The same posts were sent out at the same time automatically, and accounts holders weren't operating it.Hoshino was sure that it was done by a hacker.But why would such thing happened in the esports industry?"Where did this happen?" Hoshino went straight to the point. "Tokyo?"That person shook

It was a curiosity if it was fated if enemies would meet, but the Supreme Alliance's opponent for the first match was the Yun Zhong team.And this was considered Yun Zhong's homeground.After all, they were in Lin City.This match was different from the one in Tokyo.That was a friendly match sinc

Gale abruptly arose, circling around Lu Yang.Boundless grandeur expanded from his body. It seemed as though the entire sky was being covered by his grandeur.The crowd couldn’t retract their gazes at that moment, looking dazedly at the man standing behind Mu Ru Yue. A chill rose from their feet

Li Yao and the Fire Ant King looked at each other in bewilderment. After calming himself down for a moment, Li Yao turned back to look at Lu Wuxin expressionlessly although thousands of thoughts were rolling on his mind. "I'm starting to believe you. If you give me more details and prove your

It was too easy for him to make use of Sacred Master because all Cosmos Gods coveted this inheritance of theirs. And the strongest expert in the primal chaos void, 'Sacred Master', was the most greedy of them all. He once tried all kinds of ways. That time, he would either threaten or entice a

@@ The vast illusory realm enveloped this small city in front of him. All living beings within this small city had fallen prey to it. Everyone had their own experiences in the illusory realm, and there was only a white-robed teenager who

@@ Could I have fallen for this guy after our interactions in the Spiritual Beast Forest? Feng Qianhuan, who has never been courted by

Seiji explained to Natsuya about this Spirit Image's special qualities that he had read about in his system.It was a Spirit Image that could help people to enter Visualization the moment they looked at it… this was doubtlessly the highest quality type of Spirit Image out there! Natsuya gave up

However, Lin Ying did not even look at him. Instead she was tugging at Xia Meng saying something while looking worried. Clearly she was worried about Lin Zicheng's safety. Towards this Lin Zicheng could only cry out desperately, "Sister, I'm here! Save me… Boohoo!"In the end, Xia Meng looked o

Chapter 131: Chapter 131   Her name was Norma Selner. An African-American woman of 46 years of age, and often referred to as Madam Selner or Mrs Selner, the Hunter Bureau offered her a higher degree of protection than the President of the country. Meaning, if both her and the President'

Chapter 130: Chapter 130   Jin-Woo locked his gaze on the young American man named Adam White, who turned out to be an agent of the Hunter Bureau. '…....' Judging from the glint in that man's eyes, he obviously had no ill intentions towards Jin-Woo whatsoever. The Americ

Chapter 129: Chapter 129   Jin-Woo didn't particularly mind the gazes of other people, unless he was talking about some special circumstances. As long as no one bothered him, it didn't matter to him if he got famous, either. That's why he didn't really care when the mourners

Chapter 128: Chapter 128   The mystery item was a black key. The key he found inside the 'Cursed' Random Box was shining brightly as if to remind him of where it had been hiding all along. Jin-Woo stared somewhat dazedly at that arresting sight before he cautiously put the weapons i

Chapter 127: Chapter 127   The Master of the Knight Order Guild, Park Jong-Su, had to doubt his own eyes. Because, there was a good-looking foreign man leisurely strolling out of the ant tunnel's entrance at that very moment. But, that was just impossible. 'The ants being completely

Chapter 126: Chapter 126   "Let us escort you back home, Seong Jin-Woo Hunter-nim." The Association President Goh Gun-Hui hurriedly made that offer as Jin-Woo stood up to leave. "If you wait for a minute, one of our agents will bring a car around. How about going home with th

Chapter 125: Chapter 125   Kaisel landed in front of the Hunter's Association building. Kiiaaahk-! Naturally, stunned folks of the Association all came running outside when a massive monster suddenly descended in the middle of Seoul – not only that, right on the front lawn of the

Chapter 124: Chapter 124   Right at that moment.... The light within the ant queen's chamber suddenly dimmed and brightened back up over and over again, as if it was being illuminated by a dying fluorescent light bulb. Jin-Woo raised his head. The large ball of light that Choi Jong-In f

Chapter 123: Chapter 123   The video clip finally finished playing on the phone. "...." The footage of a raid taking place in a small nation to the Far East left a pretty hefty mental shock to David Brennan, the director of America's Hunter Bureau. "What do you think?&qu

Chapter 122: Chapter 122   "Excuse me? The camera?" "Yes." The cameraman looked at Jin-Woo with a flustered expression. But, Jin-Woo's face was solemn, deeply serious, and unmoving. "But, why the camera, all of a sudden...?" Jin-Woo remained silent at the

Chapter 121: Chapter 121   The ant king quickly sensed the 'changes' taking place on the body that it felt so proud of. Crack. Crack.... Its outer skin, most likely tougher and hardier than any known metal on this planet, began developing cracks all over the place. On the other han

Chapter 120: Chapter 120   "All communications with Goto and his team have been cut off?!" The Association President Matsumoto Shigeo's complexion became ashen. The Association employee next to him presented a receiver and asked politely. "Would you like to hear the last

Chapter 119: Chapter 119   The cameraman felt a creeping chill crawl all over his skin. 'Wha-what's the meaning of this?' What was about to happen here? He was deep inside a cave where breezes shouldn't exist, yet this eerily chilly air inexplicably brushed past his back.

