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"But I can't do it. That boy is a Demon Ranker now. If I kill him for petty reasons like revenge, all the Elders and Grand Elders will move against me. We can't kill him secretly either since no one would be stupid enough to not doubt me. I don't want our sect to go through a civil war," she f

The array enveloping the first floor of Solus's tower was something they had developed in case Lith managed to find a mana geyser while being on the brink of death.It allowed Solus to harness the energy of the mana geyser to heal all kinds of wounds almost instantly and to share part of her li

"There's no need. Do you remember the mana crystals I left in the tea room and the promise I made to your sister?" Lith asked.Kamila nodded, yet she wasn't reassured by his words. Lith was too serious, he was clearly hiding something from her."I kept my word. I used the array to know when she

"How do you think I can possibly be?" Trion stood up abruptly, flipping his chair."This isn't my house anymore! You got rid of my room as if it was trash yet you kept Lith's intact. Everything here stinks of him. Your rings, your clothes, even him!" He said while pointing at Aran, making him c

"I couldn't, he was too scary. Even after he left, it took me hours to recover." Vylna said.At those words, Fallmug slapped her so hard that she was sent slamming against the nearest wall. Her head started to spin due to the slap and the impact."Enough of your excuses! With all the money I was

Leon glanced Elder Evergreen with a pleasant surprise at the news but realized the elder did not have the same expression. Instead, a blank one hung on his face. He smiled wryly, remembering that Elder Evergreen had yet to learn the Gaian language and didn't understand what the palace guard ha

Now that the charm spell had been broken on the house, they looked at the dark silhouette of the house that stood lonely when there were people in there. Penny had heard and read of how there were some houses that were told to have a soul of their own. As if they were breathing and alive and w

Music recommendation: Keosz - Be Left to Oneself.The creepers around her legs and hands didn't stop but tightened that was squeezing her limbs right now making her flinch in pain. Piers saw the black witch jump out of the broken window and he quickly made his way towards the lady. Putting the

Robarte took a seat in front of her, the smile that looked kind could have fooled any person who met him for the first time. Pushing his glasses up his nose, he asked, "You told you wanted to talk to me," he said diving into the topic.Penny nodded her head, placing the glass next to her on the

ricklesDamien didn't care what Grace did unless it had something to do with the family. He often ignored her tantrums and dramas, playing along but to hear the girl was dead was going to be difficult when it came to breaking the news to his family. He wondered what she had been doing all this

Penny and Piers finally stopped running when they crossed over the hallways which they supposed it was as it was longer than they had expected it to be. With their heart hammering in their chest, Penny turned around to see where they were. Finding a door in front, she walked near it and pulled

Chapter 1655: King Song in Trouble! Translated by: Hypersheep325 Edited by: Michyrr "This, this… How!?" The First Prince gnashed his teeth, his expression completely transforming. "Your Highness, what's wrong?" Zhu Tong'en asked in shock. With Zhang Xun's cooperation, the Lingnan matter should ha

11:00 p.m., Elite Banquet Hall ;"Sister-in-law.", while the couple was busy chatting with the Prime Minister and the President, Xi Ying made her way through the crowd to them, a man following behind her, "Mr. Yang over here, has been a close acquaintance to the Xi family for more than 20 years

Prior to the rise of the Dawn Lord, the Warlocks from the Eastern World were the masters of the Cangzhi Plane. If the Western World hadn’t produced several Holy Spirit Warlock rank experts, and if they hadn’t followed the seven Warlock Emperors and contributed greatly to their cause, then the

Taking out the firstborn was a surefire way to ascend the throne.Once I help Nu Xiao's rise, I'll gain a lot of power.Chen Ming said in anger, "You're the criminals!"Gu Tu took a deep breath, knowing this matter just got harder. How come a foxkin khan showed up just as we were about to kill hi

If not for their ardent belief in the warrior's code, a few words would never have worked!It was now that Chen Ming began to act. He never liked surprises, so he used any chance he got to beat someone when they were down!As his opponent was busy being shocked, he leaped towards him with Nine Y

Boom! Boom! Boom!Oppressive, terrifying lighting rumbled and crackled through the heavens. The instant Ye Zichen gave his command, a purple lightning dragon came crashing down, cutting through the very air itself.Judging from the way it roared, it was clear: its only purpose was to obliterate

I'm Here To See You (2)Just as they hoped, Ye Lang did not notice the people around him. He told Li Yue, “I did make one. I wanted to get that suit but there were too many guards, I couldn’t retrieve it.”“What?? You mean from your yard?” Li Yue quickly related this to his former house’s yard,

I'm Here To See You (3)“I think pursuing you was useless, I shouldn’t have done that.” Ye Lang wasn’t thinking when he said this. Not that he cared about the rest of the people either, they weren’t a threat to him.“Say that again and I’ll stab you with my sword!” roared Li Yue, holding her swo

At this moment, everyone was so shocked their jaws dropped to the floor) because Jiang Chen gave away three peak supreme grade Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill to others. “Senior Ren Yuanzi, Senior Di Long, Senior Mu. These three Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pills are yours, please do

“I heard that tomorrow night there’s a big auction at the eastern Ju Yuan Auction House. Should we go and check it out? Sect Lord,” Bai Yunfei said with a smile. God knows where he got the information that there will be a big auction at the eastern side with a big crowd. Xuan Qingming frowned

