It was late at night. Su Xue sat behind her computer chatting with her viewers when someone loudly knocked on the front door. She glanced over her shoulder, surprised. Who could tha– Don’t tell me—“SU XUUEEEEEEEE! I’M HOOOOOOOOME!” Lin Feng shouted while smashing his fist against the front door.“I’m

Chapter 2168: Obliterate the Heavenly Saint CountryHandout Huang Xiaolong!Handout the King of Grandmist, Azure Cow Ancestor, and the rest!I don’t like repeating myself!Despite the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng’s calm and nonchalant tone, his voice contained an inviolable dominance! It was as if n

Beep!I was about to act when I received a message from He Yi: "How’s it going there, Lu Chen?""We’re just about to start a boss. What’s wrong?" I replied.A whole minute later, He Yi sent her reply: "A few hours ago, we received news from the players at Dragonbone Mountain Range that one of the Nine

No one in the group of three spoke; only the sound of their footsteps reverberated through the great temple. Qin Yu finally revealed a forced smile beneath his black robes.It seemed that this time he had ruthlessly offended Zhou Li. But perhaps this was a chance to completely separate himself from h

No one in the group of three spoke; only the sound of their footsteps reverberated through the great temple. Qin Yu finally revealed a forced smile beneath his black robes.It seemed that this time he had ruthlessly offended Zhou Li. But perhaps this was a chance to completely separate himself from h

Stepping into the portal, an invisible power wrapped around their bodies. It was neutral, peaceful, and vast, counterbalancing the immense tearing strength that wore away at their bodies. The entire process was incomparably smooth, with almost no turbulence at all.Looking around, one could see color

Viscount Harmon had a good feeling when he first heard of the letter’s arrival. Guessing that the upstart youngster was finally getting to grips with his situation and submitting to him, Harmon excitedly tore off the seal of the letter and began reading.Dear Viscount Harmon,Recently, some leavers fr

Chapter 606 – I Have To Explode Him “Target locked!” Attacking to stop an attack! This was the only solution Luo Tian could think of. He wasn’t sure if he could handle Venerable Yun Ji’s attack. Luo Tian could feel extreme danger from Venerable Yun Ji’s power

Chapter 607 – Eggy, Get Ready He has to die! The Sect Leader of Mount Hua Immortal Sect should explode with a lot of good loot, right? This was the only thing Luo Tian was thinking of! As for the warning alerts by the system, Luo Tian didn’t even bother with them. Everything will no

907 – Quelling the Dulan Monarch The Dulan Royal Palace, in a hidden palace. After the Dulan Monarch stepped into the palace, he pointed with a finger, and ripples flickered and enveloped the palace. Spells flashed and sealed the palace completely, making it impossible to peep inside. Ripp

908 – The Abyssal Floor Lord Avatar Evolves In front of a huge bronze gate, there are two people sitting. One of the two has eight eyes, while the other appears to be hovering between real and illusory. These two are Huan Yan and Wei Xu, and they are Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses guardin

Yeon-woo suddenly felt an intense pressure. When he’d first met Hades and Poseidon, his soul had shrunk from their overpowering intensity, and he’d felt a fear that made his body contract. What he was feeling now was even worse than that. It was like he was facing a massive world.Yeon-woo could rele

It was the first time Tianming came to the Abyssal Battlefield in the nine divine realms. He felt that the Abyssal Battlefield here was very different. First was the sky—it wasn’t just the thunder spirit hazard, but there were storm, flame, ice, and thunder spirit hazards. The weaker ones had ordina

“Shouldn’t they let us turn the air conditioning on at least?”“Wash your face with cold water or something.”“Why do you say the same thing as my mom?”Dojin, who was weak to heat, ran towards the window while taking his top off. The ones that were cooling their bodies off by the window pushed Dojin a

“The Heaven Branch disciples are that arrogant?” Tianming rubbed his nose.“There’s hundreds of thousands of disciples in the Archaion Sect, but only five hundred Heaven Branch disciples. Everyone’s about the same age, but they can stand at the pinnacle of the Archaion Divine Realm with their talent.

The sandalwood gave out a string of distinct smoke. The Crown Princess was arranging flowers. Pine branches and chrysanthemums were the main highlight while reed grass was used to decorate. The entire set up looked noble. Consort Han sat by the side, sipping tea with her eyes lowered. One small sip,

“Humans are the most spiritual beings in this world, or why would you make the effort to transform into human form all the time? How are you qualified to look down on the human race?” sneered Long Chen.“Don’t think that you’re unrivaled just because you’ve passed your tribulation. All your power was

“Azure Dragon Battle Armor!”A pillar of light soared into the sky, and a dragon’s cry resounded. The experts of the Xuan Beasts and ancient races shuddered, feeling an instinctual terror as a sacred and domineering dragon might spread.White scales slowly spread along Long Chen’s body, going from his

Chapter 1036 - Utilising the Tiger Factories   Getting a reminder, he put the Tiger Factories as more of a priority and quickly moved out of the Demopolis and into his store instance where the senior executive staff were waiting for him in one of the Restaurant Train cabins. "Boss Jin.&

Chapter 1035: Relocating? - Part 2 While most of the Foxes agreed to the relocation, they still needed Jin's permission for them to do so, thus Rex had summoned him. The dungeon supplier had just been working with Qiu Yue on the reconstruction of the Southern Capital. (Needless to say, he had d

