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Heavenly Court battlefield.“You finally woke up!” Qin Ding Ling looked at Fairy Zi Wei who was slowly opening her eyes, she let out a breath of air.“I…” Fairy Zi Wei was a little dazed but she soon regained her senses: “How is the battle situation now?”“The situation is not good!” Qin Ding Ling said

The transportation formation’s self-detonation shook all the surroundings as Heavenly Court’s battlefield froze for a moment.Next, Northern Plains’ immortals erupted with cheers and caused a huge commotion.“Zi Wei!” Qin Ding Ling turned pale with shock as she turned into a flash of light, saving Fai

Chapter 1481, Wearing Out Iron Shoes While Seeking One’s FeetThis was actually a precious Dragon Flame Purple Marrow Pill! Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling excited once more.This Dragon Flame Purple Marrow Pill was an Origin King Grade Low-Rank Spirit Pill, and the materials needed to refine it were n

“It’s not like I’ll turn into Queen Elizabeth if you love me,” Pudding responded with disdain.“Handsome Su, they’re all bad people who won’t lend me money… I only have you now.” Little Bean turned her attention back to Su Yu.“Okay, good girl, don’t look so sad. I’ll lend you however much you want, I

“Aren’t we supposed to be sisters, why are you so heartless!”“Don’t put those moves on me, they won’t work,” Pudding said as she played with her phone.“Sis, you’re so rich, can you lend me some money?”“No.”“But if you don’t lend me any money, I won’t be able to buy Mommy a birthday present.”“You don

“I don’t have the guts to threaten you, I just want to make friends with that pretty woman,” Han Yueyao said calmly as she played her game.Furious, Su Yu burst out in laughter. “You’re the most shameless woman I’ve ever met.”“Thank you for the compliment, I will continue to thrive.”“If you keep acti

His gaze was firm and mysterious. He remained silent and no one knew what he was thinking. Xu Zhiyuan had no choice but to stay by his side. Luo Anning stayed in the yard for a long time before finding the courage to step out. The guards opened the door and she saw Rong Yan who was waiting f

Yan Qingsi’s mood was unaffected and nodded, “Yes, I came over because there was nothing I could help out with, in there.” “Your body has not recovered yet. You should be resting instead of moving about. Little girl, don’t keep going into the kitchen. You should go to the shopping complex and bu

Chapter 535 The Anjing House declares warOther than a few underworld mob bosses getting into fights inside Stronghold 73, it seemed like nothing else was really happening. Meanwhile, the Anjing House kept sending out texts to stir up the situation every day. However, the Pyro Company had still not f

“sister-in-law, you didn’t call just to test the military, did you? ” Hei Qingqing raised her eyebrows. “OF COURSE NOT! ” “I asked your brother to help you check. Doctor Mu had a girlfriend before, but they broke up a year ago. I asked your brother to help me check the reason, and it seems that

“Yiyi, Xiao Shun doesn’t even care about Mommy. I’m so sad. ” Lu Yuxi pretended to be sad and shed tears. When the little guys saw their mother like this, they were naturally worried. They hurriedly handed the toy in their other hand to Lu Yuxi. Looking at the two little guys like this, it w

“Sigh, to be honest, if I wasn’t married, I would definitely be the maid of honor this time, ” Yang Ran said regretfully. In City A, there was a tradition that people who were married could never be the maid of honor. That was why Xiao ran felt it was a pity. “that may not be the case. Just

After taking a shower, Lu Yuxi lay quietly on hei BU’s lap while Hei Bu looked at the documents seriously. “What did I say I was going to do? Why can’t I remember? ” Recently, she was getting more and more confused and couldn’t remember what she wanted to do. “You said that you wanted to cal

“Lin Hang, Xiaoxiao’s your friend. You shouldn’t have been so mean to her.”“So what was I supposed to do? Let her rape me?”“Haha, she would never rape you! She was just kidding around, don’t be angry.”“This isn’t something to joke about. I don’t understand why you can laugh about it,” Lin Hang said

“Do I have to get in?” Han Yueyao asked with a pout.“What do you think?” Su Yu glared at her.Finally, Han Yueyao had no choice but to get in. Once she sat down, she discreetly sent Su Xiaoxiao a message telling her that she was with Su Yu, and that she should be careful.Feeling awkward for the 100th

Chapter 835: Eternal Star Fire!In Wang Baole’s opinion, the Black Earth Star Refinement Art was an incredible refinement art. Even with his current level of refinement competency, he was barely able to understand the first chapter of this extraordinary refinement art.The refinement art consisted of

Xia Lei spent the whole day sorting through the information he got from Jack and Lockheed Martin. With all the hours placed into it, he was barely a quarter done. This was already a relatively decent speed. If it were to be someone else, their progress would be less than one per cent. Sadly, there w

Chapter 870: Not so Good-LookingXia Ruoxin placed her hands on her knees. It had been a month; it had really been a month. She actually did not walk out of the door in such a long time and did not see the sky outside.When the sunlight from outside shone on her body, she felt as if her body started t

485 Going to Mount Laojun AgainHowever, before he could finish drawing the runes, the paper tore apart. It could not withstand the corrosion from the Essence Energy.After drawing this talisman, Zhou Wen’s Essence Energy was nearly depleted. The Substitute Talisman consumed too much Essence Energy.Ho