Days went by and the awarding ceremony where Davi was invited finally came. She had received the highest and most prestigious award and everyone in the nation was shocked to see that a young woman and not an old scientist was the one who received the legendary award that was only given for onc

On the day of Hinari's birthday, she hosted a birthday party. It was a lavish affair. She wore a long, off the shoulder, bright red dress that hugged her sexy figure and she wore lipstick that matched its colour. She wore a simple diamond necklace and bracelet which sparkled under the light. I

A month later, Little Shin and Zaki were seen practicing in the courtyard. Zaki actually volunteered to teach little Shin the basic of martial art to make his body stronger."Uncle, why is auntie Hinari not visiting us anymore?" Little Shin asked by the time they took a break and Zaki who was b

Back in the hotel, Hinari's mood drastically fell the moment she was left alone. She still felt badly hurt at being stood up. She blamed herself for expecting Zaki to come and she couldn't bear the surge of hurtful emotions in her heart. Trying to soothe her pain, Hinari chose to hang out with

“Deal!” After reaching an agreement, Ye Qianqian quickly helped Yu Lili clean up the room that Yu Lili was moving into. Ye Youyou occasionally came back to stay in the apartment’s other room, so a quilt and pillows were still there. After Ye Qianqian took the other stuff out of the bedroom, she left

Yu Lili shrugged indifferently with a relaxed smile. Ye Qianqian felt even more regretful, so she said with guilt on her face, “I’m sorry Lili, I didn’t know. I am so sorry about that.” Yu Lili felt interested when she saw Ye Qianqian’s look. She reached out her hand and gave Ye Qianqian a light pus

A countless number of people were accessing to Emperor NvWa City. Even a small human-level gate in the west of Emperor NvWa City, where Zhang Tie stood, was almost 100 m in width. There were totally 108 human-level gates on the wall in the west of Emperor NvWa City. Those greater than human-level ga

Jiang Yang held Jiang Yuyan's face in his hands to make her look at him and said, "I hope this angry bird is happy now.""I am brother," Jiang Yuyan replied while looking into her brother's eyes with pleasant expressions on her face."I am happy for you too," he said and kissed on her forehead.S

Lu Qiang moved his sight and his fingers from her jawline to her neck and said calmly while still staring at where ever he was running his fingers "Do you want me to go back?""No! I mean he was about to come so...""I decided to give him a break from you as I missed you." Saying it he looked in

Lu Qiang held her hand, took her to the bed. He made her sit on the edge of the bed and said, "Soon we have to go to An Tian and before that I want you to rest as you must be tired with all the things you have gone through since morning. I don't want you to feel tired during our engagement cer

Lu Qiang didn't know what to answer him and stayed silent. Seeing him silent An Tian smiled and said, "You know well, once I was one of the best psychiatrists in the city just before I found my passion in fashion designing so it's not hard for me to know about the person with whom I spend just

Lu Qiang held Jiang Yuyan by her shoulders gently to kiss her on the forehead and said, "You are the most beautiful woman in this world."Jiang Yuyan didn't say anything as not knowing what to say and accepted his complement by reciprocating it with pleasant a smile on her face.Lu Qiang offered

First, it was Lu Qiang's turn. Ning Jiahui opened the ring's box to pass the ring to her son. There was a ring with a pink solitaire fixed in a platinum band. It was one of the most expensive rings which Lu Qiang personally selected for Jiang Yuyan and owned it in one of the auctions by paying

Lu Chen was happy but Su Hui was having a long face and fake smile on her face. Their elder son Lu Han and his wife Qin Xiu were happy too. Standing beside her mother-in-law, Qin Xiu noticed her sad face and said in a low voice that only Su Hui could hear her, "Don't think too much mother. Eve

"Ohh! So one more person is here who is just like us. Hmm! I like this guy," Said Jiang Yang and hearing it, Lu Qiang realized he didn't introduce Jiang Yang and An Tian to each other

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From her neck, Lu Qiang shifted down to her shoulders. he caressed them with the hands first, then started to kiss them while biting with the teeth. This time there was no gentleness in both of their actions. Both looked high on adrenaline and wanted to devour each other at the very moment.whe

Pulling it out with his teeth, Lu Qiang separated the garter belt from the stockings she was wearing. After being done with one leg, he did the same with the other leg which made the fair skin on her pretty legs visible.This time not a single word was spoken. Both were in sync and both could u

"You might not like it and I don't want you to go through anything that you won't like," said Lu Qiang feeling worried about her."I like everything that belongs to you," Jiang Yuyan replied the same way Lu Qiang replied to her when she was worried to show him the scars on her body as she thoug

