Chapter 1574: A Precaution“I found a new job, so I’ll be home late every day,” Jing Xi smiled and explained. “Look what I brought you.”Jing Xi then took out the bag of fruits and showed them to the kid.“Wow, are these all fruits?” Xiao Tieniu exclaimed as he looked at the fruits he’d never seen befo

Chapter 1575: Taking Care Of HerShe stayed with the Jin family to pay back their kindness, not to be bullied.Ge Juhua knew that Jing Xi was the only one who could provide for the family now. If she left, how could the rest of them make a living?Considering that, Ge Juhua had to promise reluctantly.

Chapter 1576: ReplaceYao Zheng pointed at Jing Xi and made others turn to look at her.“I’m sorry, there was a lot of traffic on my way here,” Jing Xi explained.“No excuses! You should’ve woke up earlier then! Do you expect everyone to wait for you?”“I’m sorry…”Jing Xi lowered her head since she knew

Chapter 1577: Never Let Her GoAuntie Lan wanted to keep the nanny the prince had picked and was not giving in.Yao Zheng figured that she could not get rid of this nanny at the moment and had to say, “Of course. As a newcomer, she is not yet familiar with our rules. I’ll give you a pass this time. Bu

Chapter 1578: Strong-WilledJing Xi followed Lan Yi while holding the little prince’s hand.“Lan Yi, thank you for helping me out,” Jing Xi said.“I’m just helping myself.” Lan Yi turned around and smiled. “My position requires me to be strong in my will, or else the one leaving will be me.”Lan Yi was

Chapter 1314: Flesh HuntersAfter having some fun with Erin, Rhode returned to the front lines soon after. Fortunately, nothing much happened and he didn’t waste too much time. It had only been three to four days since all this tossing and turning and during this time, Chaos had been really generous

Chapter 1525: For Tonight’s Candlelight DinnerBy then, with the exception of running, Nian Xi could already walk normally.There was only a week left before Jiang Yuning’s departure, and Nian Xi would drag Jiang Yuning along to shop or hang out whenever she had time. Sometimes, she would even bring h

Just now, he was overwhelmed with anger, but now that he thought about it, Nan Fang just said that someone had gone in to kill Qing’er, but it did not mean Qing’er would die in that person’s hand.He trusted his granddaughter.All these years, so many storms had come to pass. Today would be no differe

Chapter 1326: Baby (5)Ling Tianya’s pregnancy reaction this time was really like what doctor Zhong had said. It was twice as strong as when she was pregnant with little rice dumpling, especially during the first three months, when she really couldn’t eat anything. The smell of oil made her nauseous,

Chapter 1325: Baby (4)“When you’re happy, don’t forget that it’s my Yaya who’s pregnant and giving birth to the baby!” Ling Tao said gloomily, “It was so hard to get pregnant with one child before. so it’ll be even harder that you’re pregnant with two children at once now!”Cheng Chen and Ling Tao ha

Chapter 1324: Baby (3)Upon seeing that Ruan Zeyan didn’t seem to take her request for help seriously, Ling Tianya could only ask shyly, “What about the reporters outside now?”Remembering that there were still reporters outside, the elders immediately became serious. “Right. Right now, Lass Ling’s he

Chapter 1328: I’m HungryRuan Zeyan was about to get up and get the doctor when he was grabbed by Ling Tianya’s slender little hand.“Don’t go to the doctor, I’m not feeling unwell, I just…”Her expression was a little baffled and incredulous, Ling Tianya frowned slightly.Ruan Zeyan was very anxious, “

Chapter 1327: Had A Beautiful DreamIt was late at night, and Ling Tianya had been asleep for quite a while, but Ruan Zeyan wasn’t sleepy at all.He quietly looked at Ling Tianya’s sleeping face and noticed that she was frowning. Her eyeballs under her eyelids were rolling non-stop, as if she was drea

The guardian’s voice transmission caused a chill to run down Jiang Yi’s spine. He never thought that while sleeping, he would be like a blind cat running into a dead mouse. He’d obtained this huge opportunity. The guardian would not lie to him. That meant he must have really grabbed hold of whatever

Chapter 1441: Heavenly Spring Rhythm“Huchu, hu-huchi…”Jiang Yi’s breathing—both inhaling and exhaling—was so rhythmic that it gradually attracted more and more people’s attention. Many were stunned and then elated. Jiang Yi’s breathing was exactly the same as the flowing of the spring water; there w

“Hoo… chuu…”Jiang Yi had not slept for a long time. As one progressed in one’s cultivation, martial artists basically did not need to sleep anymore. They only needed to go into seclusion and cultivate for a while to re-energize themselves and get rid of fatigue. However, sleeping allowed one’s soul

“You’ll have to see this before you know.” Yun Xiangxiang’s smile was charming and generous.It was not the first time that the media had interacted with Yun Xiangxiang. They were already mentally prepared for Yun Xiangxiang’s slippery personality.As expected, they could not find any information, so

Endorsements were only a mutually beneficial promotion. At the same time, good products could indeed be recommended to more people through her.It was also an indispensable part of consolidating the market, maintaining exposure, and enlivening one’s circle.“I really want to know when you can get carr

Flames danced in the sand. During the day, the desert would forever cause people to feel suffocated and trapped in a cage of heat. The air they breathed into their bodies made them feel asif their qi was about to evaporate. It made them feel sticky and absolutely horrible.Hence, during the day, play

“All those elites just up and left?”“Are you saying that even they find that they’re not the alliance master’s opponent?” While the alliance master’s entire focus was on Tsao Suiyan, Dongfang Bubai, and Ye Gucheng, Happy and the others quickly left. This scene instantly attracted quite a number of p

