Wen Sheng thought he was dead when he was thrown to the ground by Jiu Feng. Without Yan Mo, it would be really difficult for him to live. Jiu Feng was his torturer, some wounds on his body have become inflamed. He was burnt up and a little confused when he was puller on the sky by Ji

The box in the grassy beach was a little shaken, but this does not affect anything, except that the two passengers in the box being dizzy for a while, but both of them are good, especially the ear vestibule and semicircular canal that work well. They quickly defeated this dizziness by the w

“Snake! There is a snake!" Suddenly there was a scream in the depths of the cave. Yan Mo was surprised and moved his legs on the floor. There was a pain in the side of the right thigh, something bit him! “Hey!" The scalpel was inserted into the snake head that was going to run awa

The Old Priest uses the scepter to open the third eye for a long-distance look. It turns out that The Zhi Tribe and the other two races led a large number of warriors to run in the direction of this valley, but they did not rush into the valley, they stop in the open space outside. “Get

Liu Yu wore no expression when Yang Jianhua told him to kill all those old, weak, and ill people. Like Yang Jianhua, he had no family. The people who had families and weren’t capable enough wouldn’t end well in this base. They were unlucky, and they were wrong to choose this base to live in. Long Yu

Boer went out of the big hole, he doesn't know if Yuan Ji Tribe warriors have came out to go hunting and dragged a few bodies back to eat as usual, or they planned to rush out for an attack. He was just surprised that the chances of the warriors were so good, but the also felt a little sor

Yuan Ji Tribe's warriors don't know what happened, especially the ones who followed Zheng, who are ready to die for the Horde. However, at this time, Zheng and other leaders had a look of joy and two people into the valley. Zheng nodded to Diao, and Diao immediately sent an order that t

Boer raised his head. "What is that sound?" The warriors present were very surprised and walked out of the big tent with Boer. “The voice is like coming from there." A Zhi warrior was not sure about the direction so he pointed the finger at the valley. “Let's keep an eye on the m

“Jiu Feng, you have helped me a lot." Yan Mo put all the praise words to Jiu Feng. Even if Jiu Feng didn't understand much, he knew that its little Two Legged Monster was appreciating it, it happily crouched down, putting his head on the back of the soil chair, and making a pleasant sou

The classroom wasn’t large. Over thirty double tables were placed in it, so Lin Qiao guessed that a class like this had about sixty students. Every double table had a dead body on it. The bodies near the teacher’s desk were the oldest. The closer one got to the back door, the favorite area of bad st

Overnight Yan Mo surpassed Yuan Zhan and became the most popular guest of Yuan Ji Tribe. Especially when he generously gave the remaining cattle meat to the tribe's wounded he also taught Cao Ting to add wild vegetables to cook the cattle meat. Cao Ting has a lot of questions to ask

Seeing The Zhi warriors who waved their arms and yelled at the momentum and climbed the path, Yan Mo ran away wisely. Because the last time the bee guard helped him attack the enemy, The Guide counted the death and injury to the bee guard on his head and added SCUM VALUE to him. This time,

Yan Mo smiled, and when Yuan Zhan had not reacted, his palm stroked on his chest. The unspeakable feeling of comfort once again swept the whole body. Yuan Zhan's face expression became sluggish, and he imagined a lot of things, that is, he did not expect this. In fact, he did not

t Lang Lang spoke anxiously. "Two questions, first, how do you calculate accommodation during the period? Second, those cows, sheep, fish dishes, how much we have to do to pay them back, you make it clear, if your request is unacceptable to us then I would rather fight." "Do you want to

Yan Mo looked out the window, the animal skin curtains were moved on both sides, and the breeze came in to the tower. This is probably the most pleasant time of the year in this land. Unfortunately, the time is so short that people have no chance to sit and enjoy it. There were big bird

Duo Fei took step and her face recovers. Every time she took a step, wherever she walked, within a radius of a circle, the green grass became grayish yellow, and the bushes and trees that had just sprouted flowers and wilted. Sha Lang looked at Duo Fei's back as if she saw the devil.

Ai Di's feet almost came into contact with the ground. Fei Li's hand caught Ai Di's shoulder. “Hey!” A large but sharp stone arrows shot directly from the ground, going through Ai Di's abdomen. “Ah!" Ai Di screamed. Countless earthen arrows came out of the ground and hit Ai Di

Yan Mo wiped his lips and didn't breathe. "First Chief Da Ren, you should haven't forgotten. We only use each other's relationship." “Well, you use me, I use you, we use each other." Yuan Zhan assured him. Yan Mo didn't speak for a while. In the past, he didn't know how to turn th

Jiu Feng felt full...he had enough food and drink, and his mood is so good that he can fly in the sky. Hey, what have I seems to have forgotten? Because of the sleep growth cycle, there are too many inherited memories that suddenly come out, making its real memory a bit fuzzy. It

Crimes ... Yuan Zhan glared at the sky, his face was gloomy and his wife was going to be robbed. Meng touched his nose, maybe in Yuan Zhan's heart, Mo was robbed probably just like his wife was robbed, maybe the situation is more serious? The Awu Tribe, the dwarfs and The Mer-people

