Zhou Yuan sat cross-legged with his eyes closed while the two ancient Saint Runes, exuding mysterious energy, spiraled around him. Ripples of energy grew and continued to spread out.It was utterly silent all around. The silence continued for a good while, and there were stil

“Heavenly Punishment...” Zhou Yuan murmured the name of the third Saint Rune and smacked his lips. This name was really too overbearing.He found that the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune, after entering his body, was flowing directly along his meridians. It finally arrived at hi


\"Haha…\" Letting out an amused laugh, he left the room quietly.…Nighttime arrived, but the golden beauty was still fast asleep. Virus had long covered her tempting figure with a blanket. Now, he had to sleep too, but his room was the only one with a bed and decoration.So, currently, while tak

Seeing her finally speak in Chinese, frowning, Virus couldn't help but ask, "Why weren't you able to talk just now? What exactly happened to you?"Unfortunately, instead of providing him with a satisfying answer, Hu Yuexin's eyebrows immediately closed in to one another as she repeated, "I said

"Don't you want to save your son? I can help you with that." Virus questioned with his penetrative gaze still as sharp as before.Hearing the question, however, Hu Yuexin had this absurd sensation of being studied and analyzed by him, which to be truthful, shook her heart to its very core.Nonet

Currently, right in front of them, utilizing its mandibles, the other ant cut one of the three guardians into two sections. Next, utilizing two of its sharp legs that were as sharp as knives, it attacked its remaining opponents, successfully forcing them to their eternal sleep as a result.Even

Going through this kind of unexpected yet horrible experience, Nippy's eyelids were so wide apart from one another that his eyeballs were almost on the verge of popping out as he was shooting through the air and being blasted away.Unfortunately, seemingly not wanting to even give his opponent

Listening to everything Virus had to say, claiming Amara was thunderstruck would be an understatement since that couldn't even begin to define her current emotions anymore.She felt wronged and misunderstood as she wanted to scream that he was not correct about this. Albeit, she couldn't in the

Hours later, a private jet landed on a particular island owned by Virus as two people got off of it before the jet once again took off into the vast sky. Its next destination was New York."Welcome back, master." Since the Island ugly was already waiting for their arrival, Virus and the golden

'Although the fourth reason could be partly true, it's not the complete truth. In fact, in my past life, I was indeed able to gain access to the surface construction of my 'Existential Codes' on many occasions, even though I was never able to take a peek at the very essence and core of my 'Exi

Filling the blank spots in the form which was about basic questions such as the full name of the applicant, date of birth, address, the motive for applying for a Guardian License, national number, etc. Virus once again handed the form back to her. Meanwhile, she was drinking water from her bot

Seeing this, the receptionist was somewhat nonplussed since she had assumed that Virus was a poor abnormal belonging to the lower middle class of society at most."Oh, would you look at me mistaking our young master for a poor man!" Grinning from ear to ear, she exclaimed jokingly. Still, sligh

'First, I need to buy some essential stuff. However, since many of those materials naturally should not exist on this planet, I need to find some substitutes for them.' Deciding on her next course of action, immediately, her eyes fell on her phone once again as she exhibited a rather odd yet h

Nonetheless, having already confirmed the potential of the other person, nodding in satisfaction, he declared, "Alright, I guess you barely pass. I'll invest in you."Next, he didn't hesitate to bring forth a legal piece of contract before placing it in front of Hu Yuexin. "You just need to sig

Returning to 4 Times Square, Virus had this strange craving to try the tea prepared by the golden beauty using the 'Water of Life'."Here, master. Although I'm not as skillful as the times I was inside my artificial body, it should be still quite good. Unfortunately, my accuracy has fallen some

 "Yep, that's right. My Lil Belle's really smart! Every time someone connects a divided pair into a perfect single pathway, he or she breaks through to the next level." Patting her head again, Virus praised the snuggling cat.After Virus was done patting and touching her head, recalling somethi

Clap~ Clap~ Clap~…The sound of applaud resounded within the hall all of sudden. "You are a crafty and wise CEO indeed.""Thanks for the great compliment, master." Truly happy to hear those words which felt nothing but encouraging to him, the CEO ugly bowed thankfully."That's not your entire pla

Nearly two weeks flew by quickly. During this time, other than eating the food that had been placed in front of his doorstep and sleeping for the least amount of time necessary every day, Virus was extremely persistent in his cultivation.And today, at last, like a thunderbolt, his eyelids flut

Chapter 537 The Path She Took 1After finishing the first attack by capturing Vanden, Luke left the other matters to the commanders and returned to Brandon.The one who welcomed Luke was Hudson.When he heard the news that the King was returning, he went to meet him and relay the information, which mad

Chapter 536 Emperor of Steel 4Around the time the Holy Empire was under the torture of the zombie disease.The atmosphere in the Baroque Empire took a turn for the worst.The intelligence chief, Count McMillan, spoke his final words to his family and went to the throne room.It was because the news he

