Motherfucker, this scary cat. Only knows how to bully the weak and fear the strong!Right now Liu Yi is truly more and more disappointed with the cultivation world. Everyone is greedy for life but afraid of death, striving for fame and pursuing benefits. How can they be counted as righteous peo

Because of the Asura Barrier, although the crowd outside only felt like it was only a blink of an eye, to Wang Yuzheng it was over an hour since she last sang.A nice Christmas evening party had turned out like this.Liu Yi senses that his body is slowly fusing with Sky Splitting Golden Spear an

Crushed by StatusZhu Kongshan had brought many people. Between masters and servants, they had the numerical advantage, but they were far lower in terms of status.On Feng Yuheng’s side, she alone was not enough to oppress them, as she also had a proper palace princess in Xuan Tiange with her. I

Seeing the symbol in Ge Wu’s hands, Bai Qianqian’s face suddenly changed. She leaped immediately toward Dongbo Muchen.     He also realized the danger. With flames of fury bursting out of his eyes, he condensed all his force with a roar and punched out once again.&nb

Dongbo Muchen was crawling through the cave. Since it was so dark inside, he had to fumble to move forward. It was so narrow that he felt it almost impossible to bend down to have a look at his feet. The walls inside the cave were uneven. In some places, even some sharp rocks could be seen. The wal

Time was passing. . . With battles every day, half a year had passed slowly.  “Breathe in~”  “Breathe out~” Among the shabby stone towers, Dongbo Muchen was sitting on the ground to practice the forging art with all his effort. His body became swollen so it coul

"The Gold Ring Lock can still last for half a month before its power has been exhausted. At that time, the old witch will most probably take action," Bai Qianqian said slowly. "You’d better continue your cultivation these days and try to improve your strength as much as po

Bang! Dongbo Muchen suddenly grabbed the tip of the cold mandibles. At the moment he grasped it, a gust of strong wind burst out. Rustle. . . In a squatting position, his eyebrows were upright and his hands were tightly clenched. However, out of the clamp-like mandibles came a huge force that pus

"Aha . . . you two little guys, are you so eager to become a sacrifice for me?" At this moment, a harsh laughter echoed outside the stone pagoda. Although the fight between Dongbo Muchen and the gold-biting ant was very short, Ge Wu still sensed the Ling skills exposed

Behind Bai Qianqian, a blazing light flashed out over the 10,000 Ling ring on the body of the Wu Ling fox. Its small eyes suddenly emitted two strange beams of light with weird fluctuation, which directly hit Ge Wu’s eyes. "Oh. . . " The strange giggle out of Ge Wu’s mouth was

Chapter 239: Alone But Not Lonely   The players ended up being mere spectators. Meanwhile, Mamon let out a burst of laughter as he witnessed Clute’s foolish actions. “Kiekkiekkiek. You truly are a stupid dimwit! Each golem can learn only three runes, and you have already shown me

Jiang Qi looked at both women in a wedding dress with confusion. What happened with this situation oh? " Su Man Mei, what are you trying to do!" Lin Yin Yin's eyes are reddish, but not because she is crying. Instead, it was due to the extreme anger she felt. "Oh, you asked me wh

In the past half a month, Ye Jin has found a heaven material and earth treasure that can improve her physical quality by virtue of her memory in the book. From 399 to 385. Naturally, it caused a lot of turbulence in the school and invited her to have a lot of influence. “Ye Jin, thank you.

June 16th. On the first day of may in the lunar calendar, there are no taboos to accept money, open markets, trade, set up vouchers and travel! That is, the good days in the Yellow calendar. On this day, “Jiang’s Medical Center” officially opened, and it was very lively! The lo

Chapter 81 Pretty much conclusion TL.Corner I just have my wisdom tooth removed. The process fell nothing but after the anesthetic wears out. It's HELL. I can't focus on anything since It hurt so much. I'll try to push out some chapters after the pain subside. Thanks for your support.

Chapter 82 The protagonist of comedy and tragedy TL Corner I'm back... and my brother ALS suddenly got worsen so I resign to take care of him now. I'll try to update more soon. Thanks for your support. m(_ _)m   What is this creature in front of me?   What is this? Is this cr

Chapter 144 – Interview The special correspondent of QQ Music is surnamed Lei, Lei Lei. She was not tall, and at most she was about 1.6 meters tall, but she was quite sexy and mature. She has an oval face and a willow leaf eyebrow, big eyes and dimples. When she smiles, she revealed two smal

The phantom fox’s real body and the new comrade We’ve got sporadic guests even in that afternoon—that wasn’t a problem, though, as we pretty much opened our bar pretty much to welcome new requests, our own guild members or the nearby citizens who only wanted to grab some foo

(302) Mysterious beauty Translator: Tseirp     I rested on my own in my room in Mill’s Inn. The bed in My World was of better quality but it was easier to calm down on this side when I have things I wish to think about on my own. “In the end, I have to return to Jobless &

