Galaxy Times made an objective analysis for each group in the tournament. Group A was the most competitive. The fan-favorite team since the start of the tournament, Long Sky, might even be eliminated there. Although Hao Tian was still overpowering all his opposition, many of the other teams th

It’s her? Lin Long’s looked over the arena, and an unhappy expression emerged in her eyes when she saw Zhou Qu. She had heard some things about this arena as well but… She did not expect that Ye Qingtang, who appeared very calm, would actually look for trouble like others. Instinctively, she sto

In the group stage, Long Sky's momentum was repeatedly stopped by Dynasty and Fried Eggplants with Fish. Having expectations on a team was a double-edged sword; when Long Sky performed poorly, the attention from the media would work against them as they sang the song of pessimism for the chanc

~Friday~Sandra picked up Catherine from Cavite City and brought her into Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Catherine's flight will be in the next forty-five minutes, they still have enough time for chit chat."Thanks for picking me up, Sandra.""No big deal, Catherine. Actually, when Romeo tol

When Catherine opened her eyes the sun rays were already shining outside the window of the room. John was no longer by her side. He must have woken up early.So this is the coal mining headquarters building. The room is tiny and the bed was just like the size of her bed in her room back home. W

One night, Jerome visits Catherine's home."Good evening, Auntie Thelma!" he brought with him some street foods that the older woman and the kids love to eat."Thank you, Jerome!" Thelma accepted the foods with a smile of gratitude on her face."Where is Catherine?" he roamed her eyes around the

Before Jerome go home from work he dropped by at Catherine's house. He wanted to talk to Auntie Thelma to ask for her help, she is the only one who could help him make his illusion and obsession of Catherine come true.Thelma opened the door for him."Good evening, Auntie!" he greeted her."Get i

“You may leave now if you don’t wish to film the advertisement. You’re not indispensable,” Long Tianze said sternly, the smile on his face having disappeared. Taken aback by his words, Song Yan’s face stiffened as she was momentarily at a loss for words. “Well, I have a really tight schedule lined u

While in Zamboanga Del Sur...John and Catherine were having a picnic in the lake that night, they grilled pork and chicken in the grill. They already brought cooked rice with them.They were having fun cooking their dinner.They also made a bonfire and it's glowing brightly illuminating their ha

"OMG! You're back!" Sherry hugged Catherine tight as if they have not seen each other for a long time."I'm gone for only 3 days and you have already missed me? Where is Mark? Isn't he keeping you company?" Catherine said joking."Well, we're good but I missed you my friend 'coz it's too lonely

Three days leave was over and Catherine was now back in Cavite City.When she entered their house her mother and her younger siblings were watching TV."Hello everyone I'm back!" she kissed Jacob and Lily's cheek including her mother. She gave them some goodies and sweet delicacies from Zamboang

Jerome arrived early at Catherine's house. He teaches Thelma how to mixed the odorless and colorless drugs tablet into any form of liquid. Jerome brought a cola from the store nearby and dropped the drugs tablet into the cola and closed the lid back. Next, he also filled the pitcher of water w

Li Bei and the other Enforcers frowned in response to Chen Xi’s arrival.“The restoration of the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron and the investigation towards Xuanyuan Pojun isn’t directly related. Young Man, this matter isn’t something you’re able to interfere in.” Li Bei spoke indifferent

On the day that 'The Ant Queen 2's' filming finally wrapped up, not only did the cast and crew celebrate, there was also one man that was particularly happy - Elder Nangong.For him, this meant he was one step closer to executing his plan.But, originally, 'Parasite' should have already started

  Dark Hellers (1) A bright light was spurted out from the thruster of Alpha One whose speed surged instantly and the distance from the Bright Moon was suddenly closer. Forty escort battleships scattered like a net around the Bright Moon, encircling her from all directions. A sound from a q

After the extremely cruel fight, when Ye Xiao was back to the base, he was a bit lost.He was thinking about the people in black clothes and the secret organization behind them.He thought about Wu Huitian who was dead, Yun Xiran who ran away. They reminded him of an old friend.Yue Changtian!The

Chapter 32 – What Breaks Hollow Strength Synopsis of the last chapter: It’s the same place as the beginnings of chapters 1 and 8. The light rose to the surface of the deep darkness, and my consciousness descended to my body. It felt like I’d been in that strange place for a lo

Chapter 1285 - Heavenly Horned AntWhen he saw this head and the blood covering the ground, Shi Hao couldn’t help but shiver inwardly. This was especially the case when his own skin was already splitting, his bones feeling as if they were going to break. This place had a terrifying pressure that att

Chapter 231: Return Of An Old Friend (Part 2) Because of this interruption, it was already at night when one returned back. When Tang Shu saw her finally returning, he then gave a sigh of relief. Luo Tan had returned from outside and learned from Jing Zhe and Gu Yu about Shen Miao’s pregnanc

Chapter 72.2 — The Eighteenth Point She lifted her fingers, poking at the sleeping man. Su Yanyi hadn’t acknowledged that she held bad intentions. She just didn’t want this man to be late thus the reason why she called him up! “Wake up!” Su Yanyi poked the man’s

