Grand Empyreans could explore the edge of the law of the world. With their powerful faith, they could borrow these laws to make things corporeal. The so-called “creating something from nothing” was this.However, it was simply turning the illusory into real - they could not grasp the laws and

Had there been no conflict, his wedding with Qin Xianer would not have been interrupted. He might have been King of the County by now, enjoying carefree and leisurely days with his playful and cute bride. They might have even had children. Su Yu sighed, his heart heavy. He felt sorry for Qin Xianer,

“Wang Lin!! It’s actually Wang Lin!!!” A roar came out of the Dao Yi Sect, and the anger in that roar echoed across the world.Aside from anger, there was a sense of fear and dread. Facing Wang Lin, Dao Yi could not forget everything that had happened inside the palace in the ancestral city. B

Qiu Chenxi hesitated for a moment. “Will this matter be so easily resolved? Will Shi Qing be so good?” She did not need to do anything and just wait for Shi Qing to settle that woman. She would pick up the ‘ready-made’ success thereafter? “Shi Qing aside, there’s still your uncle. I don’t know if Qi

In the Godking Palace, the Ancient Godly Monarch would be having his wedding. Within the majestic halls, it was unknown how many tables were set up for the banquet. The scene here could clearly be seen by all thirty-three immortal realms. All lives sent their blessings and congratulations. This woul

Standing atop the great wall, Feng Lin watched in astonishment. While he was hiding from the world to train, he had thought that the battle between the humans and spirits would be a long and weary battle of the races. He had not expected the battle situation to have evolved so quickly as they fought

Side story 29: The determination of certain former slaves Emma tried to swallow her own saliva in an attempt to moisten her parched throat even a little, but it was a meaningless effort, as the inside of her mouth was completely dry as well. She was standing in line, and there was a handsome young

Chapter 30 – The former idol who likes her third life During Tsuchiya Kanako’s first life, her childhood dream was to become an idol. Her parents, younger sister, younger brother and her friends all said that she was cute, and she thought of herself as a genius when it came to dancing and singing. W

Volume 9 Character Summary – Part 1 After many long years, he has finally achieved the resurrection of his mother, Darcia. He does not see any particular problem with his mother having not revived as a Dark Elf but as the founder of a new race, or her having become a magical girl and performing idol

Volume 9 Character Summary – Part 2 The great god of the fire attribute. He is the ancestor god of the Dwarves, and during the age of the gods, he was the one who ruled the other combat-related gods. When the Demon King Guduranis invaded from another world, he led his subordinate gods and fought on

 Death Mage 204 – Towards a temporary registration Vandalieu looked happily at the him that was slowly taking shape through being reconstructed and broken down repeatedly, and the sight of everyone taking part in the process. He had the feeling that they had increased in number without him realizing

Death Mage 205 – The time for mutation has come!   “Please, come on into the office,” said the middle-aged Deputy Guild Master Joseph with a friendly-looking smile. Vandalieu was a little hesitant. “Vandalieu-sama, a Deputy Guild Master would never personally handle a temporary registration. It is c

Thank you for the explanation that explained nothing. Ramiris looked frantic, but I could hear the details about it later. But it was true. Veldora wasn’t at fault, and if anything, seemed to have worked hard. I regretted what I did just a little. But then again, it was because Veldora had worked so

===== Name: Feng Lin Vitality: 9780 Heaven Gene: Monkey King Gene x8; Daoheart Gene x10 Transcendent Gene: Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene x10; Beast King Gene x10; Minute-Knowledge Gene x9; Meditation Gene x8 … Genetic Potential: 3680. ===== The mythical fantasy world was like a dream. After one had fu

“Hm?” Mu Xiaoxiao thought he was acting a little weird. Why was he staring into her eyes unblinkingly? She held out a hand and waved it in front of his face. “What’s wrong? Are you frozen?” “AH!” he shouted at her suddenly, shocking her. “You’re so bad!” A huffy Mu Xiaoxiao reached out to hit him, b

“What do they mean then?” Mu Xiaoxiao asked, grabbing onto his shirt. Her little face looked tense. She was really scared. What if she wasn’t his Mu Xiaoxiao? Yin Shaojie reached out to touch her cheek, as though he knew what she was afraid and worried about. He chuckled. “Foolish girl. How can you

He got out of the car and walked to the passenger side. Holding her hand, he brought her to the Student Union building. “Don’t you need to go to class? Don’t I need to go to class?” Mu Xiaoxiao voiced her questions on the way there. “Don’t you like to skip class? This is just what you like.” Yin Sha

The Xiao Corporation had incurred a double loss and was featured on the news because they had failed to acquire Ai Shang Group and even suffered a decline in their stock prices. After having earned a fortune, Wen Xinya invited Zhou Tianyu, Gu Junling and the rest for a meal together. The few of then

"Yes, there is. I want to know what the situation has been like at Tianyuan Palace." She asked without hesitation."Tianyuan Palace? There has been a lot of chaos because of this recently in Green Gallop Country. They've divided into two factions, one of which has been attacking internally and

Feng Jiu shook her head and smiled: "If he can be enticed by someone else, then I'm not bothered about losing him. You don't have to worry about us.""Okay!" He smiled back at her and asked: "It's getting late now, would you like me to give you a tour of Qingfeng Inn?""If I remember correctly,

