan members hurried to rescue the injured. Words could not describe the anguish and sorrow that they experienced at their men’s deaths. Some were even crying at the top of their lungs. Ye

Chapter 62: An Opportune Moment Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “From the Yun Castle.” Ye Chen beamed. He took out a few more books from his sleeves. “Here, Grandpa. These are manuals of Concentrated Celestial Construct, Chi-Construct Heavenly Strike, and Tr

Chapter 63: Fury of Shattering Earth Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation The rest of the members looked down. In the clan, Ye Changxuan’s words were final. “The moment you lots walked in, you’ve been arguing non-stop to the point where even I forgot what I wante

Chapter 64: Scarlet Sky Tiger Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Ye Chen stood up feeling all refreshed. He turned to look at Little Tanuki. Its shimmering eyes were staring back into him in the night. “Coo coo.” Little Tanuki waved its cute little claws. “You

Chapter 65: Stormphantom Panther Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Little Tanuki’s pointy ears twitched. It seemed like it was trying to say something. Ah. Ye Chen understood the message. He split a portion of his Celestial Body into Psyche and inserted it int

Chapter 66: Docile Beasts? Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “Where’s Little Chen?” The people had realized that Ye Chen was not around. The bells had rang for long enough, yet Ye Chen was nowhere to be found. As the elder chief, that was a big no-no. Ye Chang

Chapter 68: A Beautiful Sight Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Ye Zhantian was delighted too. With two more additions to the mid-rank nine team, the Ye Clan had a total of five rank nine combatants now. If one considered Ye Chen a mid-rank nine combatant, the

Chapter 191: Demon! Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation After the youth’s tung had been ripped out by Ye Feng, he then began spitting out mouthfuls of blood. He then trembled in pain as his face filled with fear! He never imagined that Ye Feng would dare to attack him

Chapter 192: Is It Very Cool? Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation In the playground under the willow tree. The heavy wind began to roar as the sky became covered with dense demonic qi! The black demonic qi was gloomy and evil! In the blink of an eye, a demon’s face ha

Chapter 193: A Lecher! In Class 2, senior 1, a bald teacher was giving a lesson whilst frothing at his mouth! Each of the students in the class was half asleep. Right then, a sonic boom blasted throughout the school! The door of the classroom was broken into pieces with a bang as a flashed in! Being

Chapter 194: The Night of Revenge! Another day passed by. It was the third day since Ye Feng had declared he would sweep over Xiangjiang City! The entire martial arts circle in Xiangjiang City had been preparing for the attack. Many fighters believed that Xiangjiang was about to enter its heyday wit

Chapter 544: The Consequence Of Wei Wei’s InitiativeHelian Wei Wei did not notice the sly grin hidden beneath the curved edge of his mouth.His robe fell off his shoulders as they went into the Yab-Yum process. When Helian Wei Wei finally leaned forward jerkily, he, on the other hand, felt his streng