Green grass was being trampled, black and red blood began to ooze through the sandy ground. There are fallen humans everywhere, and as long as they fall, they cannot stand up again. The shouting sound rang through the entire riverbank open space, and the crowds were strangled togethe

“Really?” Qiao Nan’s eyes lit up. “Can you help me now—Wait, are you really so kind?” Wang Yang was not the type who would be kind to anyone. “Believing it or not is up to you. Do you really want me to help you contact him?” Wang Yang snorted. “Yes!” Qiao Nan knitted her brows. “When can you give me

After the snow was melted, there was greenery everywhere and the plants grew very fast. Yuan Zhan took the wooden spear and pointed the front of it, the other six followed him. Everyone was wearing sandals and animal armor, and the leggings on the calves were tied from the ankles to

Yan Mo waved to everyone and signaled them to come over.He has already tried it, his legs are still disabledThe Awu Tribe saw that Priest Da Ren was fine, and they gradually came round.Duo Fei, who fell in front of the soil platform, they did not dare to approach her. They never saw that a per

Xie Limo’s kiss was passionate, and he guided her slowly. It brought back her memories of that day and how it had all began. Yun Bixue was dizzy, and she felt as though she had returned back in time. Last year, the two of them still hadn’t confessed their love for each other, and they were just used

Yan Mo didn't think that the loss of vitality would be so painful. When he enjoyed the vitality passed to him by Duo Fei, the comfort level was 100. When he "blessed" Wu Chen and others, he felt the pain of a 1000. The Guide really does not make it easy for him make a backdoor escape, h

"When you accept, you have to inherit the three orders of the ancestors, otherwise the knowledge is taken back to the inheritance and cleaned out the wall, but your life is taken back to the ancestors!" "The first order, killing mercilessly and killing! Especially killing without a reas

Although the arrival of the dwarfs attracted the vigilance of the Jiu Yuan tribe residents, the construction and change within the tribe did not stop. On the contrary, in order to reduce all possible threats in the future, Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan also accelerated their tribe building step.

One woman was sneering This woman gave him a very deep impression. Other Awu Tribe women saw him, and generally showed a look of awe, gratitude or love, but only this woman saw him and she was faceless every time, the last time she gave her a diagnosis, confirmed her there was a parasit

After Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo deliberations, Namely all the rules announced in the first Nine Rules The Jiu Yuan Council will have the women join but in the future the number of men and women must be equal, the council elders term is five years, a maximum of ten years. In the future, there wi

People say that spring rain is as fine as cotton, but the spring rain here in the savage lands is like a thunderstorm in summer, and Luo Meng told him before that there is not much rain in summer. The sky was dark and gray, and the pouring rain blocked people's sight. Fortunately, no

Yun Bixue blinked her eyes and asked, “You heard those words before?” Xie Limo nodded. Yun Bixue started to sit up, and Xie Limo hurriedly placed a pillow behind her. As she sat and rested her head on his shoulder, she chuckled and said, “Let me tell you something. What I said earlier is a statement

Yuan Zhan followed Yan Mo to the dwarves. "Da Ze said that they tried to get close to him twice, but their language is different from ours. You see if you can understand them." Yuan Zhan saw the dwarfs with their arms hanging down they kept on raising their hands and pressed them down.

  Fei Li yawned and patted the woman's ass in his arms. "Baby, I got to go." The woman got up and pulled up the dress from the ground. The dress was put on, but nothing was asked after.  Fei Li took the initiative to say: "Ai Di is an idiot, he is doing everything one-on-one, his brain is not

tAwu territory.Meng reached out and touched Duo Fei's face.Duo Fei took the transparent Crystal Stone on his chest and boldly took back her defensive energy."There is no tattoo mark on your face." Meng said strangely: "You clearly woken up the blood ability."Duo Fei's eyes drifted a bit, to av

"Ha? The Mer-people?" Meng has never heard of such a species, "enemy?""No, it's an ally. After details, I will explain it to you, settle down first, and do things needed we can talk about that later. Now, I have something to ask him."Yan Mo walked up to a soil platform and stepped on the ladde

All the people who heard the yell looked at Yan Mo who came over.Yan Mo was shocked at first, but after hearing the voice of the person who was called Hu Hu, he decided to ask the reason first and then worry about it. Because this mantra is "unwanted", only once in a while he will turn to list

Luo Meng finished, then he coughed: "We know Yuan Zhan ability to control soil and the water would not drown him. We really just wanted to help, but...""I know that you are kind, and please blame me, I did not follow up on things. You made it clear that our Chief was a bit of a mouthful, and

Yan Mo didn't care how they communicated with each other. He looked at The Mer-girl, who was released by Yuan Zhan."Beautiful and kind girl, I am sorry for Ah-Zhan's rudeness, but he had no intention of hurting you, but that guy is a barbarian through and through. Well, I am often so angry tha

Yan Mo feels that he was nearly going crazy.Ye Xing and Sa Yu found that Wu Chen would practice the primary training method with him in the morning and evening, and then they came rushing to cry to him and say they would like to learn.Yan Mo feels that the two children are not stable and don't