  Causes and Effects (2) A few days later, they arrived at the wharf. Changwu had hired a two-storey ship painted in red. Kang Yun'er asked Minglan to get off the carriage and embark with her. Even though she had a strong body, Kang Yun'er lay down to rest her tired limbs as soon as s

  Causes and Effects (1) In the evening, Sheng Hong and Wang shi came to console Minglan. Wang shi stroked Minglan’s face and looked at her with loving eyes. Minglan felt a bit uncomfortable because of Wang shi pretending to be a tender legal mother. Sheng

  Being Flexible With Your Husband (6) I told the inner-palace servant to bring Yang Yan in. In a moment, Yang Yan came in the palace from outside like a gust of wind. At the sight of Lin shi sitting on the honorable seat, he was stunned, turning his relaxed and pleasant look into a

hapter 73 - Discovered I am Xiao Feng. Most people like to call me Xiao Feng but my real name is actually Feng Mi. Why my father named me as Feng Mi? Because my family produces honey and Feng Mi was the homonym of honey. TN: ​ 蜂​蜜 fēng mì  - n. honey, bee honey Since I was a child, I

  Fiery Phoenix The two Super Sorcerers finally stopped fighting with each other and came back, with their black eyes and their faces as swollen as pigs'. Julius said, "Son, we've decided that we both will be your teachers. What a bargain! Come and pay your formal respect to us.

K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 24: Alien When he turned around again, he found that Ace’s companions did not go, but they tried to rush into the boat. “You are too bold!” Madara said coldly. “bring Ace back with us!” “You can’t take our captain!” “

Chapter 13 Wen Nuan brought a charge against Di Juehao   What! Wen Nuan brought a charge against Di Juehao!   On the right day of the divorce, Wen Nuan took proceedings against her rich ex-husband. The intended charge was that after the divorce, Di Juehao raped her rudely, without considering her

A great silence descended upon them. “It’s a miss, an accident… we must have missed one.” the [System] fell into an awkward silence, then a window popped up declaring that the advert had disappeared. “This [System] is really unscrupulous when it comes to money. I&rsq

After dark, Jiang Chao Ge summoned his bighead carp Na Wu Pouch in the widest part of the living room and took out a pot of alcohol and several gold coins. He placed the alcohol in front of Zhi Xuan and said with a smile: “Little Zuzong, want to drink?” Zhi Xuan’s eyes lit up but

The emperor of the east is a very diligent person. According to Lin Chujiu’s understanding, the emperor was usually inside the palace hall, with ten or more palace ministers when discussing political businesses. Her presence here will inevitably attract attention, so the emperor will care abou

To say words that cannot be retrieved. The emperor also cannot hold his anger. After all, Princess Fushou Zhang said in public that she wanted to kill Lin Chujiu.Not only that, but Princess Fushou Zhang also admitted that she sent the two people last night to take Lin Chujiu’s life. So, what

Seeing that Lin Chujiu returned safely, Xiao Wangfu was very happy, but as for the emperor’s rewards?Xiao Wangfu’s people didn’t put them in their eyes. The things that the emperor gave were good, but still not comparable to the things in their Wangye’s treasury.However, these rewards were pro

Su Cha waited for an hour in the study room, but he hasn’t seen Lin Chujiu. Seeing the time is late, Su Cha was getting a bit anxious.“Who among you came to see Wangfei? What is she doing?” Su Cha has already drink three pots of tea and ate five sets of snack to hold on.“Wangfei is eating, Su

From the beginning up to the end, Lin Chujiu didn’t know that someone else was inside the bathroom. Even when that person left, she was still unaware.Lin Chujiu soaked herself a little longer than usual. She reluctantly came out of the bathtub, when the water became slightly cold. As she moved

After Lin Chujiu finished writing the letter, she let it dry and then immediately sealed it.This was Lin Chujiu’s first time using a wax seal, she didn’t use it correctly. It looks ugly, but at least it was perfectly sealed.Su Cha almost cries when he saw the seal.Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao’s

This was not the first time Demon Lord has received a letter, but it was the one he was expecting the most… …*Tud* After he closed the door, he went to his seat and sat down. He looked at the enveloped back and forth several times.After leaning forward, Demon Lord, who saw the ugly seal, had a

tThe hidden wind mountain was covered with darkness, even a person’s fingers could not be seen. But the tree branches kept making squeaking sounds. As if a group of fairies was dancing from the distance, which could make people dared not to get close.Because of this noise, the calmness in the

The Shadow Moon Tower, the first organization of the rivers and lakes, was as mysterious and powerful as the Tiancang Pavilion. But they don't have a high profile just like Tiancang Pavilion.Many people know the existence of the Shadow Moon Tower, but not many people can find out

Soon after Xue Chengwen left, the real boss of Qiqing Pavilion came over and saw the man sitting in the room. The real boss's face full of smile immediately turned into a bitter one: "My lord, how come you are here?"For G.o.d's sake, he doesn't want to get into trouble. But, he has no power to

After Hui Feng Zi surrendered in battle, he was subdued by Central Continent's ten great ancient sects. The Central Continent Gu Immortals returned while leaving him behind to keep watch over Luo Po valley.He had just sided with Central Continent and had originally been unwilling, and was only