While kissing, Jiang Yuyan moved her one hand down and held his erect manhood in her hand. To feel it she moved her hand along its length from its bottom to the crown.She felt it was hard but soft at the same time, just as she felt when she helped him in a shower for the first time but this ti

"But I want to taste you the way you taste me," Jiang Yuyan said with serious expressions on his face as not in a mood to back down.Lu Qiang didn't know how to make her understand it. She spoke again, "I am not a kid. I understand everything. Don't stop me from doing it as I never stopped you,

It was breakfast time soon. After freshening up, both Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan went downstairs for breakfast. She was wearing a pink color floral pattern sleeveless ruffle dress long up to her knees and Lu Qiang was wearing a white shirt and deep blue color jeans.Jiang Yuyan felt a bit awkward

"If you are happy like this, then I won't mind it," he said which made Jiang Yuyan smiled but he spoke again with a sly smile on his face, "But once you will be done with paint, I will be taking you to the bed so always be prepared for it."Hearing it, a smile on her face disappeared and she sa

"Be the King!"Hearing it, Ming Rusheng remembered the words said by Lu Qiang a few days back and those words started to ring in his ears like a bell 'Why are you being a dog then. Be a king and get to know everything'."Remembering those words, Ming Rusheng immediately got up and sat in a bed.

Lu Qiang dropped Jiang Yuyan to university and went to the office. Bodyguards were already there to protect Jiang Yuyan if the condition arises. When Jiang Yuyan was saying bye to Lu Qiang, Ming Lan reached to the university gate but this time Ming Rusheng was not with her. She came in another

“The Silver Moon Dragon-Elephant is a level-six lower grade beast, while Celestial Divine Elephant is of the same level, but an upper grade beast. Are you sure you want to buy their blood?” Li Min’s big round eyes stared at Zhang Ruochen curiously. She couldn’t understand why he needed the blood of

Jiang Yi was a Purple Mansion Realm martial artist; hence, he redeemed the medal that was red in color. If anyone killed him and obtained his medal, they would obtain two military merits and two accumulation points. “Use your essence force to refine this medal. Sink your thoughts into the medal, and

"Now sign this goddamn paper and let's go for lunch." Saying that Akira look

The time was around 10:30 am. Sitting inside the room, Raymond was completely busy, scanning through multiple files. He was also shuffling between one file to another from time to time. He was scribbling

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"What do you mean Akira? Am I thinking what you are trying to say?" "Well, I

"Hello, Dr. Nelson" "Good afternoon Mr. Raymond. Come on in."

"Boy, so you only need 4 liters of water?" Long Ao Zhen knew this must be another intelligence test, but if there was another way to solve this boy's problem, he didn't need to play the 'solve this problem' game, right??"Yeah, I need it, but my father said it has to be exactly 4 liters. He nee

"So? You think of something?" Knowing that Li Shi Ying must have already thought of a solution for this question, Long Ao Zhen turned his head towards her and asked her.Truthfully, he felt suspicious since their team test was nowhere near actual tournament tests with blood and sweat. It was ju

Li Shi Ying used Long Ao Zhen and Shu Chen's help, since filling and moving the water was a tiring thing to do for her.She would just order them around, hell yeah!"Okay done." Shu Chen poured all of the water in his bucket to Long Ao Zhen's bucket. Now Shu Chen's bucket was empty, and there we

"Finally! We have collected 4 items!" Li Shi Ying stretched her body after she bid goodbye to the little boy. It was already evening now, and she thought that their team could only collect one more treasure before they had to camp."Should we search for the fifth and call it for the day after t

"Okay, thank you." Li Shi Ying thanked the villager before she went back to their meeting point. She, Long Ao Zhen, and Shu Chen had decided on a meeting point, so whoever got the information first, they could go back to the meeting point and wait for the others to come back.Li Shi Ying had ju

"Psst, is this really Master Fu's house?" Shu Chen whispered to Li Shi Ying as he looked left and right. The house looked neater and older than he thought.He thought that this house would reek of tools to make weapons, or cauldrons, etc., but he couldn't find any of those things. This house ju

The little girl's face was normal, like any other young girl her age. She could even be considered a pretty little girl, but her skin was highly pale and her eyes were red!An albino?? "Demon!!" Shu Chen, who saw the little girl's face, couldn't help but shriek and almost pee his pants, if not

"Another intelligence test?" Shu Chen took a glimpse at the 7 letters, and couldn't help but shake his head. Why another intelligence test?? It's already the fourth time now!He wondered if this tournament was all about brains and no strength."It is." Long Ao Zhen also sighed, seeing that the n