On the last day of the 10011th year of the Divine Prefecture Calendar, majority of the cultivators in the Nine States would return home to have a reunion with their family.Even in a remote area like the Tombkeeper Village, as night fell, there was a semblance of a year-end feast.Ye Futian's gr

The main trait of the Demon Lords was that they had many Soul Seed Rings. Soul Seed Rings structured this way, known as Soul Rings for short, could allow Demon Lords to reach their strongest state quickly and inconspicuously within a short period of time whenever they invaded a world.But now G

The investigation group immediately sent news back to Neverwinter."It's really like the entire nest is out…" After listening to Lightning's report, Roland sighed. This would undoubtedly be the first direct collision between both races and might even be the last. Regardless of the outcome, it d

"Anger bro is too powerful; he deals so much damage." Azure Sea Breeze had a saddened expression; he regretted choosing the Nightmare mode for this dungeon. That's right – he was the one who had chosen it, and his strange confidence caused him to make the decision.Of course, Anger bro referre

The green peas were being fried in the boiling oil together with the egg white.White tofu was being steamed in a bowl.When the lid was lifted and the steam came out, the boiling hot oil together with the egg and green peas were poured over the tofu.Tsssss!The aroma of the peas immediately supp

Grenade!All three of them were panicked after the initial astonishment when they laid eyes on the object beside their feet.They didn't know why a grenade would land beside their feet but they knew what they had to do.Kanbecker, the bald scar-faced man flipped backward and hid behind the sofa.S

Chapter 616 “Beating Qing Xue (3)” Under this oppresive pressure, her body involuntarily bends towards the ground with the knee, causing her to panic and unsure what to do aside from looking up at that domineering existence. “kneel!” Peng! At that, Qing Xue’s body promptly banged against the floor,

Chapter 617 “Beating Qing Xue (4)” “Yes, Queen.” The guard bows his heads without hiding the anxiety in those eyes, thus causing everyone to miss that peculiar light which should’ve been a huge giveaway. …… Panicking straight from her heart, the woman drops everything and ran for the city, completel

Chapter 618 “Beating Qing Xue (5)” Di Xiao Wan was literally moved to tears by how sensible that statement was from her nephew. It’s almost unheard of to hear such wondrous things from a child of that age with all things considered. “Xiao Yun, tell me what happened,” Bai Yan eventually calms down af

Chapter 619 “Beating Qing Xue (6)” That night. Bai Yan was in the middle of meditating inside her room when she suddenly opened her eyes upon hearing the small footsteps of indecision outside: “Xiao Wan, come in if you want, don’t just stand there.” The girl outside the door was rather startled by t

Although Zhou Yuan remained expressionless after hearing Qi Hao’s words, intense killing intent emerged within the former’s eyes. The Jade Spirit Fruit was connected to the matter of his mother’s lifespan. He would not let anyone snatch it away no matter what methods he had to use.It was at t

The only person living in this world who could have actually beaten her at playing video games in her prime would have been Zi Chuan. One could even say that it had been Zi Chuan who caused her to play video games so competently. From the time when she used to play video games casually, to the addic

It was not known if it was Hao Ren's problem or the world's. Those he knew always developed some strange twist somewhere in the storyline. For example, the previously horrifying underground cave had turned into the Temple of Life; Yggdrasil, the World Tree had somehow become Yggdrasil the Blac

Zhao Layue took a step forward. A few sword lights emerged from inside her dress; the stripe on her hair broke off noiselessly, her jet black hair spreading out like ink being poured into the air. At the same time, Gu Qing took a step sideways; the energy coming out from his body increased its m

As soon as Xiao Xuanyi snarled, his face suddenly changed. He turned his head and saw that the lightning had changed direction and it charged at him once again.The lightning moved very quickly and it was approaching him in a flash."What?" Xiao Xuanyi was surprised that the lightning was even a

"The young human?"Masters of Spiritual Qiongqi, Haechi, and Blood Ape knew that there were two humans invading the Paleo-beast Realm; one old man at the Semi-God Realm and a young man. But they were still stupefied when Lu Li came out for the first time.Lu Li was too young, not only young on h

"you probably know Yu Baisheng right?" Ye Mo suddenly sneered.Honest Feng's heart shook, how could he not know. Yu Baisheng was wounded by them and then disappeared.Ye Mo said again "Yu Baisheng is not that best person but I got some benefits from him, so I'll help him get revenge."Honest Feng

"Why?!" Ding Chengzhi was stunned when he heard what Hong Dali said. The classmates were all shocked as well. Tang Muxin tugged at Hong Dali's sleeve and said, "Dali, it's 200,000 yuan. And it is just for them to use the song. Why not?"

