Chapter 1466: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 24)Pan Jin Lian’s Gentleman (Lv 4): The two laughs were cool!Big Sister Peach’s Spring (Lv 1): God Clear Dust is so good!Little Transparency in the World of Porcelain (Lv 1): Actually, I want to know how this voice suits Nian Yi in

“The Ye Clan’s patriarch, Ye Kong,” said Qian Lankong who stood by Yang Ye’s side.The Ye Clan!Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto the old man in luxurious robes that had spoken. There was another black robed old man by the old man’s side. Yang Ye recognized that old man because it was Ye Ming who’d pursue

“The Ye Clan’s patriarch, Ye Kong,” said Qian Lankong who stood by Yang Ye’s side.The Ye Clan!Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto the old man in luxurious robes that had spoken. There was another black robed old man by the old man’s side. Yang Ye recognized that old man because it was Ye Ming who’d pursue

Everyone knew that Yang Ye was forcing Senior Yuan to attack.Indeed, he was doing just that. So long as Senior Yuan attacked, he would stop at nothing to kill Senior Yuan. Even if Nie Qing stopped him, he would still kill Senior Yuan. Because it would be Senior Yuan who attacked first. Moreover, eve

"How many proprietors does that board game bar have?" Chen Shi had found the building’s landlord after making several inquiries, and asked him."I remember that there is just one person. He’s a young guy who just graduated from university. Running a board game bar doesn't require much manpower. When

Chapter 408: Seemed to Be FailingOld Liu continued:“Old Sir’s age is one of the reasons. Another reason is that his injuries are too severe. Just now, we also said that even if he was saved, he would most likely be in a vegetative state. Moreover, the costs of the surgery and the post-treatment fees

Chapter 1070: Entering the Yang Spirit!Su Zimo still had many questions in his mind after that exchange.However, at the very least, some of his doubts were resolved.The identity of the woman beneath the ruins.Furthermore, he finally knew who was the one who killed the cultivators, and even Conjoint

Chapter 1155: IntentionalIf it was before, the Envoys of Light could completely ignore attacks like the ones Lin Lihad just launched since they had the light body. However, under the suppression of the incantation chanted by Edmund, the Envoys of Light could no longer cast their light incarnate spel

Chapter 1154: Made ArrangementsSeeing this, Connoris and Uljfalusi immediately left the group, and charged at the Legendary-level Envoys of Light to kill them. After all, the two of them couldn’t deploy a Magic Net Array, and could not integrate themselves with the group of mages from the Tower of D

Chapter 1032: Little Qi’s Side 19 – Are You in Love?Little Qi did not cling to anyone. She carried her backpack and walked toward Cheng Hui. “Let’s go, Uncle Hui.”Cheng Hui subconsciously looked at He Yanzhi. He felt that this child was a very bad kid, but at the same time, he also felt that he was

Chapter 1031: Little Qi’s Side 18 – I… What Rules?Little Qi’s bodyguard was outside the billiard hall, looking very helpless.It was already nine o’clock at night, but the little miss has yet to leave the billiard hall. This was a pretty shady area, and the social relationships were extremely complic

Chapter 1030: Little Qi’s Side 17 – My Future Wife is Very Playful“You want to sleep with me?” Little Qi raised her head and asked He Yanzhi, who was sitting at the table.He Yanzhi felt a headache coming when he heard her say that in a casual manner. “Have you ever asked anyone else this?”Little Qi

Chapter 1517: Treacherous HermitGiven Ancient Empire’s strength, it was extremely easy invading Forgotten City.Even if the Forgotten City’s players started resisting the attack, city extermination was merely a matter of time. Moreover, most of the defending players had already run away.One wave of t

Chapter 725: Who Killed Him? I DidHearing Han Biao’s voice from afar, Yun Jian wore a slight frown and pressed her lips together unnoticeably.She had killed Xu Zhouzheng. She was also the one to take out Flying Passage. Before the man died, he also warned her of his elder brother. It was just that Y

All Whitey desired was to… strip others of their clothes. Even though it had just peeled off a small piece of Soul God’s scaly armor, it was already beaming with satisfaction.Boom!A rumbling sound echoed out. Whitey smashed into a planet, sinking deep into it. The next moment, cracks spread across t

Instead of the Soul Demon’s army, three familiar faces had shown up.When the experts present thought of how Soul God had waved his arm and bellowed to summon his army just now, they found it was rather comical.Never in Soul God’s wildest dream that Bu Fang would bypass him, go to the Soul Demon Univ

Previously, when he rescued the Great Hoodwinker along with Wang Yun, Ji Zi’ang, and the others from the secret prison, the Great Hoodwinker had mentioned something to him. The reason why he got Ren Xiaosu to save them was that he wanted Wang Yun and Ji Zi’ang to become Ren Xiaosu’s supporters in th

Chapter 750: Winner In Life In the evening, Sun Mo came out from the Battlegod Canyon and got onto the mountain peak where plenty of maple trees were growing. He cleared up his mind while admiring the sunset. The orange sunset dyed the horizon, making it look like a wheat field waiting to be harves

Chapter 1651: Avenge the Destruction Finally, he could again see the Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal, the Victorious Fighting Buddha...... A heroic figure, standing against the tides, and defending himself as best he could. Still, he was gradually losing. There were too many opponents. It was hundreds a