(303) Illusion Transformation Translator: Tseirp     The mysterious beauty that appeared was actually Carol. Furthermore, Carol’s job became 「Succubus Queen」. “What was with your appearance just now?” “That was —” Carol stood up from the bed. Th

Translator: Johnchen Editor: Calofel Chapter 85: Plunder Bam bam! The trees behind Qi Ying were being felled relentlessly, and he gritted his teeth as he fled through the forest. His True Energy flowed like floodwaters through a broken dam, resulting in an extremely high rate of expend

Translator: Johnchen Editor: Calofel Chapter 84: Being Hunted Bam! His foot stomped heavily upon the soldier’s stomach. Treasured armor could defend against sword strikes to a great extent! However, it wasn’t very effective against blunt weapons and direct force. A paine

WRS Arc 2 – Chapter 9 Meanwhile, Director Zheng, who was filming “How was the Brocade Letter Sent”, expressed that he was feeling somewhat stifled. In the large alley, upon the flagstone street, streams of sewage water flowed like rivulets down the road. The dregs of traditi

Proofread by Peter Gong   In the past year, Qin Shaofeng has not only toughened his own body, but also used See Demon to explore it. He has explored every inch of his body and found all the acupoints besides the three hundred ones known by ordinary people. In total, they are 3000 acupoints.

Proofread by Peter Gong   You are mine. What simple and arbitrary words. When Qin Shaofeng said this, Mo Lengxue was intoxicated. Looking at Qin Shaofeng's back, sweetness and intoxication filled her heart, but she could not feel Qin Shaofeng's evil and murderous spirit. All the peop

Proofread by Peter Gong   The spirit power of Taoist Mind Breeds Demon makes all the people who are watching this contest feel that a giant whale is colliding with a huge palm, but the one who takes the advantage is the huge palm, and they see that the palm just splits the giant whale out. O

Proofread by He Li   Chen Feng was filled with the joy of victory. He tilted his head and looked at the huge carcass of the black snake beside him. His face showed a stronger and stronger smile, and finally came out a smile with satisfaction and excitement. The black blood snake was extreme

Proofread by He Li   Mysterious ancient tripod worked crazily, absorbing the huge overbearing Ling Qi with a splitting speed. The speed was too fast for Chen Feng to absorb Ling Qi that his meridians immediately  broken, because his meridians, compared with the enormous Ling Qi, were so

Proofread by He Li   These little things were bigger than before and now about a foot long. Their body size was about a kitten. They had not grown up after eating a lot of food with Chen Feng before, but in one day, they had grown up more than half. It can be seen that only by eating the fle

Proofread by He Li   There was again a loud crack of golden and iron weapons. When Immobile Ming Print disappeared in the air, Chen Feng moved his feet backward several steps to discharge the huge weight. The serpent then got terribly injured. It screamed bitterly. The hitting left a washbas

“No one can pass me.” “Be the wall I can never cross.” From then on, Simon was safely protected under Ian’s efforts. There was no noble dense enough to support a dismal and ordinary boy over the brilliant and handsome prince. However, sometimes Ian worked himself t

Chapter 90 – The Grand Duke’s Proposal (1) Sovieshu’s words from yesterday lingered in my mind. The morning chill brought fresh goosebumps onto my skin, but it did not cool the fire inside of me. The sound of birds reminded me of Queen and only served to make me more depresse

Battle Eagle Valley 2 “That reminds me, have you finished picking up the feathers?” (Actually, we have managed to collect only a little~) (But, Allen-chan and Elena-chan are like that, so it won’t be possible for them anymore. I will collect them all at once.) Feat, who judged tha

Chapter 42 – First Love Yin Biyue left the courtyard; it was once again the time of day for him to practice his sword. At this hour in the past, the shores of Lake Qiu were quiet, tranquil, and without a trace of people; only the rare cries of cuckoos ringing distantly.  But today, Lak

Even after dozens of minutes Michael just laid his face on Aria's lap while his hug over the three girls relaxed a little, a few minutes ago his cries have stopped. Then after several dozen

After a day of shaming, in an day where the sun shine brightly above our head, Michael reached the plane and he dropped the girls one the floor, the girls glared at Michael and Lydia who is

Michael have prepared the camera all over the room and with his cock hard and angry with the veins still pulsing, covered in the juice that is a mix of sperm, love juice, and saliva. Michae

Michael then got into a thinking pose before he released Melinda, in the truth if the girls really tried their all the restrain won't do much but it seems they are into their roleplay so th

The next several days after Michael really left the South Korea wandering around the ocean while occasionally landing on some deserted island or habitat one but these past several days Mich

It could not be! How could he achieve such a great title in such a brief moment? Nonetheless, it was Di Fuyi who they were talking about. The man's presence was already a miracle. As the son of the celestial being and a demon, he had always been full of surprises since young. He possessed the