Chapter 1028: You Wouldn’t Dare! Two forces had just faced off in Junior Sectlord Hall. One of them was the duly appointed junior sectlord, who had rescued the sect from destruction. The other was an Inheritor of the Great Necropolis, favored by the heavens, who any sect would have loved to g

Chapter 1029: Too Much To Take In The events playing out now were just about too much to take in. As the fight between Yang Qi and Shi Yuan played out, it was obvious that Yang Qi had the upper hand, causing many of the onlookers to nod inwardly as they were reminded of how impressive the junior s

Chapter 1030: A Profoundly Treacherous Woman Shi Yuan obviously didn’t have the upper hand in any way. And he had no hope of trying to convince Zi Qiong to join him. Why would she risk following him when she could join Yang Qi and get an additional godpower seed as a result? However, Shi Yua

Chapter 1031: The Sovereign Lord’s Holy and Far-Reaching Consummate Omnicurse In the blink of an eye, Shi Yuan was grievously injured. The sectlord had held back earlier, even when Shi Yuan was shouting about leaving the sect. If he hadn’t, he might have been accused of improperly inte

Chapter 1032: Eradicating an Inheritor ‘Time to go for broke!’ thought Shi Yuan. Howling, he yet again attacked with his God Tombstone Palms, sending an enormous tombstone of true energy rumbling toward Yang Qi. Yang Qi hardly paid it any attention and destroyed the entire tombstone wi

Chapter 1033: Superpower Assembly “What?!” Yang Qi blurted, his jaw dropping. What the sectlord had just said came completely out of the blue. He hadn’t heard anything about the situation that was just mentioned, although, to be fair, he had been completely focused on his study an

Chapter 235: Screwed, Really Screwed! I’m against this marriage!  Dialogue seemingly from a drama popped up in the notification.  Warning, warning!  Due to the wearer’s cheating, the penalty has changed from AOE to single target! (Wearer tried to use the

Chapter 0920: Yin Yang Forbidden Sea Formation   "First Tier Dao Querying Realm. There really are many demons at the Dao Querying Realm in the sea region." This giant whale was huge; it had probably existed for many years. Demons had a much longer lifespan than martial cultivators.

Chapter 0921: Mirrored Flowers, Reflected Moon, Gone from the Skies   The Old Yin Yang Demon still did not know for sure how many people were aboard the Hidden Immortal. In order to keep him in the dark, Wu Yu would continue to hold on to his trump card. That was why he continued to hide th

Chapter 0922: Double-Ended Taia Sword   Wu Yu always felt that they were able to fight so smoothly because of the Full Moon of Nanshan's Mirrored Flowers, Reflected Moon mystique. Ye Xixi had not reached the mystique part of the Curtain Lifting General's legacy yet. Wu Yu had to reac

Chapter 0923: Dao Philosophy   "EEEEE!" Having one's flesh and blood be the fertilizer for vegetation was naturally an excruciating process! He saw the sharp branches plunge into his flesh and then emerge again. Not just painful, but horrifying. And this was the most crucial

Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1014 words Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus   After pursuing Finia who was acting reserved on the outside, we first decide

Chapter 167: Celebration party. “Ding Dong!” “Due to the host good luck that enabled him to successfully complete the mission ‘Han Dong’er Request’ and received a very high evaluation from Han Dong’er, the system generously reward the host with the choice

Chapter 346: The Third   Sila’s body, which remained still in the air, became an easy target for Arden. Its nine claws, clad with psychic power reinforcement, let off a golden glow. Despite the slow state, Sila wasn’t hurried. With Profound Qi Circulation Art, the qi in his body c

Chapter 637 Magic Treasures Levelling Up   Still, amongst all the fundamental powers, the power of lightning was one of the highest ranked powers. Not to mention, this was a Five Elemental Sword Array formed using Sky Lightning. Although Chen Feng had utilized the Great Disc of the Five Elem

Chapter 638 Disrupting the Lightning Tribulation   Speaking of which, Bloody Soul was originally only a grade 4 Prized artefact. However, after integrating with a Sacred-tier blood-coloured battle lance, it had transformed. In fact, it would be more accurate to say that the blood-coloured ba

Chapter 158 He summoned his armor once again. “It looks really stylish when you wear it like that.” On the back of his Platinum armor, a red cape was flowing down. Tim whistled when he saw this. “You should keep it. It is better than not having it.” “I&rs

Chapter 370 - Pregnant "Don't—mm…" Right when Sheng Jiaoyang’s words were about to come out, Shen Zhining sealed her lips with his, and she had no choice but to respond to Shen Zhining’s relentless attacks. Their lips only parted after a long while. "I

Chapter 371 - Visiting Sven’s Manor Sheng Jiaoyang nearly blew up from rage when she was notified that Sven had taken Lina back to his headquarters in Italy. Sven is such a jerk! He doesn’t play by the rules! Throughout the night, Sheng Jiaoyang kept cursing and scolding Sven through