Chapter 429: Aftermath Jiang Baimian’s gaze didn’t pause on it for long as she moved it to the next piece of news without it showing. After the eight people in the teams and Ferrington had finished passing around the newspaper, she asked, “Anyone discovered anything worth paying attention to?” As

Chapter 486: Impossible To Unravel Liang Taibai asked about Xiao Lin as well, but he really did not know anything about Xiao Lin. That was quite normal. As an official who was always in foreign lands, Liang Taibai would not know too much about the academies, especially when it came to the new studen

Chapter 485: Liang Taibai Liang Taibai’s words made sense, Xiao Lin knew that the military felt that Dawn Academy’s greatest threats in the future came from the other academies as opposed to Planet Norma. That was why they would rather focus their manpower and resources on preparing to deal with the

“Humanity’s first celestial emperor…” Lu Yun rubbed his nose. “That’s not going to be me as well, is it?”“How would I know? It’s Fuxi and his friends who went to the future, not me. You’re the one who’s come from the future, also not me!” A huffing Wahuang glared at Lu Yun, who smiled back ruefully.

“I’m not very familiar with the shamanic tribes of the Yue kingdom, but I do know that this pair of Buddha and Guanyin statues is of particular importance to them, sometimes even more so than their lives.” Li Mo gently caressed the two statues, spiritual energy gathering near the tips of his fingers

“It seems that Norton is right,” Su Han said expressionlessly. “The First Human race has indeed planted many people in the Second Continent.” Frida’s eyes reddened. Suddenly, she thought of something and said anxiously, “Lord Su Han, Please save Her Highness the Empress! She is seriously injured

Chapter 356: Poison Crystal Beetle When Village Chief Eddie saw that it was the request of the champion of the village, he thought that he had nothing to lose and readily agreed. Thus, these few days, Big Mouth cultivated in the early morning and carried the heavy Green Mountain Rocks that were as t

“Customer, this is what it looks like. This material is from a high-level soldier-class bug-type origin beast, the Purple-Tailed Blue Crystal Scorpion. Among the Purple-Tailed Blue Crystal Scorpion’s beetles, there is a higher-level beetle called the Poison Crystal Beetle.” The old merchant poin

Chapter 195: You Can Be Proud Of Yourself Absolute Zero was a platinum-tier ice-elemental spell, and it was not only that. The essence of the spell was to control magical elements; it used space and time to freeze them. It was considered a fusion spell because the Golden Flash had that spell. Theref

The border count also knew the Time Stripping spell? That spell was the reason he lost to an astrologer the last time. Sylvan’s Time Stripping spell appeared to be on par with the astrologer’s spell, if not stronger than that. Under the pure white body, there was a power that was hundreds

“Impossible! All of us watched as you rose to become a god. After killing the overseer, you left the Land of Slaughter. How could you have become the overseer again?” Raziel still didn’t dare to believe this reality. “That’s right. I did kill the overseer, and I was indeed about to leave

At the very center of the runic lands, at the location of the Joelson Temple. Two figures emitting terrifying power were standing in the air, coldly looking down at everything beneath their feet. The runic deity statues forged by countless runic warriors had already collapsed to the groun

Chapter 201: The Two Demons Who Feigned Civility “Beelzebub, you did a good job with this matter. This cave that originally belonged to Samael belongs to you from now on.” “Thank you for the reward, Sir Lucifer!” Beelzebub immediately bowed and thanked Lucifer after hearing his words. Beelzebub was

On Paradise Island, in the Angel Palace, Sarafini suddenly woke up and stopped sensing the space seeds. This was because the newly appeared space seed actually grew at a huge geometric rate. That rate of growth did not make sense. If the demon world had such a large number of space se

Chapter 225: The Resurrected Green Dragon Sword Spirit From the third level of the spiritual pedestal realm… to the sixth level of the spiritual pedestal realm… Ye Lingxuan relied on this golden core to directly advance three realms! If not for this opportunity, she might have spent countless days a

Chapter 226: The Miserable Green Dragon “What are you b*stards doing!?” A clear voice, accompanied by the majesty of the dragon roar, rang out from the foot of the thousand-meters cliff! This was the spirit dragon’s angry roar! If Victor had been sober at this moment, he would have been stunned b

Chapter 180: Seeking Pills These pills contained a huge amount of spiritual energy. Apparently, these were not something that an ordinary alchemist could produce. Xia Ziwei’s mind raced as her expression became a little anxious. The reason why she brought her guards to the southern wilderness was to

She planned to enter the southern wilderness and hunt more desolate beasts for the village. Seeing Little Yaoyao’s thoughtful expression, Xuan Yi revealed a smile. After he imparted the sword technique, the entire village had the ability to gradually perform better in the southern wilder

Chapter 269: The Taotie Had Actually Escaped “Sect leader, isn’t this a solution?” One of the elders touched the sweat on his head. “The beast’s strength is getting stronger and stronger. Based on the current situation, it can only hold on for half a month at most before the array collapses. “Unless

Chapter 270: When They Were in Despair At this moment, not only was the back of the mountain facing danger. In the plaza of the Heavenly Snow Palace, these disciples were struggling to resist the murderous aura that filled the sky. However, this murderous aura was too terrifying. Even Quasi-emperor

Chapter 280: You’re Too Late When Ike heard the conversation between the Jim brothers, he knew something was wrong. When he was about to explain, he heard Jerry continued. “Back then, we met Mr. Ike in the maze, and he didn’t say anything. He even said that he wanted to keep the sisters.” Feeling th