Chapter 1034 - Relocating? -Part 1   The Foxes had already started to discuss what needed to be done for the Demopolis Police Raids as the number one agenda on the list. From the manpower needed to do a proper cleanup to the possible destruction of the city. Yet many agreed that the raids to

Chapter 1033: Discussion of Demopolis City Raids After the Mafia Boss had spilt the beans, a portal had opened up and he had been quickly yoinked away. The information he had given them was helpful, but it had not sufficed their coordinated city-wide attack. Tsu and Kai, along with their little sp

Chapter 1032 - Demonstration of Power   While Silver was racking his brains about how to put Jin's plans into action, the massive 'big brain' System was simultaneously taking into account the possibility that the Southern Region could be turned into a prospective country under the

Lu Yun was here for the spleen of the world. At the same time, he was loath to relinquish the bloodline of a premier divine beast. How strong would the only offspring of the only Moat Snake be?Once it grew up, it would be at least as strong as the primeval human kings, if not a great emperor in its

“Your Majesty! Not long ago, Sir Morgan Louvre, the official successor to the Great Territory of Alice, passed away. Although it was a result of a duel, and even though he had committed an atrocious crime, he was still a knight of the empire and of Your Majesty. There is only one person in the world

“Forget it, Nuannuan. It’s just a bracelet. Let’s look at the others.”Zuo Weiyi could not help but speak up,In fact, there was really no need to fight over a bracelet. She could also see that the woman did not seem like a reasonable person. If they continued to pester her, it would just get messy.Ho

After saying that, she crossed her arms and looked down at the three people in front of her arrogantly, as if she was not afraid of anything. After all, her family had hundreds of millions in money!Zuo Weiyi only felt pain for a while, but it did not seem to hurt anymore. Just as she was about to ra

When the man heard his mother’s words, he immediately turned to look at Shi Nuannuan’s delicate and beautiful face.In an instant, the man seemed to be attracted by her beauty and could not take his eyes off her.“Son!” The woman shouted angrily. How could he was still be in the mood to look at a beau

Ignoring the stares of the directors at the meeting table, Shi Yuting stood up and walked out of the meeting room. His cold voice was extremely dignified. “The meeting is over. We’ll continue tomorrow.”It was already five o’clock in the afternoon when he left Di Zun. It was half an hour before the e

“Brother, we’re here!” Looking at the group of people walking in through the door, Shi Nuannuan immediately waved at Shi Yuting.Hearing her voice, Xiangyi’s gaze immediately fell on her. Seeing that she was safe and sound, his tensed heart finally settled down.“Are you alright?” Walking over, Shi Yu

I shook my head. “The biggest problem is that we don’t know where the spirit came from. Moreover, we don’t know if it will kill more people.” That thing had killed a man in the blink of an eye and left the murder scene in the next second. There was no time to react. I had stood still for quite a lon

She said angrily, “Hey, what right do you have to give her the bracelet?!”“Mom, stop talking. Let’s go home.” Beside her, the man secretly tugged at her sleeve and said in a low voice.The woman turned her head angrily, “What right do you have?!“Tell me, what right do you have to give her the bracele

“Yes, yes, this is the medical fee I will compensate you with!” Unknowingly, Shi Nuannuan had already opened the silver box in her hand. “Here’s one million!”The woman looked at the neatly stacked banknotes in the box—it was a whole million! Was it really all for her medical fees?The woman’s eyes we

“Of course, I do have a pretty awesome brother too!” Shi Nuannuan’s face was full of pride as she glanced at Shi Yuting, her beloved brother!As the group of people disappeared at the door, the onlookers in the jewelry shop gradually dispersed.“Mom, get up quickly.” The man hurriedly helped his mothe

“By the way, brother, do you think this looks good? It’s Mommy’s present for the baby!” She took the pair of gold bracelets and lock from her mother’s hands and showed them to Shi Yuting.But even when he looked at them, Shi Yuting didn’t know much about these things, so he didn’t answer.However, she

Her words made Shi Yuting turn his gaze away.He knew very well that Z Country was where she grew up, and she had always wanted to settle down here.“Why do you say that?”“I just think that you’re getting too busy running around like this.”Her sudden thoughtfulness made him curl his lips into a smile

Wen Xinya squatted on the floor, covering her stomach with her hands in laughter as her tears flowed. She did not expect that when the gang around Si Yiyan were together, they would be so funny. Even the “pretentious” ghost Gu Yuexi became real.The chaos finally ended with Wen Xinya’s laughter.“Sis-

Lu Yin looked at Ming Zhaoshu and shook his head. “The Innerverse and Outerverse have been separated, so is there still a point to the so-called ‘promise of ten years?’ You don’t care about the current Outerverse.”“But I still care about you.” Ming Zhaoshu’s burning eyes bored into Lu Yin. “In just

He was already the Lord. He did not have to salute, even if it were the Emperor and the Crown Prince who also had to show courtesy to a certain degree. This kind of high status feeling was simply fantastic.Feng Tianlan’s lips twitched as she looked at Jiang Ying whose nose was high in the air and sa

.Among the crowds of girls gathered around Ban Yeo Ryung, some were, of course, aiming to get close to the Four Heavenly Kings since this was a world of web novel, but a lot of them approached her while being attracted to Yeo Ryung’s pretty face or to just befriend her.Kim Hye Woo asked me, “What ar