Boom!The alliance master had to face the long-distance attacks from thousands of Embroidered Uniform Guards on one hand, and on the other hand, he had to face the fierce attacks from two people in the dao of heaven. Even if he had Tiger Soul in hand, he was suppressed, and after a period of time, th

Chapter 1193: The Fierce Nature of Tiger Soul“Big Brother Thunder. Big Brother Thunder…”There was a quicksand pit right ahead of the former Dragon Gate Inn. In it was a thin man with four people in black robes standing behind him, He looked around the area in boredom. There were plenty of sand digge

The moonlight was covered by the clouds and the lights could not light up this dark alley. The smell of blood made the place feel like hell and it was extremely scary. An Xunuo walked toward him in a lost manner and the glass bottle suddenly stabbed toward him. Ye Ningyuan avoided it and held her ha

Chapter 814: UntitledXunuo went missing, and Ye Ningyuan was flustered. He searched the whole level of the mall but could not find her. Xu Xing looked at him searching for the woman in a flustered manner and shouting her name.Xunuo…She was shocked and clenched her fists.Now, she understood why.Tears

Chapter 473: ExposedBefore Xue Xi posted, she had actually seen the comments on the Internet. At this moment, they were being denounced by the entire Internet.“These three girls are disgusting!”“Can such a thing happen in a century-old university? I suggest that these three girls be expelled from sc

Chapter 701 Break the law Honestly, Quinn's mind was full wondering if he was doing the right thing or not at the moment. Not because he didn't want to help those in the Parasite group, but because he was worried about his friends back on the Cursed ship. They had been infec

Chapter 1795, Success And EscapeOn the horizon, a brilliant seven coloured streak of light with a massive hazy figure inside of it was rapidly approaching.“This is bad!” Gui Zu shouted, no longer having any mind to tease Xu Wei and Kong Fa. Using his full strength, Gui Zu repelled the two First-Orde

She was still so young, and she still had a bright future ahead of her. She still had to study hard.The existence of this child now might not bring her a better influence.“Call Shen Jingcheng. I don’t think we can hide this matter anymore. “Suixin nodded and took Gu Yinshu’s phone, planning to call

“Did you accidentally fall? You did fall a big time. “Jiang Suixin wanted to say something, but was interrupted by the man next to her.“How do you feel now? Do you need to drink some porridge? “Qiu Qingqing’s gaze fell on Shen Jingcheng and shook her head silently.“I’m not hungry at all. I’m a littl

“Who… who exactly are you? ” Doctor Bai’s gaze was complicated, but he still asked this question.“Doctor Bai, our Mr. Shen’s full name is Shen Jingcheng. “The secretary was really afraid that Doctor Bai would continue to court death, so she directly gave him her normal full name.When the name Shen J

“Mr. Shen, I wonder where the girl’s parents went? Why did you become her guardian again? “The female doctor sat opposite him and began to interrogate him very seriously. The secretaries who followed behind Shen Jingcheng were almost sweating on their foreheads. Just when they thought Shen Jingcheng

At this moment, Liu Yanhua brought the security guard of the Junhao Hotel over, and Wen Xinya and Jill de Castei, under the protection of the security, finally broke through the siege of reporters. A taxi car drove to their side.Wen Xinya and Jill de Castei quickly got in the car. The car sped a doz

Chapter 1380: Mother Is Gone In A Blink Of An Eye!Gu Mengmeng pulled Kanwu up and said, “Stand up properly.”Kanwu gave a silly smile as he stood up, then asked, “Mother, you are not hitting me… Does it mean that you are not angry? You won’t cry, right?”Gu Mengmeng suddenly thought of what Lea said p

“I called your dad, but he didn’t pick up.” Ding Jiayi’s tone was full of grievance. In the first few months after arriving in the capital, Ding Jiayi had been quite happy. Who had such luck like her to turn from being a Ping Cheng resident to a resident of the capital? But after staying in the capi

Chapter 2284 Raw 2391 : Moving According to Plan Since the Heavenly Book Scholar was here, it had to be because of the succession race that would take place in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.Su Ye led Xiao Chen to meet the Heavenly Book Scholar in the Misty Rain Pavilion. The

Chapter 817: But His Love for Her Is RealFeng Qingtian destroyed his own life. Between her and death, he chose his own death.He lost everything on Heavenly Palace Cliff, and lost the power to rule the world.He fell from the lofty clouds to the very bottom.How much did she hate him back then? She wan

Chapter 819: Her Very First LoveHe also felt that they were meant to be together. He felt that they were the best couple in the world, and stupidly cheered them on, completely ignoring his own feelings.In fact, the very first person Gu Bailu had liked was Gu Yunjing. Since their first meeting, he wa

Chapter 818: You’ve Suffered All These YearsThe Demon King laughed. “Yes, yes. My daughter is indeed charming.”He looked so proud that Gu Bailu wanted to kick him to death.“Bear with it. I’ve already given him a message. He should be here soon.” The Demon King touched Gu Bailu’s forehead. “You’ve su

Chapter 2902: Li Ping, A Celestial King?The high-ranking officials of the Blissful Sect burst into an uproar. All of them were confused and curious as to why Ji Fan, the former Arhat of the Blissful Sect, had brought Duan Ling Tian to their sect’s estate.“Duan Ling Tian? He’s Duan Ling Tian?”“So, he

Ji Fan, the former Arhat of the Blissful Sect, stared at Duan Ling Tian unblinkingly, trying to study Duan Ling Tian’s expression to see if he could glean anything about Duan Ling Tian’s thought about the breakthrough of Li Ping, the Old Ancestor of the Blissful Sect. Currently, he felt as though hi