At this moment, Mu Yazhe’s complexion was cold and unchangingly still, and there was not even a small smile on his face. His eyes were so deep one would not see the end of them! Du Boxiong was a popular nouveau riche in this city. According to others, their prosperity had been due to architectural e

When the three men looked at the items she had passed over to them, their hearts jumped with excitement. Especially Du Fan, when he saw that his gift was a fan. "Thank you, Master.""Thank you, Mister.""I have something too?" Bai Xiao looked at the dagger and said: "But this is not really usefu

Seeing that she had stopped, Bai Xiao looked to his left and then right and asked: "What's the matter? Why have you stopped walking?""There is a formation." She glanced around and her eyes landed on the road in front of her: "There is a formation from this point onwards. It is not just any maz

At present, he could no longer sleep peacefully. His head was filled with Mu Yazhe’s icy voice. The moment he thought of the chilling warning, he was even more restless than before. He quickly grabbed his phone and called his troublemaking son. Once the call connected, he unleashed his fury on him.

Chapter 1711- Realm ShatteringThis great formation covered mountains and rivers, spread over who knew how many li, even the Great Yin River was surrounded within, really quite the big move.Moreover, all types of divine materials were definitely needed, all of them heavenly treasures. Normal formati

Chapter 1712 - Reverse KillingThis really was a supreme being, his strength definitely the real deal. No matter how shocking Shi Hao’s cultivation was, how he could overlook the younger generation, he was still no match when faced with this type of old monster. He had no choice but to run.Otherwise

Mo Qingcheng smiled sweetly. She smiled, and her eyes were wet. She stared at the white-robed figure in front of her, “You have not asked if I’m willing to marry you or not?” “In that case, are you willing?” Qin Wentian smiled and asked. Mo Qingcheng inclined her head, she stared at the rainbows in

All lives worshipped him. The deities and gods of all immortal realms paid their respects and offered their congratulations, proclaiming him as the king of the gods, the Ancient Godly Monarch. The young man looked at everything before his entire person fell limply onto the ground. He was completely

Dou Tianchen realized that something must have gone wrong, and thus asked, “What’s wrong? Did something bad happen?”Staring down at the fancy stone in her hand, Wang Meijia muttered, “My Sound Stone doesn’t work anymore. Soul communication seems to have been cut off, as I can no longer get in touch

Nie Tian’s eyes lit up. “I’m all ears!”However, Hou Chulan didn’t speak up right away. Instead, she signaled for him to slow the Star Boat down.Nie Tian did as he was bid.As they decelerated, Fang Yuan, Wei Lai, Yan Zhan, and the others overtook them one by one.Hou Chulan clearly knew the Void Spir

Swoosh! Swoosh!The instant Le Tian’s voice sounded, nine Sword Cometh Peak disciples split off from the group surrounding the valley, and dashed into its fog filled depths. That valley was quite large, and its topography was rather complex. However, this was not a problem for the nine individ

 Huang Xiaolong realized that his group was about to get torn apart by the golden light, therefore he signaled Gui Yi and Gui Er to kill Xiao Zhangyu and Chang Fang. But suddenly a stretch of black waves of energy appeared at the horizon, and flooded towards the boundless golden light. In

Primary Grade exam   Although the Magicians Guild was in Anvilmar City, because there were too many people who had registered, the location of the exam was arranged outside the city. Xu Yi smoothly entered the site of with his registration badge and ran into quite a few people who took the i

Michelle was in despair. She had been betrayed by Jegyll, the one friend who she trusted and could be real with. Her body could not move. Her brain had been disconnected from it, and now her own body felt like it was far away. Ah, I’m so tired—Michelle thought. When the ideals that her father had dr

And then it happened. In that split second after Jegyll’s attack, Karman fired his Giga Buster, immediately evaporating the lower half of Jegyll’s body. As she lay there in shock, Karman thrust out his fist like the jaw of a dragon. He was going to deal the final blow—he was right in front of her no

Just now, a female officer who worked under Hiragi was putting the torso of Jegyll into a medical capsule. It would not be able to regenerate the lost cells, but by sending nutrients to her body, her ability to self-heal would return. Jegyll had told him as much. “Jegyll ordered you?” “Yes, she did.

Looking at this world that was about to be destroyed, there was something about it that was more shocking than when my body had been torn in two. It’s no wonder Beretta had asked me for help. ………. ……. … I had absorbed the two pieces of the body and then went to the labyrinth to hear about the resear

Thank you for the explanation that explained nothing. Ramiris looked frantic, but I could hear the details about it later. But it was true. Veldora wasn’t at fault, and if anything, seemed to have worked hard. I regretted what I did just a little. But then again, it was because Veldora had worked so

If they got close, it was possible that they would go passed the event horizon and be stretched into a line towards a singularity? Perhaps he sensed this, because the man stopped in his tracks. Then he and the woman began to argue. From what I could hear, words like ‘closer’ and ‘no’ were being thro

He slowly went outside and was going to take a taxi. However, it’s too crowded and it’s nearly impossible. Then, his bracelet started ringing – it’s his mom asking if he’d go home for dinner. “Mom, I’m still with Duan Shurong. I won’t eat at home tonight.” He Jin’s level of lying had improved a lot