Corpse Two frowned, and said, "Earlier, when your body flashed, there was an instant when you left my divine sense's range, and that must be related to how you removed the corpse poison."Ling Han nodded, and said, "Correct.""What method exactly did you use?" Corpse Two seemed extremely curious

The biggest issue a hospital faced was always maximum occupancy rate—it was really difficult to get a ward. Shi Guang and Mo Jin had to talk for a good long time before they could get a place for grandma to stay. Leaving Mo Jin and little auntie to take care of grandma, Shi Guang naturally wanted to

Gu Xijiu never thought that it would be so hard to train someone! She sat there for a moment and then dialed back unrelentingly. She dialed a dozen times in a row, but he did not pick up any of her calls. Apparently, the kid had made up his mind to ignore her."Little Cang, can you tell me what

The conversation between Dai Li and Gray ended.Dai Li felt that Gray already knew his shortcomings. People who could make it to the NBA were not fools. They knew how to solve their problems.For Gray, his problem with fouls was a challenge he needed to overcome. This was Gray's so-called "rooki

The Observer's Eyepatch (Cloth Armor, Ancient)Physical Defense +10Magic Defense +10Vitality: -40Intelligence: +40Magic Damage: +15%Equip: Grants the status: Ultra Casting. Increases magic damage by 100%. Mana cost for all skills is increased by 200%. 1 second cooldown time between status react

“Laughter?”“Young friend Chu Feng, you must’ve misheard it. That was clearly a scream of pain,” said a Tantai Heavenly Clan elder.“Rumble~~~”However, right after his words left his mouth, the ground started to tremble violently, and the ear-piercing screams grew even more resounding.In the nex

“But, Lord Clan Chief, is the grand demon suppression formation truly capable of eliminating that monster in the future?” The Tantai Heavenly Clan’s elders were worried.“Under the oppressive power of the grand demon suppression formation, the power of the Black-feathered Specter will continue

"Just forget about the league title. Don't think it's going to be enough to get that." On the training ground, Twain lectured the team.After winning the league title, he sensed that there had been some laxity on the team. It had to do with the league title, which had made people feel that thei

Gasp!A strand of dazzling sunlight shone down. Xu Que opened his eyes slowly.His face was a little bit itchy. He found he was lying in the grass!"Holy crap!" Xu Que woke up immediately.Isn't this similar to the scene when I crossed over to the World of Cultivators?Could it be that I have cross

“Thank you CEO Cheng, I’m going to 40, Jian Min Street.” Ye Yuwei spoke without holding back. Coincidentally she had some matters to discuss with Cheng Jie. Cheng Jie gave orders to Mike, then turned to look at Ye Yuwei. “CEO Gu didn’t arrange a chauffeur for you? You had to hail a ride service on a

バカヤロー?아실발?What the hell?Where does this guy come from?All the foreigners were confused."Do you understand his language?""I know バカヤロー means something dirty in the words of the R Nation!""Damn! How could a person from the R Nation be so rude? Let's beat him up!""Wait! No, I heard he also said 아

What is going on? After the sudden appearance of the hexagram, Zhao Yu was terrified and confused. Alright! A Kun hexagram! I’ll take it! That means a major incident will occur, right? Fine! Come on then. I’m not afraid! But, what the heck does the Zhen hexagram that is behind it mean? As th

"Wait, I'm willing to surrender." Seeing this bloody scene, a City Lord could not take it anymore and cried out in terror. If this went on, they would all be killed by Zhao Fu. Facing this immense power, they could only feel despair and powerless.Now that someone was willing to surrender, he w

Rocks flew across the sky and terrifying waves smacked the sea, creating a 1000-foot spray.This was what Su Dongpo used to describe the Red Cliff. The scene in front of Zhou Bao's eyes was just like the one in the Red Cliff.The so-called wonders of the world on the Earth were practically every

Lin Che was aware of all the curious eyes on her and she was puzzled. She thought that she already disguised herself well enough. How could anyone still see through it? Then, she realized the true focal point of their stares.Gu Jingze.Gu Jingze stood tall and although he dressed very low-profi

It was over. There was no way they were going to watch the movie…Lin Che gasped quietly. She pushed Gu Jingze away and he said softly, "Let's go.""But the movie…""If we stay here any longer I might just… eat you up right here…""…" Lin Che speechlessly said, "Why are you so…"Gu Jingze replied,

Wang Mei Tian had been thinking all along that she would definitely draw hate for stepping over Master Lin and Wu You Lan.But seeing this news, she was a little dazed.This Master Lin wasn't talking bad about her but he was talking bad Tianshu Milk instead. Had his brain snapped?This Tianshu Mi

Moon Frost Island, where people come and went in a hurry. In the campus, beautiful women could be seen everywhere. They formed groups and wherever they gracefully walked past would leave a string of silver bell-like laughter in the air, forming a unique scenery.One of the biggest features of M

Suppressing his agitation, Wang Baole immediately stood up and thanked Chen Yutong, who smiled and pulled him down to sit. After a brief conversation, Wang Baole took his leave, with Chen Yutong personally sending him out of the pavilion, before speaking cheerfully."Junior Brother Baole, as yo

Once he reached the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation Realm, stepping into the Embryonic Breathing Realm would just be a matter of time.In the end, when Mo Wen had just walked to the Teleportation Main Hall and was preparing to be teleported out of the area where the Huatian Palace was, he acciden

What was Qi?It couldn't be seen, or touched, but it really existed.The investigation of Feng Shui and topography involved checking the Qi in one area. The Qi here meant the functional activity of Qi in a particular area.Human beings also had Qi, which determined one's health and how long one w

The signs of life came over exactly from the pathway that was blown out by force.The four of them did not hesitate anymore. Covered by the hundreds of spiritual puppets, they changed their direction and flew into the enormous hole.The pathway, which had been formed by an explosion, did not bel