“Young master. What kind of Divine Tool are you planning to auction?” “It’s just a normal sword. It’s named Zi Luo Sword.”Jiang Chen took out a sword. It was just a normal grade item that he made, it’s not really a great treasure. Its name was also randomly given. He had thirty more of these a

Jiang Chen too, was extremely confident. He still had a dozen or so Divine Tools in his inventory. Worse come to worse, I’ll just smack you down with these divine tools. The grey-robed youth’s expression was calm, a clear smug and sneering expression could be seen on his face. He was dead set

At the moment, the atmosphere of the scene became more intense following Jiang Chen’s voice. He really showed his support and everyone applauded for him. Why did they applaud Jiang Chen? It was because of his overbearing imposing manner.“Mother f*cker, it’s a splurge!”Bai Yunfei could not help

“Don’t forget that he just simply gave three priceless Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pills to others. This fellow must have the resources for it,” said Jiang Chengzi. “4500!” Jiang Chen raised the bid again. This time, by 700. “Jiang Chen, are you mad? Do you have that many Divine Origin St

Kim was breathless when he almost caught up with Jeremy. He called Jeremy, asking him to wait. Wong was not with him because he needed to settle the bill."Please wait, Young Master Long," Kim cried.Jeremy who was just walking through the door stopped and turned around to look at the breathless

Day ▋▋ - ▋▋:▋▋ ▋▋ - Guest Rooms, Stone Fortress, Eastern MountainThe night in the Spirit Dimension had finally fallen. Nonetheless, it was the time of the day for many kinds of elementals and spirits to be active. It kept the place lively despite the dark sky.Bright glowing stones, magical fru

Decanus Constantina blinked the dust out of her eyes. The explosion had sent her tumbling painfully across the rocky terrain. The surface of her right arm had been torn raw and hundreds of tiny pebbles had been embedded into her skin. There was a chain of four or five explosions... What... hap

Goldenray old freak slapped the long table and grinned. "Now, now, Lord Wandering Slayer, you're the strongest Perfected Golden Immortal in Floating Snow City, yet this man seems to not fear you! Those little guys are the guards of your Lithe Plume Mansion, right? Hehe… they're so soft and pit

Chapter 645 There Is No Sign of Anything Happening Yet.Gu Ning asked for Song Manni’s and Xia Yichu’s addresses, then Leng Shaoting drove them back before they went to his house.Once Gu Ning was gone, Jiang Ruiqin was very upset, but Tang Qingyang could do nothing about it.“Let’s go! She’s already b

Chapter 646 Anything Else?It was the second time that Leng Shaoting had been interrupted when he was kissing Gu Ning, and he was very unhappy.“Ha-ha.” Gu Ning snorted with laughter seeing Leng Shaoting’s sad face, but she still answered the call without delay.The call was from Ning Changkai and he r

\u003cLover's Grace\u003e - Genuine lovers of every background are blessed perpetually by the Goddess of Love, Era. As such, Healing effects to you are increased by 15%, and whenever you spend time with your lover, your Speech and Luck increases by 15 points.That's the description that was giv

Chapter 444 Coming on the WavesThere was a saying in Huaxia, “Tai Chi brings peace to the world, while the Eight Extremes eliminated all riots.” That actually indicated how powerful the Eight Extremes Boxing could be.The Moutain Strike Lei Bao used just now was the most powerful move in the Eight Ex

Seeing that the young man no longer raised the price, and when the obese woman was about to speak, Argent Martial Hale briskly raised his hand and said in a deep voice, "8 million Crystal Essences!"The greasy-looking middle-aged man suddenly turned around and glared at him, fuming. "10 million

Tang Xiu glanced at Sablefiend Scorpio indifferently and said, "I don't care about your private affairs, but don't cause me troubles. You should be aware that I have many things at hand already. Do you want to know what kind of punishment you will suffer for bringing me troubles?""This subordi

Chapter 297 Visit the Oldest SisterGu Changge had already died.Though Song Yunjia was punished at present, that kind of punishment meant nothing. After all, she was alive.But what about Gu Changge?Gu Changge’s body had already become ashes.She slightly turned to look at Chu Mochen. She smiled, being

Chapter 441 Five Villages TempleIn the next long hours, Li Mu and his companies seemed to have run out of luck.There were hundreds of halls in the core area of the tomb, but most of them were closed. According to the four disciples of the Hunyuan Sect, even a deity could not break into those closed

Lu Shu was silent on the way back. The rest did not say much. Chen Zuan and the rest did not know about the past affairs involving the Puppet Masters. Thus, they simply thought that the thread to finding Lu Shu’s parents had been severed.Even Lu Shu did not know that the lady, who had been chased an

Chapter 991 The Long Family (3)The next moment, Ye Qingtang used two fingers to swiftly intercept the longswords wielded by the two maidservants from the Long Family.“You dare to resist?!”The two maidservants from the Long Family shouted coldly in rage.Ye Qingtang lips immediately curved upwards. Sh

Chapter 862 Zhai Hua Refused To Get Married“Nan Nan, it’s a good habit of yours to drink plain water. Nowadays, there are all types of fruit juices and coke, but they are not healthy for the body. Plain water is the best.” Old Master Zhai either drank plain water, tea, or wine. He would not drink ot