Chapter 118: Chapter 118   One year before the Korea-Japan united raid team came knocking on the island.... The ant queen began thinking. - 'We must leave this island.' Other lifeforms that should've served as their food source had all disappeared from the island, and the incid

Chapter 117: Chapter 117   Cha Hae-In immediately felt something was very wrong as soon as she saw the ant monster leisurely entering the queen's chamber. 'There's... no presence?' It was almost impossible to locate the creature without keeping her eyes locked on it constant

Chapter 116: Chapter 116   Goto Ryuji ended the communication there, his expression remaining quite grim. 'Did we miss something?' In order to successfully achieve what they were aiming for, the Japanese considered all types of possibilities and variables. However, the event of a t

Chapter 115: Chapter 115   The mutated ants discovered the helicopter's presence in the air and began flying up one by one. Vuuonng.... Vuuonnng..... Maybe the number of specimens that could fly was low, because the Hunters could only see seven flying up to meet them. "Let me tak

Chapter 114: Chapter 114   "Ah.... S-someone, s-save me..." Eun Ji-Min somehow managed to squeeze out her dried-up voice and took a couple of steps back. No, that's what she tried to. However, her feet didn't want to move. It was as if heavy iron ingots were attached to h

Chapter 113: Chapter 113   The mass media was whipped into a frenzy. - To eradicate the monsters that turned the island of Jeju into a barren wasteland, the nations of South Korea and Japan form a united raid team! Where would you find another story that could stimulate the interests of the

Chapter 112: Chapter 112   There wasn't any deeper meaning behind his actions. Goto Ryuji came to South Korea to personally confirm the capabilities of the top Korean Hunters with his own eyes. And now, he had developed a bit of curiosity after discovering someone a bit unique out of the

Chapter 111: Chapter 111   The footage shown was quite a shocking one. Shot from a CCTV camera placed high up on a stretch of road, the viewer could see how deserted this unknown street was; it was so quiet that, even after the footage had been greatly sped up, only a handful of cars drove b

Chapter 105: Chapter 105   [Knight 'Igrit' is requesting your permission to advance his grade.] [Will you permit the advancement?] 'Permission to advance?' Surprised by the never-before-seen System message, Jin-Woo quickly confirmed Igrit's information to make sure. [I

Chapter 104: Chapter 104   Taking Jeju Island away? The higher-ups of the Japanese Hunter's Association remained calm as if they had heard the story from the Association President prior to the meeting. However, the same couldn't be said about the government officials. "What on

Chapter 103: Chapter 103   "My daughter, as a guide??" Esil's explanation and Jin-Woo saying the exact same thing finally managed to calm down the boss's agitation. He settled back down on his throne to think. 'The floor entry permit, and a guide? Are they truly everyt

Chapter 110: Chapter 110   "What was that??" The director of Seoul-Ilsin Hospital, Doctor Lee Seong-Chul got to hear a rather stunning piece of news. A patient suffering from 'Eternal Sleep' disorder had woken up from the terminal stage of the illness. "Are you tellin

Chapter 109: Chapter 109   Just before Jin-Woo was completely swallowed up by his shadow, he heard another message issued by the System. [The dungeon's interior will revert back to original appearance with the death of....] The sensation of him falling didn't last long. Suddenly, th

Chapter 108: Chapter 108   "Fuu..." Jin-Woo spat out a short sigh of relief. This was the moment his long march that started from the very first floor of the Demon's Castle dungeon was drawing to a close here on this 100th floor. He closed his eyes for a moment in order to ge

Everyone followed Nie Yan’s instructions. Both the Elementalists and Arcane Mages only used fire magic exclusively. As for the Holy Mages, their holy magic just happened to be the bane of poison-type monsters, so they continued on as before.The damage dealt was the same as before. There was no

Chapter 107: Chapter 107   Just as Esil had alluded to earlier, the difficulty of the quest rose up steeply from the 90th floor upwards. The levels and the number of monsters guarding each floor's castle were so much incomparably higher compared to the lower floors. It got so tough that

Chapter 106: Chapter 106   Two Association Presidents, Goh Gun-Hui and Matsumoto Shigeo, sat down while facing each other. On either side of the two men, representatives from the Japanese Hunter's Association and their Korean counterparts, as well as higher-ups from various government de

Chapter 102: Chapter 102   "I am Esil, the first-born daughter of House Radiru. And my clan is..." "No, not that." Jin-Woo cut Esil off. He didn't really care about the finer details of a monster family's history. What he wanted to know was the reason why monste